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Strider72 reviewed on 21 Nov 2013
A solid product.
[Version 6.5.7]


Strider72 reviewed on 20 Sep 2013
Overall this is a great program for time-shifting TV shows and not having to worry about when they actually air. I use it to record several series and can simply watch them whenever I like. I rarely watch live TV anymore.

The only issue I have with it is that when converting to iTunes the audio frequently ends up out-of-sync. It's a slow creep that builds up over the video -- everything's fine at the start of the show, and by the end the audio can be almost a second off -- almost like watching a bad dub.

The only other issue is that even the "fine" editing is a bit rough, so if I want to clean up a recording and remove commercials I end up having to snip it just a bit sooner or later than I'd like to. Also, there is sometimes weirdness in the audio, where I clip out a commercial, but the video retains a random splurt of sound from the clipped part, that plays right at the point of the edit. They might have better luck if there were some way to kick it over to Quicktime for editing. Ah well -- It's not like I'm preserving these for posterity; if I want flawless I can buy a DVD.
[Version 3.6.1]

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Strider72 replied on 20 Sep 2013
Heh... "The only issue" and "The only other issue"? I should proofread!

Strider72 reviewed on 28 Feb 2012
It was a sad day when I read that CSSEdit was no more. This is such an irreplaceable app (really guys -- don't you realize you have a LOCK on this market??!??)

In one of the most ill-considered development decisions since Netscape turned "Navigator" into "Communicator", they've crammed it into Espresso, so they can compete with a dozen other does-everything-our-way "web coding environments".

Come on guys. I use the text editor I like, the graphics editor I like, the FTP app I like, and up until now, CSSEdit had a valued place in that workflow.

You have a loyal customer base here (just read the other reviews), but you won't sell us the product? Where's the sense in that? Please bring CSSEdit back!
[Version 2.6.1]


Strider72 reviewed on 05 Oct 2011
1) Buy program promising "Free Updates for Life"

2) Watch as company discontinues your product, declares "Pro" version, renames "Pro" version to non-pro (i.e. exactly what you bought), then says you don't get updates unless you buy it again.

Avoid this company at all costs. I would review the software if it still worked, but I refuse to give them more money to update.
[Version 6.1.1]

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Strider72 replied on 31 Jul 2013
Update: In response to this post, adnX gave me a new license.

Strider72 reviewed on 09 Feb 2011
I only write this because the developer touts the "much nicer icon" as a feature of the new version: From a design standpoint, I've always felt that an application icon has failed if it includes the name of the app.

Think of icons as Superhero symbols. Batman doesn't have "Batman" written across his chest -- he has a bat silhouette in a yellow oval. Green Lantern has the lantern logo. Flash has his lightning bolt. Superman -- okay, he has a big "S", but the design is so distinctive that you could change the letter and it would still be recognized as a variation on his logo. Aquaman, of course, has his... er... oh who cares about Aquaman? (and doesn't that just make the point?)

All that being said, Tagit is a good program. ;-)
[Version 1.2.3]


Strider72 reviewed on 14 Oct 2010
I upgraded from Parallels 5 to 6. Version 6 is a lot snappier -- a definite performance improvement. I would be very happy with this upgrade, EXCEPT that it CRASHES FREQUENTLY. Blue Screen of Death.

I'm running Windows 7 on a Mac Mini, and I never got the BSOD on Parallels 5. After upgrading, I got it quite a lot. Tried a lot of things including uninstalling the Parallels Tools from Windows and reinstalling them. Helped a bit, but the crashes keep coming.

The errors I get suggest a driver issue, which IMO is almost certainly a problem with the part of Parallels that passes hardware commands from Windows to the Mac OS.

This is an inexcusable flaw. I should have waited before upgrading I guess.
[Version 6.0.11822.604190]


Strider72 reviewed on 20 Aug 2010
This is an excellent app for playing Freecell solitaire. I especially like the little thoughtful touches such as making the "game selection" compatible with the Windows version so you can play against friends on Windows. It doesn't try to be too fancy -- it's just a straightforward version of a good game.

I do wish it had one addition though, and that is the ability to size it up some. My mom likes this game a lot, but on her computer it's pretty small and she has a hard time seeing the cards.

It appears that the developer isn't working on this any more, which is unfortunate. So, I'll just sign off by saying Thanks for the game, and Thanks for leaving it available for download. (It doesn't show on the dev's site, but the download link still works.)
[Version 2.1]

Strider72 commented on 07 Oct 2009
I would really like to like OpenOffice, but every time I open it up and actually try to DO something with it, it fails me. For example, today I opened an Excel file that shows a 30 year mortage amortization. Change a cell and save. No problem.

Now print: OpenOffice prints the whole long spreadsheet on one page, which is unreadably small. There's no way to tell it to go ahead and fit it to the page width, not height. Huh????

So I try to open the file in Excel again. Now that it has been saved by OpenOffice, it crashes Excel. Just Great. (Yes, I did save it as an Excel file.)

In the past I've tried to use the "Word" part of OO, and have have similar frustrations. IT looks solid until I actually try to do real work with it, and then I end up stumbling over seemingly obvious holes in the software.

*sigh* Maybe by version 4.0 they'll have it worked out.
[Version 3.1.1]

Strider72 commented on 25 Sep 2009
If backlight doesn't work for you anymore, there is another app called "Wallsaver". FYI.
[Version 2.0]


Strider72 reviewed on 25 Sep 2009
Very cool app, and works fine on OS 10.6.1.

Interestingly, because BackLight doesn't use the OS's "Screen Effects Engine", it can use older 32 bit screen savers that 10.6 won't run!

That is to say, I can run Marine Aquarium 2 as my desktop, but not as a screensaver. :-p

That really says something about the quality of this app that was last updated in 2003. Great great app, and I hope the original developer is still out there doing amazing things. :-)
[Version 2.0]

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