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Scottgsmith62 commented on 10 Dec 2009
You folks are funny - you sound like religous zeolots, or better yet, groupies. This is just software people - it helps you get stuff done, and to attach so much emotion to it, is pretty pathetic. On second thought, Things is probably just right for people like you.
I don't give a crap if they "copied" anything... What this tells me is that is must not be that hard to make something that works as good as Things, and if they can do it for free, then Cultured Code is a effing rip-off for sure. If you don't like it, screw you.
For the moron that said something about the misplaced comment, you must have your head stuffed up your butt. This site is about software, and I made a comment about software - bite me idiot.
This is so fun - you people are too easy to get riled up :)
[Version 1.2.6]

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Scottgsmith62 replied on 10 Dec 2009
See, I told you it was easy to get a rise out of you :)
Scottgsmith62 commented on 09 Dec 2009
Actually, there is a completely viable alternative to Things, and it is called It is an Adobe Air application that runs on both Mac and Windows and is FREE!
The application allows the user to sync to the company website and the syncing has been flawless for me.
The application has some very minor rough edges, but it basically does what Things does, but cross-platform and free.
The company website is:
I am not affiliated with the company at all, I just like the app.
Enjoy :)
[Version 1.2.6]

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Scottgsmith62 replied on 09 Dec 2009
The website indicates that currently supports the Android OS, and more phones support is coming. Honestly do not know if that will include the iPhone or not... it just says "more phone support coming".
Also, the the application includes collaboration; sending tasks to another user of, sending messages to other users and sending feedback to the developer from within the application.
Scottgsmith62 commented on 18 Nov 2009
This company has terrible customer service! There is only one guy doing any coding, and whenever a new feature or a bug fix is requested, you get whining about there only being one guy to do everything. Give me a break! That is not my fault as a user of the product; if you are going to create software that people purchase (as I did), then you should expect that they will support the software with bug fixes and updates to the application.

The software that comes from these folks does not even make it to the Beta status in my opinion; it should still be in Alpha stage. I would not reward this company for sloppy products and bad customer service, with any of your hard earned money.
[Version 1.7]

Scottgsmith62 commented on 29 Oct 2009
Overall: Grossly over-priced for what it does, which is nothing more than a dressed up notepad, and it is VERY bug ridden (more like an Alpha release candidate instead of a production version).

The Good: It looks nice

The Bad:
- The price borders on the ridiculous for what this thing does. A person with Windows Notepad could do the same thing (except the pretty backgrounds).
- The hotkeys for performing menu actions do not work. I have two PC's on my desk and have installed it on both, but with the same outcome - using the hotkeys does NOTHING
- After using the menu option to fit more lines on the page, I decided to decrease the lines on the page after I had typed some data, but the menu item did not even work then. Restarting the program did not help.

Recommendations to developer:
1. Stop using the general public as your testers - this really pisses people off, and wastes time that is short in supply anyway. When it gets to me as a user, it should be without bugs and things should just work the way they are supposed to.
2. To make this an attractive application, really go with the notebook metaphor, and instead of having a scroll bar, when the user gets to the end of the page, have it flip over to a second page like a real notebook. Otherwise, what is the real difference between this application and MS Notepad, other than screen decoration? Before you do this however, download one of the applications for the Mac, like NoteBook or Omni Outliner, and see how it supposed to be done and what works.
[Version 1.4.4]


scottgsmith62 reviewed on 26 Aug 2009
The Bad:
1. The company is slow to update the product - the application ostensibly works just like it did five or six years ago, and it shows in the clunky feel of the application. The developer has a good core idea, but good ideas are not going to gain users of the Life Balance application.
2. The price of this application is really a joke, especially when you realize that you have to pay $80 for the Windows version as well as $80 for the Mac version (if you are one of the millions who use a PC at work and a Mac at home). If the price were $80 for both versions, then it would STILL be overpriced by about $30, when comparing the software to competitors.

The Good:
1. The company has a good reputation for support, and with the interface not being updated in such a long time, you will probably need support if you purchase the application.
2. The fact that the application is cross-platform, and allows a user to go back and forth between a PC and a Mac without troubling with conversion issues, really is nice.

Even with the fact that this application is cross-platform and has good support, it cannot clear the hurdle of an interface that is ancient in computer terms, and is seriously overpriced. Before you consider purchasing this, do yourself a favor and look at competing products; there are a lot of them out there.
[Version 5.1.1]

scottgsmith62 commented on 23 Jun 2009
This review is really about the company itself, and how they support the user community.
At first I was very excited about the application because of the cross-platform nature of the product; being able to keep my work PC and my home Mac in sync was very attractive.
However, it became obvious that the company did not intend to keep the two applications in sync; in fact, from the time that I bought the application a few years ago until now, the Windows version and the Mac version have NEVER been in sync.
Requests for changes to the application to get them in sync have only been met with whining about how there is only guy to do the coding.
...hate to sound cold, but that really isn't my problem. If I purchased the application in good faith, I expect good service and prompt attention to questions and concerns about the product, instead of continued excuses.
I have moved on to ProNotes (; application is in sync across platforms and the developer is very quick to respond, and handles all of my task related needs.
[Version 2.5]

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