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syharris reviewed on 30 Aug 2008
I just discovered JDiskReport and have to agree that it's the best of its kind, emminently more useful and practical than the others of its type.
Grand Perspective and Disk Inventory X, for example, may offer a prettier graphical display of one's hard drive but so what, they're not as functional.
This one's extremely intelligently designed.
[Version 1.3.1]

syharris commented on 04 Aug 2008
OSS-3D has been taken over by and is now called Hear. It's supposedly been improved upon and has a new face. People either love Hear it or hate it.
Some say it enhances your listening pleasure, others say it ruins it. I rather like it. Try it and decide for yourself.
[Version 2.3b7]

syharris commented on 31 Jul 2008
Generally works ok with my Mac's 10.4.11(no crashing).
Slideshow speed is unstable....regardless of what speed I set, images change at about once every 1/2 second and even faster.
Would be nice if image info could be shown along with image itself.
I much prefer Xee, also free.
[Version 0.4.6]

syharris commented on 31 Jul 2008
I'm afraid that this rather nicely done app is a bit out of place in this time of financial and economic implosion here in the States and probably European countries as well. The era of conspicuous consumption is past and most folks have a lot more on their minds than maintaining their wine cellars (in other words, the party's over, boys and girls!). Stagflation, skyrocketing food and energy prices, bank failures, corporate and business failures, rising unemployment, collapsing real estate values, people losing their homes to foreclosures, an economic depression on the horizon, and a Weimar style hyperinflation likely at some point, keeping our cellars stocked with Chateau Lafite is very low priority for most of us.
Weinkeller is most definitely an anachronism now. I'll stick with a jug of good old "dego" red, or , as we in the sixties used to say dayglo red to wash down my plate of spaghetti and meatballs.
[Version 2.2.1]

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syharris replied on 31 Jul 2008
Sure, one day, a fresh, new dawn will greet us, or perhaps, those who come after you and me. But before then, I'm afraid, a gut wrenching period of storms. To paraphrase the late jazz singer Pearl Bailey, "What this world needs is a good old fashioned enema".
And friend, we're gonna get one, big time. So, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

syharris reviewed on 30 Jul 2008
Very handy and easy to use. And, it can be converted into a little app via Amnesty Singles.
I'd rather have an app than a widget, wouldn't you? Widgets make no sense, IMHO. Never have, never will.
[Version 0.9.2]

syharris commented on 30 Jul 2008
Forgive my ignorance, but why would one need such an app?
[Version 1.1]

syharris tipped on 18 Jul 2008
Anyone with a non-Intel(PPC) Mac who would like an older version of Adobe Reader can download it here:
Versions 8, 8.1.1 and 8.10 for Intel Macs are also available. For most of my needs Skim or PDFViewer work just fine for me. Otherwise, Adobe v.5.05 suits me. It's more sprightly than the current version.
[Version 9.0]

syharris commented on 15 Jun 2008
While the developer is actively pushing his CopyPaste Pro, some of his other apps languish untouched.
I've been using iClock for some time and have experienced several glitches with it. It hasn't been upgraded in about 2 years. My inquiries regarding that have gone without a reply.
At least I'd like to know whether or not iClock has been abandoned. For some of his customers at least, including CopyPaste customers, the courtesy of a reply from him is too much to ask it would seem.
[Version 1.0.7]

syharris had trouble on 02 Sep 2008
When I'm in full screen mode I can't access my dock but I can't get back to max screen mode because "max screen" is dimmed in Safari's drop down menu.
Anyway, I 'd like to uninstall Saft but there's no uninstall function with the Saft download.
Can't use EasyFind (which is what I want to do to) to delete Saft's files.
When selecting all of Saft's 33 files in EasyFind the files then become deselected when trying to trash or destroy them. (Have never encountered this anomaly before in EasyFind).
Went to Saft developer's website but can't find any contact info there.
[Version 10.5.4]

syharris had trouble on 02 Sep 2008
I installed Saft 9.0.9 for my Safari 3.1.2 and OS 10.4.11 and Safari was rendered dead in the water, totally unusable.
Anyone else?
After uninstalling Saft Safari worked, once again, but was slow. I then reinstalled Safari 3.1.2, and Safari returned to its lively self once again.
Just before installing Saft, I had installed Glims which worked fine with Safari. Dunno if the Glims/Saft combo itself caused the problem, but I've now got Glims reinstalled and Safari works fine.
[Version 10.5.4]

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syharris replied on 02 Sep 2008
Thanks for the "heads up".
syharris had trouble on 06 Aug 2008
ichoose apparently is no longer available. When clicking on "download" or "more information" the response is "The requested URL was not found on this server".
Url Well, a similar app is also no longer available.
Too bad, because a menu bar url saver is quite handy. Wonder why they both went belly up?
[Version 1.0.1]

syharris had trouble on 02 Aug 2008
There doesn't seem to be an easy way to update from an earlier version of Sizerox. The only version of 1.2.9 on the developer's website is the demo version which can't be changed into a fully working one.
I emailed the developer about this issue and included my serial # (I had purchased Sizerox a while back). He then provided me with a URL for a working download. Quite a cumbersome approach to getting an updated version. Makes no sense whatsoever.
If anyone's found an easier way to get an update download, please post it here.
[Version 1.2.9]

syharris had trouble on 01 Jul 2008
While PithHelmet 2.8.3a won't install on its own with the latest safari(3.1.2) I can't even get it to install using Pacifist.I was able to install it on Safari 3.1.1 using Pacifist.
[Version 2.8.3a]

syharris had trouble on 10 May 2008
Clicking on "Put Screen To Sleep" in zonEnergy 1.0.1 instantly causes a kernel panic on my 17" Powerbook, every time. Don't know if it's just my issue or others experience this anomaly as well.
OS 10.4.11
[Version 1.0.1]

syharris had trouble on 28 Sep 2007
I'm still experiencing the black screen issue with v5.0.1.
[Version 5.0.1]

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