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Sunburn rated on 10 Mar 2014
[Version 5.0.12]

Sunburn rated on 10 Mar 2014

Sunburn rated on 10 Mar 2014
[Version 10.5.9]


Sunburn reviewed on 30 Sep 2013
It's a tossup between this and MetaX, which is long in the tooth but still does some things better than iDentify. iDentify is very fiddly. It often won't find titles that I can find searching for the exact same string on tagChimp manually. It doesn't let you edit some fields (e.g., the "comment" field). There's no easy option to disable writing all chapters if the chapter names it finds are garbage—you have to manually delete them one at a time, and if there are 25 chapters, that's pretty tedious.
[Version 532]


Sunburn reviewed on 16 Nov 2011
This WAS a good app, but hasn't been updated in more than two years and simply does not work at all for me with iTunes 10.5 under Snow Leopard. A shame, because it was fine when it worked...
[Version 2.9.6a]


Sunburn reviewed on 06 Dec 2010
Worked like a charm for me, printing from my iPad to a Brother printer literally within minutes of downloading it. Well done!
[Version 1.1]

sunburn commented on 15 Sep 2009
OK, so here we go again. Looking back, we have:

7/2007, upgrade from 3 to 4: $39
8/2008, upgrade from 4 to 5: $39

And look, it's September 2009, and here's Zengobi, hat in hand, asking for another chunk of change. (I'm academic, so at least my upgrade fee is fairly modest, but I believe the non-academic upgrade fee is $70.)

IMO, this is a really bad business model: punish your most loyal customers by hitting them up every year. Each new version has had some nice features, but not enough to justify the level of cost. If this was even every other year, I'd be OK with it. But annually? A little excessive, no?

I don't even use Curio all that much, though for the things I do use it for, I can't imagine what else I'd use to do it. But at this rate, I'm going to start looking pretty seriously. I'll probably cave because generally Zengobi does a good job of keeping up on OS updates and I'll probably be missing some cool Snow Leopard only feature when 6.1 or 6.2 comes out... but maybe I'll just skip this one and wait until 10.2010 and go for version 7.

It's a nice program--version 5, I mean, I haven't shelled out yet for version 6--but if you go for it, you're going to have to think of it like an expensive subscription service rather than a single purchase, because that's clearly the developer's model.
[Version 6.0.1]

sunburn commented on 23 Mar 2009
This would be GREAT if it worked with the scroll wheel! The features are very nice, it loads fast, overall, very good--but not great. Could be great...
[Version 2.3]

sunburn commented on 06 Mar 2009
Billboard is very cool indeed. One minor quibble: when iTunes is paused, it detects this right away. Great. However, when iTunes starts playing again, it doesn't detect this until the next track starts. is there any way to get it to notice that iTunes is playing again before the next track starts?
[Version 0.8.5]


sunburn reviewed on 04 Dec 2008
I've been re-ripping a lot of movies now with HandBrake 0.9.3 and I have to say I have a love/hate relationship with MetaX. I love that it provides a GUI for tagging and all, but the little glitches in this app drive me nuts. What glitches, you ask? Here are my primary gripes:

(1) Does not support dragging of files onto the app/dock icon properly. If MetaX is already open, dragging a file onto the icon does NOTHING. So, for MetaX to work right, it has to be already quit. Hunh?

(2) Doesn't support standard keyboard commands. In particular, command-W (to close the window) does NOTHING. The only way to close the window is to quit the app completely. Feels like a Windows app.

(3) Columns are not re-sizeable. This is particularly annoying for the left-hand column which displays search results. You just have to hope the name of the movie is less than about 12 characters or you won't be able to see it. Especially fun for sequels.

(4) TagChimp searching is horrible. Stuff you can find in two seconds on the TagChimp Web site cannot be found with MetaX. Let's say you want to tag one of the LOTR movies. To get the hit, you have to search for "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Extended) (Part 1)" to get the right hit. But if you have "Lord of the Rings The Two Towers (Extended) (Part 1)" (the only difference is no colon), you get... nothing. Hi, the 1980s called, they want their search query nitpicky UI back.

(5) Hand entry is god-awful slow if you need to do it, especially for chapter names. You have to go hand-to-mouse to double-click the next chapter, then hand-to-keyboard back to type it, then hand-to-mouse to double-click... and so on. How about some keyboard-based navigation?

On the other hand, I *LOVE* MetaX because there's no good alternative, and tagging with this is still one hell of a lot easier than tagging with the command line. And you simply have to love the price! So in that sense, I shouldn't complain. However, if they'd fix these, I'd happily donate $10...
[Version 2.4.5]

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sunburn replied on 13 Dec 2008
Yes, you're right, "return" works, so I withdraw #5. However, dragging on the Dock icon still only works for me if the app is not already running. If it's already running, dragging onto the dock icon does _nothing_.

Also, another problem, and this is a real bug: when you try, and it complains that your hard disk is too full, and you attempt cancel, it hangs. Every time. It'll sit there with the whirring progress thing for hours and hours, but it never completes, and has to be force-quit.

Maybe 2.4.6 will fix some of these--the release notes are vague.
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