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Sgmoye reviewed on 31 Dec 2012
I would like to update this application. Trouble is that I got it from Apple's App Store. The update -- 1.8.2 -- is still not available there. I know the App Store is slow, but 3.5 months?!?!
[Version 1.8.2]


Sgmoye reviewed on 07 Jun 2012
Creating a TeX file can be a laborious, tedious and frustrating experience. Any tool the eases the process is to be warmly welcomed. Such a tool is TeXnicle.

The interface is clean and uncluttered. One of the chief advantages of this program (for me, at any rate) is the integrated window environment: the TeX file, the console and the preview can be made visible all at the same time as panes in the main window. However, should you choose, It is possible to make any of the panes go away if you wish.

There are palettes that: provide convenient access to a wide range of macros (both character and structural); provide access to currently open documents; and control over running TeX.

A number of 'engines' are provided with the program (pdflatex, xelatex, etc.) though it is relatively simple matter to create your own -- a very basic knowledge of shell scripting will help.

There is a robust mechanism for handling 'projects': multiple TeX files that are a part of a larger work -- chapters of a book, for example.

There is a very extensive set of preferences that allow you to control a wide variety of the program's functionality.

Crucially, the developer is obviously deeply committed to the task of making the software a good as it can possibly be. He is both responsive and thoughtful, open to new ideas and, altogether, a very nice chap.

Though the version I am using (version 2) is currently in beta, it is extremely solid -- I have had no problems at all in that regard.

In short, TeXnicle has become my TeXing environment of choice.

Well done.
[Version 2.0]

Sgmoye commented on 16 Apr 2011
The Linotype e-commerce is not behaving very well. I have a 5-seat license for 2.x. When I enter my serial number in the first screen of the upgrade process, the response correctly shows my 5-seat license and cost ($145) for the upgrade. After inputting the payment method and going to the summary screen, the number of seats I'm upgrading is 1 at a cost of $29. Worse, if I go to the "Cart", there is no place to input my license number; if I attempt to increase the number of upgrades to 5, after a few seconds the number returns to 1.

I have sent two emails to Linotype about this problem and neither have been acknowledged.
[Version 3.0]

Sgmoye commented on 25 Apr 2010
Agreed. Since updating to 10.6.3, the problems with 2.0x have resurfaced with FEXPro 2.5. The fonts activated by FEXPro 2.5 are not available in Apple's Pages, for example. Some applications can see the fonts activated by FEXPro 2.5 only if you go to FEXPro, deactivate and then reactivate the fonts. Really very annoying. Even more annoying is Linotype's execrable support that has not acknowledged the problem.
[Version 2.5]

Sgmoye commented on 09 Feb 2010
This is a really wonderful application. I have come to loathe Stickies. NV imported the StickiesDatabase (in ~/Library/) in a flash and perfectly. Goodbye, Stickies!

My only suggestion would be to be able to use color for text. It may be possible, but I can't see how to do it...
[Version 2.0 β3]

Sgmoye commented on 21 Sep 2009
This is basically a good piece of software, but Linotype's support is very much less than good, indeed it is not anywhere near acceptable. Having paid for version 2.x I expected decent, timely support. Snow Leopard has now been out for several weeks, and Linotype has not fixed FEXPro incompatibilities with SL. The worst problem is that fonts activated by FEXPro do not show up in application font menus **until** you go to FEXPRO, deactivate the font and then reactivate the font. As soon as you shut down your computer, that 'fix' goes away.

The FEXPro web site makes absolutely no mention of the incompatibilities, much less suggestions for workarounds (I don't think there are any). There was some suggestion that a fix would be available during the week of September 14 -- that has come and gone with no word from Linotype.

I have received email from Linotype technical support acknowledging the problems, but nothing else.
[Version 2.0.2]


sgmoye reviewed on 19 Jun 2009
This is a really wonderful, powerful piece of software, at a mere fraction of the cost of similar applications. Within minutes of using the demo (fully functional with a watermark), I had created a press-ready 16-page imposed signature. I cannot say the same for my experience with Preps, for example. To be fair, I have experience with the process of imposing files, so I found IW very easy to use. If you are new to imposition, you will want to read up on it first. There are some pointers to information at The article in Wikipedia on "imposition" is rudimentary and cites no sources, alas.

A further plus is that it read and writes PDFs. So far, I have not found PDFs that are a problem for the program. Another plus is that IW writes its own files -- XML files -- that contain all the information about a given imposition. Using the power of "Save" and "Save As..." it it possible to recycle the application files for new imposition projects. The program can also be controlled with AppleScript!

There is room for improvement, but IW is currently only at version 1.2 (June 18, 2009) and will certainly become even more formidable in the future. It is very easy to use, not least because you see instantaneously a preview of the entire imposition. Every change you make in the imposition is shown instantly in the preview. The developer seems genuinely interested in getting feedback from users.

First rate, and highly recommended. Money very well spent.
[Version 1.2]

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Sgmoye replied on 10 Oct 2009
Tod Wicks -- You should really check your facts before you rush to express yourself in public. Cheap Imposter (which I have also used -- it is an fine program) is limited to 2-up, booklet imposition. It is in no way to be compared to Imposition Wizard which can create a wide variety of complex, perfected, impositions for press work. Yes, IW costs $300. Similar programs, such as Preps from Kodak, costs about $2000 and Quite Imposing costs about $1200. I have used both, so I know whereof I speak. Preps is more than a little mystifying until you get the hang of it. Quite Imposing is about as easy to use as IW, but $1200?

So, I stick by my original assessment.

Sgmoye had trouble on 02 Jul 2013
Having trouble with the 1.4.16 update. On two Macs (both running 10.8.4) the update proceeds normally, but at the very end there is a message that the update failed. The Finder is still inactive and the only thing left to do is to restart, upon which I find that TF is, in fact, running as 1.4.16.
[Version 1.4.16]

Sgmoye had trouble on 26 Apr 2010
Ok, Lino tech support may not be execrable, but I had to post a bug report to them in order to get the reply below. So they *do* know of the problem. Why didn't mail go out to users? Where's the updater?

Stephen Moye


Dear Stephen Moye,

thank you very much for your email.

We tested FontExplorer X Pro 2.5 with MacOS X 10.6.3 and find out that it could happens after update that active fonts are not "visible" for system after update. What you can do is to create one smart set with "active fonts" parameter. Now deactivate all activated fonts and afterwards active them again. Now all your fonts should be "visible" to the system.

Should you have any questions or additional requests, please feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,

Dejan Grbic
Customer Support
[Version 2.5]

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