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sjj_public commented on 25 Aug 2008
Can anyone who has this tell me if it keeps your iPod touch (or iPhone) powered on at all times when it is running? If your iPod or iPhone goes to sleep as usual, this would be a bit annoying to use. Obviously that's a power drain, though, so perhaps it would only do this while plugged in/connected to a computer (and thus getting power.)

Also, to the developer - I would really, really like a 10.4 client for it. I could use this at work where I have 10.5, but at home I'm at 10.4 and would like to be able to use it there too. Actually I'm much more interested in using it at home then at work, and I can't due to the 10.5 requirement.
[Version 1.0.1]

sjj_public commented on 25 Aug 2008
I've read the reviews and I know this game would be great (while it lasted), and the price is only $3.99, but I'm just not sure that a game that only lasts an hour or so is worth even that price. Yep, the game developer has said it was designed to take about 1 hour to complete. I'm just not sure I want to support that kind of pricing/value scheme. I think spending $5 on a game that has unlimited replay value (or at least a game that lasts *much* longer) is a much more sensible purchase. I think a game that only lasts for an hour should cost no more than 99 cents. The next game is suppose to offer longer play time. If the price is the same for it I'll probably start with that one instead. If they charge more for it, I'll continue looking elsewhere.
[Version 1.0]

sjj_public commented on 22 Aug 2008
Nice idea, but it doesn't support multiple monitors. Well, it functions OK, but the other screen is not blanked out. You see your desktop and files. Also I'd like the option of turning off the audible alarm, or at least of making it much shorter than 10 seconds.
[Version 1.0.4]

sjj_public commented on 16 Jan 2008
I primarily watch movies on my iPod Touch on the train, in 30 minute segments, usually two per day. It thus takes me at least 2 days to watch an average length movie. iTunes' rental scheme of only giving me 24 hours to watch a movie is a bust for me. Surely iPod users like me should have been one of the targets of this service? Apparently we aren't, or Apple just wasn't thinking, or the studios forced their hand on this one. Either way, I won't be renting movies from iTunes.
[Version 7.6]


sjj_public reviewed on 15 Dec 2007
This works easily and beautifully. Fantastic!
[Version 1.5]


sjj_public reviewed on 28 Sep 2007
Handbrake 0.9 is fantastic. It use to be a difficult program to use and the results weren't always great, but now it's quite easy to use and to get great results. To rip and convert for the iPod touch just select the iPhone preset and start the conversion. The results are spectacular. There is one catch though - while the program is quite fast on my 2 GHz MacBook CoreDuo, it is unbelievably slow on my Dual-533 G4 tower. It took over 24 hours to convert a DVD on the Dual 533 G4, while taking less than 2 hours on my MacBook. So if you don't have an Intel processor Mac you probably won't be getting much satisfaction from this program.
[Version 0.9]


sjj_public reviewed on 06 Aug 2007
I was a Parallels Desktop user and when that was the only kid on the block it was a good thing, but I've switched because Parallels has longstanding unfixed bugs and just generally feels like a hack job, whereas VMware Fusion feels polished and works like a real Mac application. Some of the pluses: doesn't send the processor into a frenzy when you switch network locations while a VM is running (Parallels always did for me). Suspending and resuming a VM not only is much faster, it works reliably (unlike Parallels, which almost always resulted in a VM crash for me when resuming). Supports drag and drop between Mac OS X and Linux VMs, not just Windows. Etc. This is a great product. It's missing some features that are in Parallels, sure, but nothing major and the features it does have are very polished. Highly recommened.
[Version 1.0.51348]

sjj_public commented on 03 Aug 2007
I decided to try VMware Fusion as I've been frustrated with Parallels lately, and so far Fusion blows the doors of Parallels. Not from a feature standpoint, from it's far more solid and feels like a real OS X app. It gives me a lot more confidence. Also, one of the major problems I've had with Parallels is that if you switch network Locations while a Parallels Windows VM is running (possibly other OS's too, but I don't know), Parallels freezes up and starts taking up all processing power, sometimes effectively taking OS X down with it. In Fusion I'm having absolutely no problems with switching locations and the networking continues to work within the VM too. Lastly, I tried several times to install Ubuntu Linux under Parallels and each time networking would not work, and I was even unable to get my flash drive to mount (Ubuntu would go bonkers). With VMware it worked the first time and completely. Also drag-and-drop between OS X and Ubuntu works perfectly.
[Version 3.0.5060]

sjj_public had trouble on 12 Jul 2007
I tried this in the Finder and Mail and it didn't work. The screen faded but no window was highlighted and typing text didn't find anything. Yes, I did have support for assistive devices enabled.
[Version 1.1]

sjj_public had trouble on 04 Apr 2007
I installed it, but it says my hard drive can't be indexed, and so it never finds anything. Also the web search thing wasn't what I expected and isn't too impressive. It isn't integrated at all - It just does the search in your browser. i.e. it's like many useless search widgets that do the same thing.

