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sunrocket reviewed on 07 Jan 2014
I've been looking for some time for a way to secure a lot of private data stored in different formats — spreadsheets, PDF's, docs, photos, mail etc. They've been scattered all over my computer in encrypted disk images, hidden folders etc. I use 1Password extensively, but it's not suitable for my purposes and I also don't want a ton of files taking up space on my iOS devices and iCloud backups. Concealer has become my one big catch-all for things I want to keep secure.

What I like about Concealer is its simplicity. Easy to use, disappears when I'm finished. It needs minimal work to keep things organized, and has a good search function for finding things nested in subfolders. I do prefer 1Password for filling in passwords etc. on websites.

One caveat: study how the trash functions work before you start deleting items; I played around with junk files in the beginning and found myself accidentally permanently deleting one. Likewise, understand what might be leaving behind unsecured on your computer when you add things to the vault. Documentation information on this is clear.

I asked the developer about the difference between buying the direct version from their website versus the version in the App Store. As with some other apps, you're best off buying directly from the developer's site. Unfortunately, because of App Store technical requirements, the devs won't be able to continue updating the App Store version with full functionality.
[Version 1.2]

sunrocket rated on 06 Jan 2014
[Version 0.9]


sunrocket reviewed on 04 Jan 2014
While Chrome sports a nice suite of features and is clean and relatively fast, I was appalled to discover how often the app phones home for updates.

I run Little Snitch and saw frequent requests (2-3 times/week at least) from Google Updater. It took me awhile to realize how much this process was slowing down my MacBook Pro.

After a good deal of work I was able to disable the updater; I manually check for Chrome updates, primarily for security purposes.

I docked stars for this highly intrusive process which is hidden unless you're running a program like Little Snitch to detect this type of traffic.
[Version 31.0.1650.63]

sunrocket rated on 03 Jan 2014
[Version 2.6.1]

sunrocket rated on 03 Jan 2014
[Version 2.9.4]


sunrocket reviewed on 03 Jan 2014
I've used Cookie Stumbler in the past, but I'm very happy with Cookie, primarily because I don't have to pay a subscription fee.

It has a clean easy-to-manage interface and thoroughly cleans out databases, local storage, flash cookies, tracking cookies, etc.

[Version 3.0.25]

sunrocket rated on 11 Nov 2013
[Version 4.6b1]


sunrocket reviewed on 19 Oct 2013
Very, very disappointed with the MacUpdate app, which seems to get worse with each update. It’s not unusual for half of my updates to fail to install for one reason or another — “operation can’t be completed” error messages, installation simply hangs, and most of all, frequent crashes — whether installing one update at a time or trying to install all updates. As others note, it’s easier to launch the apps and update directly from within them.

I have sent many reports in over the past 12 months, including Apple’s process report for crashes; I have received only *one* reply and it did not include any substantive help.

I regret renewing my membership a month or so ago, and will not be renewing it again. It’s simply not worth paying $20 for this much frustration and aggravation. It's a shame, because this app and service could be so helpful if it worked.
[Version 5.2.3]

sunrocket commented on 06 Oct 2012
This isn’t a comment on Swift Publisher per se — rather, a question about the various options of purchasing it.

The App store has v. 3.1.1 priced at $19.99; MacUpdate has v. 3.2, a trivial difference I assume as at some point, the App store will offer a free update to v. 3.2?

I believe there’s a difference between purchasing software directly from the developer or MacUpdate, and purchasing it from the App store. Can anyone elucidate? No matter where I buy the application, it looks like I can download a demo here or from the developer’s site to try it out. And of course I wouldn’t buy a slightly lower version from the App Store for a few more dollars. Are there others differences?

[Version 3.2]

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sunrocket replied on 06 Oct 2012
Ryan -- thanks for the info, and for pointing me to the developer's FAQ page. It answers all my questions.

sunrocket reviewed on 11 Mar 2012
I really should have updated a negative review I left some time ago when this app wasn't working properly (as a result of changes Safari introduced that blocked the working of the app).

It's back to working fine, and I use it all the time. Thanks for keeping the app up to date.
[Version 1.9.3]

sunrocket had trouble on 13 Apr 2012
Dev - I've tried to access your site today to purchase a license; is site temporarily unavailable? Chrome will not access page at all, Safari loads a page with banners only and will not drill down to details. Thanks much.
[Version 1.7.1]

sunrocket had trouble on 17 Feb 2012
Cannot launch app; box pops up requiring me to sign into App Store. After I sign in, receive error message "This is not a Test User Account [sandbox area]."
[Version 1.4.2]

sunrocket had trouble on 17 Feb 2012
Cannot launch app; box pops up requiring me to sign into App Store. After I sign in, receive error message "This is not a Test User Account [sandbox area]."
[Version 1.4.2]

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