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simichavel commented on 29 Oct 2008
True, but this library does not tell you where the conflict is outside iKey. If iKey could tell you that - that would be really helpful.

Making it a habit to search through programs to delete keyboard shortcuts in order to control them all through iKey is a good idea. You have to admit though, either you need a massive bloc of time, or you have to do it in small doses.
[Version 2.3.1]

simichavel commented on 28 Oct 2008
It's great to see iKey back in action. But more and more keyboard shortcuts have been built into Apple's OS and apps. iKey gives notice when shortcuts are doing double-duty. What would be helpful would be for iKey to identify where the Apple shortcut is located. Not only would it be convenient, but I do not think Apple maintains a master list (even in the keyboard preference pane).

Less significant, the icon is due for a major overhaul.

MBP/OS 10.5.5
[Version 2.3]

simichavel commented on 13 Oct 2008
For years I have loved this app. Visually, it is stunning. Conceptually, it aids information organization well.
Version 3 adds new capabilities but IMHO has taken a baby step or two backwards too. Mainly, one cannot custom format cell on an individual basis anymore, regarding cell controls and numbering systems. It's all per page. Please bring that back. Perhaps the Inspector could be modular, i.e., the user can customize what appears or it least in what order things appear. The ruler is a great idea but not as space-economical and not as visually helpful as it could be. Also, tabs (1) could be horizontal rather than vertical to allow for more per notebook, and (2) tab width (room for letters) should be customizable.
[Version 3.0v335]

simichavel commented on 29 Oct 2007
Echoing previous sentiments: this app elegantly adds productivity. It's just so simple and convenient.

Two suggestions:

1. Voice notes

2. Wiki note management (as in the wonderful Voodoopad)

Note: As a background app, it can only be quit through Acitivity Monitor. This means it should take little CPU and be stable as a rock.
[Version 1.7.2]

simichavel commented on 19 Oct 2007
The one hand would be okay were it to reflect the time in your chosen zone, but it seems to be stuck on Cupertino, even when the sunrise and sunset data is set and gives the info for your own time zone.
[Version 1.2.3]

simichavel commented on 02 Oct 2007
I had used iBackup for many years and generally had been pleased with its development. But I have never been able to find incremental backing up. Without this, backing up has always taken too long. If the fnuctionality is there, please note where.
[Version 6.0]

simichavel commented on 09 Sep 2007
The ability to Import dates from AddressBook would be a big timesaver.
[Version 4.4]

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simichavel replied on 11 Sep 2007
Goodness. Sorry about that. Thanks for the heads up.
simichavel commented on 29 Aug 2007
6. The templates are helpful. How about adding combination templates, like Cornel sections/panes with To Do in one, Outlining in another, and Writing in the third.
[Version 2.1v256]

simichavel commented on 14 Jun 2007
A helpful addition would be the option to send note as an email. Or did I miss that somewhere?
[Version 3.2]

simichavel commented on 13 Jun 2007
Excellent modifications. Incoporating the preferences into the Wallsaver window is so much more efficient and clear. Adding the link to the ScreenSaver PrefPane makes tons of sense. Opening Wallsaver automatically starts the screen saver, but I actually like this as a feature. Since you don't really need Wallsaver to keep running once the screensaver has been activated, I would say (again), let Wallsaver run in the background immediately upon activation, then have a menubar item to access controls and options.
[Version 1.3.1]

simichavel had trouble on 30 Oct 2008
Upgraded from 10.4.11 to 10.5.5 and FM doesn't work anymore (FM 3.7.1 with APE 2.5b2).
[Version 3.7.1]

simichavel had trouble on 03 Jul 2008
Love the widget! But stopped updating, and doesn't respond to button clicks. Frozen in time!

MBP Intel dual
OS 10.4.11
[Version 1.1]

simichavel had trouble on 11 Mar 2008
Doesn't work for me either.
[Version 3.0]

simichavel had trouble on 21 Jun 2007
Ditto that maclover. My QS frequently ceases responding to the keystroke activator and lies dormant. Only quitting and relaunching gets it going again. Hoping this problem gets resolved.

[Version 1.0b51]

simichavel had trouble on 31 May 2007
Now, opening Wallsaver does nothing. Clicking Activate gets a message that it is already running. Clicking Stop gets a message that it is already not running. Clicking Repair gets it going.

Suggestions: 1. Provide preference to have screensaver activated permanently. 2. Add link to Desktop/Screensaver Preferences. 3. Window interface unnecessary. Make it a menu item with activate now, activate permanently, stop, select screensaver.
[Version 1.2]

simichavel had trouble on 13 Feb 2007
Further testing has whittled down the problem as follows: when has no new messages to report, Mail Unread Menu gives me "1." Otherwise, MUM is accurate and, as intended, simultaneous.
[Version 2.1]

simichavel had trouble on 12 Feb 2007
Current version doesn't update number of unread mails instantly with changes in Even dropping down menu and selecting the marked mail does not force MUM to update its count. Previous was more reliable about this.

Also, this and previous version occasionally force instantly to reopen after you've closed it.

2 GHz Intel Core Duo/OS 10.4.8
[Version 2.1]

simichavel had trouble on 13 Nov 2006
I have never been successful at receiving or transferring files through Fire. Any CW about this out there?

OS 10.4.8 / MBP
[Version 1.5.6]

simichavel had trouble on 27 Oct 2006
Download overload? Site seems down.
[Version 1.7]

simichavel had trouble on 25 Oct 2006
Once upon a time, when switching windows with Witch, I could highlight a window and click w or q, and thereby close the window oe even quit the program. This seems no longer to be possible. Any insights here? Tips? Plans for the future?

MacBook Pro / OS 10.4.7
[Version 1.0.2]

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