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Solo68 commented on 28 Nov 2013
Apple, Inc. is on a nose dive to the place where Microsoft resides in software development and maintenance. No single entity is perfect, yet after the death of Jobs I began to notice the lack of professionalism once common among the Macintosh crew. It isn't that they are not capable of releasing stellar builds, as we love and remember. The largest problem with Apple nowadays is they no longer have a boss, they have a buddy. No one at the top has a personal connection with the company. This results in a lack of leadership. The buddy system just doesn't cut it. Not only is Safari a nightmare, but the iTunes Store is on the fritz, as well as iTunes itself. For example, over 99% of my iTunes Store purchases are missing from my Purchased page in the iTunes Store. Apple needs to do some hiring and firing, from the top down. You really do suck, don't you Apple? By the way, why did it take MacUpdate so long to update this page. I checked every few days or so and not once did I see Safari 6.1 as the latest release. I check now and boom! It's 7 point O. Hopefully, the folks around here will get it together, too! We'll see...
[Version 7.0]


Solo68 reviewed on 05 Jan 2011
I just purchased this the other day. It does what I want it to do. Currently, I don't have a need for all of its features, but I went ahead and purchased the full version instead of the lite version in hopes of putting at least two or three of the features to good use. For now the increased swiftness it which it downloads files is excellent. It used to take me at least four times the amount of time it now takes to download a playlist of YouTube videos. Gotta love it!
[Version 5.2.22]


Solo68 reviewed on 05 Jan 2011
I really, really, like this browser. I love the OS integration, BUT... it is unfortunately the SLOWEST app I have. It launches and loads the start up page TOO FREAKING SLOW. It is such an irritation, it makes me swear. UGH, freaking piece of chit. And it ISN'T loaded with a bunch of extensions, in comparison to when I had Firefox installed. However, my Safari does use the 1Password extension, but I doubt it is the culprit. I don't really know how to figure out why my Safari is so slow. I empty my cache, cookies, etc., upon quitting Safari EVERY time. Also, I have Glims, ClickToFlash and Speed Download installed. I don't know if they are causing the problem. None of my other apps launch this slow, including my other browser, Camino. If anyone has an idea that might be of help, I'll check for replies. Thanks.
[Version 5.0.3]


Solo68 reviewed on 25 Nov 2009
1Password Sets The Standard!

I've been using 1Password since February 2009. It works great in all of my browsers, including Camino. I love the new features in version 3. The developer's support is outstanding. I read somewhere the sales are close to 1 million apps sold. And their generosity has not slowed down either. Just recently I received an email offering a free copy of 1Password Pro touch and when I purchased a family license for 1Password version 2 back in February it came with a version 3 license. Thanks guys!

I highly recommend this app. At least download it, install it and give the free trial a spin. Push it to the limits.
[Version 3.0.1]

Solo68 commented on 23 Nov 2009
This is a great app. The developer is quick to respond to support requests. OS X Leopard 10.5.8 Intel Mac.
[Version 2.6.2]

solo68 tipped on 13 May 2009
I spoke with an Apple Representative earlier today. He told me there was an update available. I told him, "Thank You. The last time I checked was on Sunday. Furthermore, before installing the Apple update his instructions were as follows:

NOTE: I told him I needed to log in to my admin account, and he didn't object or say it wasn't necessary.

1) Use disk utility to Repair Permissions on Macintosh HD.

NOTE: This step was taking some time and the Apple Rep briefed me on the remaining steps and we ended the call.

2) Use my Apple Install DVD to run verify/repair disk on Macintosh HD.
a) Insert DVD.
b) Shutdown computer.
c) Hold down C key on keyboard.
d) Start computer.
e) Select language. (by the way, it take a while for the language selection screen to pop up, so be patient while holding down that C key)
f) Click Utilities on the Menubar and select Disk Utility.
g) Run repair disk utility on Macintosh HD and quit, restart from Macintosh HD startup disk.

Note: At this stage, the Mac should be restarted and logged back in to an admin account.

3) Choose Software Update from the Apple menu in the Menubar.

The rest is guided by the update application.