sjj_public had trouble on 22 Dec 2006
I find that beta 2 is a huge memory hog and it brings my MacBook to its knees at times. Also, Coherence still doesn't seem to work well with multiple monitor setups. I found the new option to allow coherence to span multiple displays, but it then the taskbar disappears. It works OK without spanning displays, but then it behaves oddly in that while Windows windows appear to be mixed with Mac windows, if you drag a Windows window off the main display it disappears. If it's half off the main display, only half of the window appears. It's still a neat feature, but sure is hackish. Also I've had beta 2 start going haywire and cause other applications to crash, one after the other. From a stability standpoint, beta 2 seems worse than beta 1, and beta 1 wasn't so good in that regard. Perhaps they need to scale back some of these features and concentrate on just making it work well.
[Version 2.5.3094]

sjj_public had trouble on 07 Dec 2006
It does have some bugs. Sometimes windows open zoomed beyond the edges of the screen, for example, but on the other hand this is *so* much faster than the old version in starting up. It's now usable. Also, I really dislike the search feature in Preview - that standard drawer thing is just absolutely awful. I think Adobe Reader is much better for use with large documents, especially if you want to do any searching. I've set it as my default reader now. Curiously, I can't seem to get Firefox to open PDFs in Adobe Reader even after having set Adobe Reader as the default app, and Firefox set to open .pdf in the default app. That may be a Firefox issue, though.
[Version 8.0]

sjj_public had trouble on 16 Oct 2006
Video converted with iSquint 1.5 and VisualHub (latest version) is noticeably darker than the original video. Is there any solution for this?
[Version 1.5]

sjj_public had trouble on 27 Sep 2006
I like the features of this program, at least in theory - so far I can't get it to do anything at all, at least not with VOB files (from MacTheRipper ripped DVD.) It just says "Converting..." with a twirly "progress" bar, and no apparent progress, nor any apparent use of processing power as my CPUs remain at a low processing level. Is conversion from VOB supported? If not it would be helpful for it to reject such files to begin with. Of course I'd much rather is supported conversion from VOB.
[Version 1.2.1]

sjj_public had trouble on 08 Jun 2006
So far I'm seeing lots of errors trying to use this tool. Converting to iPod, for example, I added several VOB files from DVD rip to the queue, set it to convert to iPod format, optimized for TV, selected "stich together" option. I selected "2 pass" in the advanced options and clicked Preview and after a while I get an applescript error reporting some problem with ffmpeg about a file being missing. I then tried doing a conversion of the files to DV format, but it also gave an applescript error. There the "2 pass" option is greyed out, so that wouldn't seem to have anything to do with it.
[Version 1.0]

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sjj_public commented on 08 Jun 2006
When I get a chance I'll try the conversion again and let you know what the error is, however it will be impossible for me to give you the entire error message because it was so long that it went off the bottom of the screen, with no ability to scroll it. It may actually be a few days before I get to it as I'm pretty swamped at the moment. In the mean time, an additional thing I had meant to mention - when doing the preview, when I had 2-pass unchecked I did *not* get the error. It only happened when 2-pass was checked.
sjj_public had trouble on 02 Jun 2006
Works pretty well for me on my MacBook and PowerBook, but the keyboard shortcut is a bit akward to use, and doesn't always seem to work. Sometimes I have to press it 2 or 3 times before it pastes. Otherwise this is nice.
[Version 0.54]

sjj_public had trouble on 28 Apr 2006
I tried running this on three AAC format files, choosing pass-thru. I have chapter tool installed. The script launched QuickTime Player 7.0.4, opened the 3 tracks in it plus created a new Untitled track. It then brought my system to its knees. I waited a while but it did not show any progress in QuickTime Player and continued to completely and utterly throttle my PowerBook G4 1.5 GHz. Eventually I pressed command-option-esc and then wait a long time for the force-quit window to appear, then force quit it and QuickTime Player. I would love to look at this script to see what it is doing and see if I could fix and/or improve it, but unfortunately even though it is freeware it is distributed as a run-only (un-editable) script. I went to the "web site" linked to here, but there is no sign of a "source" version there.
[Version 4.0.1]

sjj_public had trouble on 31 Mar 2006
This program appears to be trying to sort the results by size, but it isn't working. I have a listing where there are numerous cases such as an 89 MB folder being listed before a 93 MB folder. Also it doesn't sort anything until after the sizing on the drive is completed entirely. That OmniDiskSweeper does do this, and gives a frequently updating total for folders as it sizes them, makes it easier to see the progress of the scan. I paid for OmniDiskSweeper a while ago, before this existed, so the cost is moot to me. OmniDiskSweeper works better, but this one is free and that's nothing to scoff at. Fix the bugs and improve the feedback and it would be hard to justify purchasing ODS, but ODS isn't expensive and it works great now. Lastly, the claim by another reviewer that WhatSize is faster is questionable - at least in my just done experiment, ODS finished the entire drive scan substantially faster than WhatSize did and, as I noted, ODS gave much better feedback as it progressed.
[Version 10.2.6]

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