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slade95816 reviewed on 18 Jul 2006
I usually don't write reviews unless I am on the extreme end of the spectrum about a product, but Spam Sieve is so exceptional in every way that it deserves to have a review which says so.

My feelings about spam are something close to obsessive compulsive; we shouldn't have to pay extra money to weed out unnecessary clatter. And yet, it appears we must. Thus, if I am forced to find a good spam filter, I want the best one for the least amount of money and not a product I'll have to upgrade two years from now when the company goes out of business. When I commit to an application, I'm monogamous for life, so I make my decisions very carefully.

I am a Eudora 6 user and its junk mail filter is not 100% reliable. More importantly, its spam-labeling process, while it allows you to label some email as junk (and some email as not junk), is not transparent which makes it very hard to improve the filters. It's a "cross your fingers" type of approach and that doesn't work for me.

Spam Sieve, however, has already blocked 99% of all my spam in only three days of "training". This is enough to make me buy the program; I mean, come on -- if it's this good in only 3 days, then how good will it be in 3 months? Since it learns over time, I feel confident that $25 is a small price to pay to know I won't have to look at spam in my In Box ever again.

Bonus tracks: Spam Sieve is transparent by showing you how its "corpus" of words is judged: "$40 million" might be used 4 times for spam emails and 1 time for good emails -- so you can delete the term (or not) if you think that's a bad word to use to judge spam. Also, its dock icon closes automatically when you close down Eudora. Oh, and you choose between photo-realistic and cartoon dock icons. Super swanky!
[Version 2.4.4]


slade95816 reviewed on 11 Apr 2006
As a David Allen enthusiast, I really wanted to like this app... and it has some great things going for it: one window lets you sketch out your projects and a separate window lists all the next actions of that project in their own "contexts" (at home, at work, online, calls, etc.) without the project hierarchy cluttering up your thinking... this allows you to focus on your next actions and so not even think about why you're doing them, which is the essense of the David Allen GTD system, to free the mind from thinking about too many things at once. This feature alone makes this a great product.

I did, however, find several UI problems:

1) the button navigation was not very intuitive (i.e. the up, down, left, right arrows), as they are, say, in in OmniOutliner (note: OmniOutliner is not a comparable software -- I mention this only for its intuitive navigation design).

2) I could not find an easy way to create items on the fly without having to add these items in a *project* window. Perhaps I didn't read the instruction manual enough, but creating a simple list, and then reorganizing it later, seems to be a better work flow for the mind, rather than having to assign all its attributes as you enter each item. Besides, not all items are a project -- some are simply Next Actions, so this is a slight digression from Allen's GTD philosophy.

3) There was no way to change the extremly small font size of the GUI. I had to squint to see what each window said.

4) finally, the kiss of death: it crashed twice in 30 minutes. As much as I would have liked to use this app, I'm not willing to invest time in an application that isn't stable on my OS 10.4.5

Nevertheless, I'll be looking for updates to this software in the future -- there is great potential with this application!
[Version 0.8.4]

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slade95816 replied on 27 Apr 2007
Great. I'd be happy to review it!
slade95816 had trouble on 05 Jan 2007
Generally, a great app, but still has a few bugs to iron out:

* when typing in full screen mode, typing a comma followed by a space (", ") yield two commas and a space. Similarly, a space between words yields two spaces between words.

* Some fonts on the Text Editing prefs menu don't immediately show, nor do they work at all once chosen.

* Some keyboard commands don't work as written: Apple + Return does NOT quit out of full screen mode, nor does "Esc" toggle Full Screen mode on/off.

Once these kinds of bugs are ironed out, I'll gladly pay $25 for this app!
[Version 2.0.1]

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