Use this as a guideline. If you update your Apple software differently and have no trouble, fine. I only offer my method as a suggestion. I haven't found any problems with my system after installing the 10.5.7 update. Nonetheless, I am not employed or trained by Apple, so use this guideline at your own risk. I assume no responsibility for any damage it may cause. But my Mac works fine. Also, I have reinstalled my Mac OS, on my own. I still am computing, trouble free. And it has been less than six months since I first purchased my first Mac. But I think I am getting the hang of it, I came from PC land. Best wishes.
[Version 10.5.7]


solo68 reviewed on 10 May 2009
This review is long, long overdue. By the way, I am a recent switcher. I came from PC land to the Mac late last year. To this day 1Password remains my favorite Mac app. It is such an excellent program and I haven't yet used all of its capabilities. It installs without a hitch. It works right within my browsers. And it syncs with the Agile Web Solutions sister app, AllBookmarks. I do not have a bad thing to say about this app. The support is excellent. I can recall more than a year before I had enough cash saved to purchase my Mac I contacted their support with questions. They answered me promptly and encouraged me to make the switch as soon as I was able to do so. Even now their support team is on top of things, with a continued swift response time. I was asked to give a review and do so without payment or special favors. Everything I say is of my own will and I stand by every word. Agile Web Solutions is an excellent group of Mac programmers and they really care about their client base. If anyone is thinking about switching to a Mac I encourage you to do your research and satisfy your every thought. Make an informed decision, and stay away from the quote, unquote, "Fan Boys". In my opinion, they are completely biased towards Apple, but Apple is by no means perfect, and that's another story. As for 1Password, at least give the trial version a try. It is fully operational and makes signing in to websites as easy as breathing air. Best wishes.
[Version 2.9.15]

Solo68 had trouble on 29 Aug 2010
I just downloaded this app from the developer's website and installed it on my Mac (running 10.5.8) and it won't even launch. During the end of the install process the app seems to launch automatically because its Dock icon bounces in the Dock. However, the app never launches. The Dock icon stops bouncing and when right-clicking on the Dock icon a message reads, "Application Not Responding," or something like that. I force quit the application and attempt to launch it via double-clicking its file in the Applications folder via the Finder. Unfortunately, I get the same disappointing result. This app is not ready for prime time. It won't even launch. I was really hoping it worked. I need something like this to keep track of my homework schedule for my math class. I guess I'll make a table in Pages.
[Version 1.0]

Solo68 had trouble on 28 Mar 2010
For some reason I am still having trouble with YouTube. I cannot view video any longer. It has been two or more weeks since I first noticed the trouble with YouTube. I cannot even view the QuickTime versions of the videos via the ClickToFlash plug-in. However, if I click the link of the YouTube member that posted the video, which directs me to their YouTube personal page, I am able to view any YouTube video uploaded there.

Additionally, if I am on another site and a person has a YouTube video embedded there, I can view it. Nonetheless, for some odd reason I cannot view YouTube video as I was normally accustomed to, while on the YouTube site's video pages. And this happens with or without me logging in to my YouTube account. Also, I can view flash on any other site without any problems. YouTube is the only site where I seem to have trouble, and it is only on the normal video page of their site, not the member pages, or the channels pages, etc.

Finally, I did not have this trouble to begin with, when I first installed ClickToFlash. YouTube worked flawlessly at the start. And I still enjoy flash on other sites. It's just a pain to do the additional clicking to navigate to the video submitter's (YouTube member) page in order to view a single video, if I am on the YouTube site, or it can be a pain to watch a limited selection of random videos on the channels page, however, any video search results I select take me to the normal video page where I repeatedly have trouble viewing the videos (these are the pages where one can read all the comments people post).

By the way, I have the ClickToFlash version 1.5.4 currently installed and I started having this trouble with YouTube when I had ClickToFlash v. 1.5.3 installed. The message I see in the YouTube video area is, "An error occurred, please try again later." And occasionally, when I click on a video from the search results list a text file is automatically downloaded called, 'video.mp4.txt, and I'm thinking security breach or something. This is spooky!

I am really scratching my head trying to troubleshoot this because I have the trouble with or without ClickToFlash installed, yet before I ever knew ClickToFlash existed and then installed it, I never had trouble watching videos on YouTube.

Please help. Thanks.
[Version 1.6b8]

Solo68 had trouble on 23 Nov 2009
The help file is broken/missing. When I click a link inside the QuickTime Help window it does not navigate. And when I search a topic it does find results, but when I click on a result it does not navigate.

I called Apple Care and was elevated to a so-called specialist who was clueless. Is anyone else having a problem with getting the help file to work?
[Version 7.6.4]

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