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Tdev commented on 31 Jan 2010
Nice low profile viewer but it's not a photo organiser. The tags it applies are only file comments and spotlight based and it doesn't write to any photo standard metadata - like Exif or IPTC. This Photo Standard metadata is cross platform and basic for any photo application. Add that ability and you may have something, right now it's little more than a photo viewer with ambition ;)

Some oddities: I couldn't get 'Reveal Group In Finder' to work. Also, 'Open In Finder' actually opens in Preview.

Does it support Raw? It reported that it pulled in a NEF but I couldn't see it in the Window. When I tried to re-import it told me it was there already.
[Version 0.9]

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Tdev commented on 31 Jan 2010
It's a Nikon D40, the NEFs are supported by the OS.

And while I know it's not a replacement for iPhoto or Aperture, unless it supports Exif or IPTC metadata it's pretty useless as a photo app. Any tags you add with the app right now, for instance, will be lost if you send the pics to a Windows user and simply will not be recognised by any Photo app on any system. Would you claim an app as a Music organiser if it didn't support ID3 tags?

Tdev replied on 31 Jan 2010
I can see no way to "please add the extension to recognized items", it's simply a NEF file with a NEF extension that's recognised by the OS, iPhoto, Aperture and everything else that claims to be a photo application.

But let's not take this any further. I'll simply be amused that you add Raw support for users of Raw formats but not Exif or IPTC support. Do you really think there are many users out there who shoot Raw and don't know what standard metadata is?

As you have no interest is supporting Standards I no longer have any interest in your app. I'm sure it's a fine file browser, but as I said above, would you dare call an app that ignored ID3 tags a "Music Organiser"? Then it's a bit of a cheek to call an app that not only ignores standard metadata but dares to substitute non-standard metadata in its place a "Photo Organiser". Shame.

Tdev replied on 01 Feb 2010
React like what? I note that you have no interest in supporting standard metadata and so, as this is important to me, I have no further interest in your application. I think it's a shame that you won't support the standards - an opinion that I am entitled to. But that's your choice and your entitled to that. I just happen to think it's a lesser app because of it.
Tdev commented on 16 Jan 2010
What exactly does this do that File -> Export to a Folder on the Desktop and then zipping or whatever, doesn't do? For $7.95? For $5 I'll post step by step instructions ;)
[Version 1.0.5]

tdev commented on 03 May 2009
Six months later I re-downloaded this app to see how things have progressed.

The price has fallen significantly.

There is still no search of any kind.

It is designed by people who seem to have never used a Mac in their lives.
There are no standard keyboard shortcuts.
There are no keyboard shortcuts of any kind.
They don't seem to understand what every other Mac application in the known universe does with the Preferences.
They have not figured out what the escape key is for
They have lovely mysterious commands in the menus that do nothing: More Lines or Less Lines anyone?
They have a bug ugly implementation of Full Screen.

Obviously the makers of this app have spent no time researching basic Mac formats and commands. They've certainly never researched the competition who make better apps for less cost.
[Version 1.1.0]

tdev commented on 03 May 2009
[Version 1.1.0]

tdev commented on 31 Mar 2009
I'm not sure how these guys claim to support tagging in iPhoto.

If you apply the tag with this app it is not searchable in iPhoto
If you search using Tags for a tag applied to a pic in iPhoto it finds the photo... in the Finder, not in iPhoto and opens it in... Preview.
Searching through the iPhoto Library via the Finder is dangerous and can easily lead to a corrupted Library. You shouldn't do it. And these guys shouldn't claim to support iPhoto, or any form of Photo tagging.
Their tags are not complaint with Photo standards. They cannot be written to the file on export from iPhoto. The app is unaware of and does not support IPTC standards.

This app may do a lot of things, but it doesn't “work natively” with iPhoto. It doesn't work with it at all.
[Version 1.2]

tdev commented on 25 Oct 2008
Cuter than a basket full of bunnies
[Version 1.006]


tdev reviewed on 22 Oct 2008
Poor support for standard keyboard shortcuts - none listed at all in the non-standard menus and while apple-n will get a new notepad, apple-w does nothing, apple-f gets you to full screen not find...

oh, that's because there's no Find. So, if you have an idea, you better remember it because there's no way to search in this app.

Non standard close dialogues - transparency wow! - makes you wonder if these folks have spent any time on a Mac.

But you know, lined paper! For $13 LESS you can buy CircusPonies Notebook and that has lined paper too... and searches as well as a whole lot more.
[Version 1.0]

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