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semioticmonkey commented on 09 Mar 2009
The idea seems smart: Combine multiples SSB in one window. But has some problems:

a) don't let the user decide wich modules are activated. Ie, you are forced to have a tab for ecommerce even if you don't have a need for it.

b) It is not clear (UI side) the workflow of the note and todos panels. Why do you need to have context for notes? why do you need context for todos (no errands)?

c) no site specific refresh intervals. You don't need to refresh your blog (or paypal or rss) every 3 minutes as twitter, of course.

Put some customizations power inthere. Let the user activate only what he really needs (or/and add his customized tabs) and you'll have something with a specific niche but useful.
[Version 1.1]


semioticmonkey reviewed on 21 Feb 2009
Good shot but it has a long way to go before becoming usable as my twitter client of choice.

Can we have the possibility to choose from system fonts for the tweet list?
Can we have a post tweet box resizeble (and more differed from the list)?
Can we have the timestamp in a font size differed from the tweet text?
I can go on and on. As you can see are all UX/UI problems. The mainframe is there. It lacks a proper UI.

I like it as a barebones twitter client and i hope in some of the above improvements.
Keep the good work.
[Version 1.10]


semioticmonkey reviewed on 21 Feb 2009
Good integration but it lacks some features:

!important: no duplicate check. If you bookmark a page already bookmarked, delicioussafari doesn't warn you and post the bookmark again and again (Pukka warns you)

No way to permanently check private post. You have to hit the checkmark every time (important. Pukka does the same)

Selected text from the page bookmarked doesn't automatically fill the text field in the new bookmark panel (again Pukka fills that information for you automatically).

Pro over Pukka:

No bias here cause i'm testing both for buying, so i'm considering my workflow and these two options i found, between all those present, the only viable solutions (apart for cocoalicius)

ps. consider change icon in safari toolbar and make it more consistent with the UI.
[Version 1.7]

semioticmonkey tipped on 18 Feb 2009
10$ for this?

Use the official Air Desktop Client.
Free and full featured.
[Version 4.1.8]

semioticmonkey commented on 14 Feb 2009
Ok. Here there is a Trial that doesn't let me try anything. All the Features on the Dock menu are restricted. The same popup keeps repeating that 'feature not available when Spell Catcher is unlicensed'. This is not a trial. It is a crippled version.
So i'm supposed to buy a product to see if it fits my needs.

[Version 10.3.2]

semioticmonkey commented on 26 Jan 2009
Oh my! The demo remaninder is not a remainder. It is a plague. It cause the app icon bounce in the dock too!
Lower the remaninder's time shift and toggle the app icon bouncing, please.
[Version 4.3]

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semioticmonkey replied on 26 Jan 2009
The demo remainder (always it) window pile on itself. One demo remainder window over the previous. In 2 minutes you'll have a stack of demo remainder windows...
semioticmonkey commented on 19 Jan 2009
There is no way to delete tags (or edit them).
If i made a mistake how i'm supposed to undo it?

btw. the menubar icon is not consistent. Remove colours from it, please.
[Version 1.0]

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semioticmonkey replied on 20 Jan 2009
It doesn't work as expected.
Deleted the tag, the file info (comments) show the old tag still.

Selected a file with a tag, you can only delete the wrong tag, not edit it. In no way this application permits tag editing (neverthless there is a 'edit tag' window ?:p ). You have to delete al the wrong tags and start over, hoping all will be ok.

Oh well, i pay 29 buck to change app icon by myself? The dev has to stick with Apple HIG (Human Interface Guidelines).

semioticmonkey replied on 20 Jan 2009
Tnx for your time but the comment field has neverthless tags written with Tags. I don't know why but they are there.

Tnx for the tip. So, finally!, double click on a tag edit it.

semioticmonkey reviewed on 09 Jan 2009
warning. The download link is broken.

Anyway, testing high and low, i found no way to import a OPML (flat or structured) into this thing.
Yes, there is an 'Import' menu are asked to register an OPML file NOT to open one.

