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Stickman67 reviewed on 21 Mar 2014
I've been using this application now for a number of years. I've tried others, out of curiosity, and always come back to App Tamer. And the latest version simply justifies my choice to stick with it.

Stability has never been an issue for me with App Tamer. It's customisable enough for me to tweak it to my satisfaction, and after that I can pretty much forget that it's there. Sure, I glance up at the menu bar now and again when things are getting a bit slow on my increasingly elderly MacBook Pro, and often it is because a CPU-intensive operation is taking place, but generally App Tamer sits quietly doing its job while I sit quietly doing mine.

I recommended it here about three years ago. I'm happy to continue to recommend it here now.
[Version 2.0.1]


Stickman67 reviewed on 13 Mar 2014
I can't imagine how many hours Default Folder has saved me over the many years I've used it now. To be able to move quickly to recent and favourite folders, or navigate via a dialogue box to the window open in the Finder, or to click on a file name to save typing ... It all adds up to hours and hours and hours. And that means productivity.

It's stable, functional, logical and intuitive, and has more features than I'm ever going to need.

Nothing else has ever come close. Recommended without reservation.
[Version 4.6.4]


Stickman67 reviewed on 24 Oct 2013
This seems to be much more robust than Remote Desktop Connection (RDC), and I can do almost everything I need to do. (My needs, I might add, are generally quite simple – access documents, work on them, save and print.)

The big shortcoming of this over RDC is that there is no obvious (to me, anyway) to "[a]ccess local files on your Mac from your Windows applications" (as listed in the Features of the application).

Accessing files from my local hard drive and using them in the Windows Server environment is a major part of my workflow. Workarounds, such as storing files in cloud-based environments and accessing that way, add steps and complications that direct access to files (such as was available in RDC) neatly avoided.

In general, then, a very good piece of software. Just the one, rather glaring omission, from my point of view.
[Version 8.0.0]

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Stickman67 replied on 29 Oct 2013
Thanks, Iamzam. That was the missing link I needed! My sincerest gratitude!

Stickman67 reviewed on 03 Oct 2013
I love things that just sit quietly and do their job. Even more so when they make my Mac sit quietly and do its job. This seems to have cut out an awful lot of fan noise from my 2009 MBP, and I can see what it's doing in the menu bar.

Assuming it's telling me the truth up there, it's brilliant! Cool and quiet. Just the way I like it ...
[Version 1.1.5]


Stickman67 reviewed on 11 Jun 2013
When it's working, RDC works well for me. I have no problems connecting to my work server, accessing files, printing, using the Internet, and so on. As a server client, it does everything I need it to do. If it is missing any features, I'm not really aware of it, because I've never had to ask it to do anything that it can't do.

And then it crashes ...

Or it doesn't crash while I'm using it, and I log off the server, and it crashes ...

It's not unstable to the point of being unusable, but it is certainly far from ideal in this respect.

It's been more than two years without an update, so the situation simply has not improved.

I'm now using CoRD, but would happily give RDC another go if I thought I could rely on it every time. For now, though, that simply isn't the case.
[Version 2.1.1]

Stickman67 commented on 18 Aug 2012
MacUpdate Desktop tells me that Gemini 1.2 was released on 8 August. It's now 19 August and no sign of an update on App Store. I found this was a problem with CCleaner as well, but at least I could fix that by downloading from the developer's site.

Is anyone else having this problem, or is App Store insane on my computer?
[Version 1.2]

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Stickman67 replied on 04 Sep 2012
I contacted the developer to check out Apple's official story – that delays in releasing updates were down to the developer providing updates in the first place. Turns out (as expected) that there might be more than one side to that story. MacPaw says they've submitted the update(s) and are waiting, waiting ...

But when I contacted MacPaw they resolved the issue for me quite neatly. If you're having trouble with App Store, let them know.

Top marks for speed and helpfulness! Very impressed!

Stickman67 reviewed on 09 Aug 2012
Normal tabs. Normal TABS. NORMAL TABS! YES!

Five stars for that alone. But to make it a fair five stars, nothing seems to be broken by this installation, everything I've asked SafariStand to do seems to be working, and it does not appear to have had any impact whatsoever on the speed or any other aspect of Safari's performance.

[Version 6.0.184]


Stickman67 reviewed on 01 Aug 2012
I'm one of those fortunate ones, it seems, for whom TF hasn't stopped working, or hasn't had hiccups, during the transition to Mountain Lion. It continues to work well for me, and like one of the previous reviewers, I'd be livid if I had to stop using it after all this time. It makes Finder much easier to navigate and use in so many ways.

The developers are putting a lot of work into improving this and making it work with a major OS upgrade, and I can't complain about that.

TotalFinder has been and remains one of the most important pieces of software on my computer, and is well worth the price of admission!
[Version 1.4]


Stickman67 reviewed on 17 Jul 2012
Sometimes I find the keyboard the most efficient tool in my arsenal. At other times it's the mouse. When I'm selecting text for copying and pasting, it's simply efficient to be able to slightly move the mouse to copy, cut or paste, rather than having to remove my hand and move it up to the keyboard, or right-click and scroll through a menu.

Simple, intuitive, familiar (through iOS), brilliant.

I've more than saved my $4.99 in time in just a few days. This is a winner!
[Version 1.4.1]

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Stickman67 replied on 17 Jul 2012
Depending on what application I'm using, what plugins it has, and so on, my contextual menu can be quite long, and hence there is scrolling involved.

But it's more than just copying and pasting. I forgot to mention the spell check function, which, to be fair, doesn't always show a valid replacement, depending on how badly spelled the original is. But in my experience so far it's right much more often than not and again saves those valuable seconds that add up to minutes that add up to ...

Just for the record, I'm not employed by Pilotmoon ... ;-)

Stickman67 reviewed on 17 May 2012
I've been using CCleaner on PCs for so many years I've forgotten how long. Great to see it come over to the True Believers' platform.

Appears to work just fine on my MacBook Pro with 10.7.3 and now 10.7.4. Cleans out a pile of old junk that just takes up drive space.

Doesn't have all of the same functionality as the PC version (e.g. tuning up directories, etc.), but doesn't need it. For what it does, this is, as it has always been on PCs, a quietly useful piece of software at a very reasonable cost.

My only gripe is not with the software, but with the App Store. This update has been showing on MacUpdate for days. Still no sign of the update on App Store. Just a wee bit quicker, Apple? Please?
[Version 1.03.131]

Stickman67 had trouble on 06 Aug 2012
I was getting a JSON string error when trying to link files to text in Moodle after upgrading to Mountain Lion and Safari 6. Turns out to be a problem with Evernote Web Clipper. Turned that off, all's well again.

No idea why. Just worked.
[Version 6.0]

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