No Drag and drop of Feeds from Mail/NNW to Headline (single file or multiple files).
Animation, yada yada and then the Usability ABC isn't there. Who did the design of this Application from usability POV? Fire him!

URL Copy and pasting from NNW result in a malformed URL in the Headline URL field. You have to remove the (unnecessary) trailing space from the URL to get Headline to recognize it.
After all this, Headline goes in a wonderful loop trying to validate the URL. I'm here from 5 minutes waiting this damned dialog box to activate the OK button.

As you can see for yourself (in the shot), the Feed's titles are often truncated so you have to enlarge the window to accomodate a quick eye scrolling. In this way, the entire UI fill almost the same screen space of, say, NF. Another Usability fault. Good in a shot, bad in everyday workflow.

And so on and on.

Stick with NNW/NF/Mail. Free, Usable applications and save your money for something valuable.
[Version 1.0.2]

semioticmonkey commented on 02 Nov 2008
Please, do you care to explain in natural language what your application can do for your potential users before ask for donation?
There is no need to download, install and launch an application only to see if it is something we are interested.
[Version 0.5]

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semioticmonkey replied on 02 Nov 2008
Well, if you posted your app on a public space, you are asking us to try it (and maybe donate some bucks).

Anyway, judging from your response, i will save some bucks for a better product/customer-centric-dev.
Tnx for clarification.
semioticmonkey commented on 02 Aug 2008
Well, i don't know you but i'm downloading right now the trial to see what's changed cause the comments below are the same old adagio about Quark out of biz yada yada and nothing to do with the version 8.0.
Have you tried this before comment on it?
It works? It is better than 7.0? And so on. The preferred DTP sport, Quark bashing, is now too old.
Judging by on line reviews and from the version changes it seem it is now offering a bunch of good features.

All i can honestly say, without tried it out, is about its price. Here in Europe it costs 1.300 euros VAT excluded and it is way too much (WTF about Adobe and Quark charging so much we europeans? Protectionism at its worse).

Just for clarity but we are still waiting proper fixes from Adobe for the silly bloated Indesign so stop to glorify it cause it have its flood of faults and quirks not fixed and waiting in line for the next CS4. After that, we will be waiting for the CS5 and so on and on.
[Version 8.0]

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semioticmonkey replied on 05 Aug 2008
Let me be clear. I'm using Indesign from version 1.0. Yes, from day one on freelance projects (Quark on studio projects). So i know the pros and cons of Indesign versus Quark.

I'm simply stating the futility of comments Quark bashing on a new (e revamped) version. These comments give us no real info about the software in the actual state but all the so famous Quark (Devs) problems. You all are right about the Quark (Devs) but now we need to know if and how somethig is changed in Quark (SW). I don't believe is a good choice to have no choice but the Adobe Behemoth that, btw, is full occupied charging you for bug fixes in Indesign (and the all CS) from so much time (Illy crashing all the time anyone? Install Air from Admin account? Acrobat costing the same amount on Win and Mac despite the fact there is a module not bundled with the Mac version, and so on).

It is better for us, consumer, to have real competition.

ps. the DTP arena is always too monolithic in its choice. Or ID or Quark.
Gets a bit of life from the Web world (or the 3D world). There are so many ways to accomplish your homework. The right tool for the job not the one ring to rule them all approach is something DTP is unwilling to learn.
Oh, btw i'm not willing to take a software only cause it is in a bundle if (IF) there is something better out there. It costs more? Well, i must consider the ROI not the initial cost for a more mature decision.
semioticmonkey had trouble on 27 Dec 2008
How can we import something into this damned thing?
Manually entering the url doesn't work...

Macheist registered user.
[Version 1.0.2]

semioticmonkey had trouble on 30 Apr 2008
I don't know what is wrong with this application on my system. Until now i was unable to test it cause it keep crashing on startup after the first configuration.
Downloaded the updated version to see what changed. Nothing. Crash on startup after the first config.

Oh well! I use Quicksilver all the time anyway...

Leopard 10.5.2
[Version 3.4.1]

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