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scotteg reviewed on 18 Dec 2012
Works great, thanks!
[Version 1.1]

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scotteg replied on 23 Mar 2014
Still works great, under Xcode 5.1. Thanks!

scotteg reviewed on 18 Jul 2012
This is an amazing app, hands-down the best screenshot capture-and-share utility I've seen. It's seamless and simple. And it does everything I typically need to do with screenshots, with a click or two vs. the several steps it takes to save a screenshot to the Desktop, moving it to my Dropbox Public folder, right-click on that file to get the link...and then periodically have to manually delete old screenshots from my Dropbox). I especially love the live option. Perfect for when setting up a screen-sharing session (e.g., is overkill. This app is right up there with TextExpander, 1Password, and Dropbox as a "must have."
[Version 1.0.4]


scotteg reviewed on 27 Nov 2010
I have used QuicKeys superficially for about a year now. As an Apple consultant, I challenge myself to learn new skills that will be helpful to my clients. I recently decided to develop proficiency with QuicKeys and have been reading through your user guide. I am most impressed, not only with the functionality of QuicKeys but also the meticulous user guide. Very nice job on both fronts. I noticed that you haven't released an update since December 09, and while I think the current feature set is top notch, I just hope that you still intend to keep this app alive and actively developed. One feature that would be hugely beneficial is to have a client/server version. I work specifically in private practice healthcare. Implementing an electronic medical record (EMR) system is a very big deal these days, backed by significant government reimbursement incentives. The #1 resistance factor is ease-of-use. I fortunately work with an exceptional solution, MacPractice, but there are several ways that I can automate repetitive processes in MacPractice using QuicKeys. Having a centralized library that I can point clients to would be ideal. I haven't tried using a 3rd party app such as Dropbox for this purpose, yet. Wondering if anyone else has and what the experience has been like. It's got to be rock solid and I've found in some instances with apps like TextExpander using Dropbox to share a snippets library, problems arise in a large multi-user active environment. Thanks for building an extraordinary solution and here's to continued active development!
[Version 4.0.7 (131)]


scotteg reviewed on 28 Sep 2009
Works great and very small processor footprint. I noticed that at least one preference doesn't stick: Show Docks window when launched, which shows even if it's unchecked. Also, MacUpdate is displaying the incorrect price. It's $14.99, not $10. A little pricey for what it does, but worth it if you need this functionality and appreciate a nice user interface (except the menu icon, which is not Snow-Leopard-like). It would be nice if it also maintained other Dock settings between Spaces, such as auto-hide status.
[Version 2.0.2]


scotteg reviewed on 23 Sep 2009
I've set this up for about a dozen non-OS X Server clients. I appreciate that it uses the existing Unix VPN services, is very easy to implement, and is very reliable. I hope the developer doesn't try to make it do more than it should.
[Version 4.2]

scotteg commented on 02 Sep 2009
Step 1 of the procedure to use Uninstaller is to, "Open Uninstaller in "Root mode." Yet the version 1.12.2 notes state, "10.6 limitation: the preferences option 'Make Uninstaller a root application' does not work under MacOS 10.6 and has been disabled for such systems. Note that except this, Uninstaller is fully functional under MacOS 10.6."

So is it necessary to, e.g., open Uninstaller via Terminal on Snow Leopard in order to achieve full functionality?:

sudo /Applications/Uninstaller &

Psuedo is an application that will allow drag-and-drop opening of an application as root, but it hasn't been developed since 2002 so I I don't know if it's compatible with 10.6.

[Version 1.12.2]


scotteg reviewed on 30 Aug 2009
Confirmed Snow Leopard compatible.

This is a must have app. In the same way that one would go "paperless," this is the natural progression of going "attachment-less." Not only does it save on disk space and conserve bandwidth, but you also have complete control over how long a recipient of your FileChute files has access to be able to download it, and you can make edits to that file and re-upload (overwrite) the existing one, so the recipient can use the same download link. Hugely useful for sending quotes, contracts, etc.

The accompanying iPhone app increases the usefulness of this solution.

I'd like to see these features added:
1. The preference to automatically copy the URL (long or short) to the clipboard upon successful upload.
2. The ability to password-protect a PDF without having to send it as an archive. I realize that this would require manipulating the file itself, but I think this would be technically possible since it can be done easily in Preview.
[Version 4.2.3]

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scotteg replied on 30 Aug 2009
One other feature: the ability to tell when and from what location (IP, or even better, use the IP to lookup geographic location) the file was downloaded
scotteg commented on 19 May 2009
Watch demo video at
[Version 3.7.4]


scotteg reviewed on 29 Apr 2009
Appears to work fine. I had one glitch with my custom settings not being applied the first time, but I redid it and it worked fine the second time.
[Version 1.2]


scotteg reviewed on 08 Apr 2009
I am a Mac software consultant and have worked extensively with several CRMs. FMSB is a worthy contender, exemplary of the power and flexibility FileMaker offers.

There is a lot to like about FMSB. First off, it is a very polished application, rich with intuitive functionality, like out-of-the-box Skype dialing. You can check out their demo/training videos on their website, so I won't be a complete feature creature here. Let me just list some of the most standout aspects IMO:

Comprehensive and flexible groupware CRM functionality
Completely extensible, and the developers are more than willing to accommodate
Extremely robust searching, from quick find to advanced queries
Rock-solid FileMaker database engine
Integrated SMTP functionality (i.e., send e-mail directly from FMSB)
E-mail and letter merge
Integration with Gmail (very clever use of automated searching!)
Geo-tagging and Google maps plotting
Integrated invoicing with helpful un-billed activities reminders
iPhone webapp client (I haven't implemented this yet)

Concerns/areas for improvement:
Pricey comparative to other SMB CRM solutions, especially when you factor in FileMaker server licensing
Syncing with iCal and Address Book
More comprehensive Google Apps integration
Off-line sync (for multi-user environments)
To do list functionality could be separated from project-oriented activities and streamlined

All-in-all, FMSB is reliable and robust. It "just works." While I have actually rated other CRM software higher on this site in the past, I do think FMSB has some of the greatest potential. So my 4-star ratings here are not meant to suggest that this isn't a 5-star app. Rather, as great as it is, I think we're in for a lot more from this developer. And as far as voting with my feet goes, this is currently my CRM of choice.
[Version 1.2.2]

scotteg had trouble on 20 Aug 2009
I have a Linksys-based VoIP service (webFones). I installed VoIP Tracker and entered my phone's IP. The device appears to register OK, but the Call Status info and Notifications & Integration do not appear to be working. When I placed a test call to my VoIP phone (extension), nothing happens. This is all I get:

I tried connecting my Mac to the Linksys router directly, and then to the phone itself (SPA962, which has an outgoing ethernet port). I also tried rebooting the phone via VoIP Tracker's UI.
[Version 1.0]

scotteg had trouble on 08 Jul 2009
This continues to be the best time tracking software that I know of on the Mac. It does invoicing and extensive reporting, too, but I primarily use it to track retainers. I love that I can use a simple tag in the appointment name so that OfficeTime can pick it up and assign it to a project with a default rate, etc. It is very easy to use and highly flexible.

However, one issue that I've noticed is that when you migrate your data file to a new Mac, almost every appointment (not every appointment, which is strange in-and-of-itself that it wouldn't be all or none) gets duplicated in OfficeTime. This has consistently happened every time I move my data file, and I've reported it to their tech support but got a general response indicating that it's not a known problem and apparently they could not reproduce it.

As my retainer client base grows, this is becoming an increasingly more time-consuming and frustrating issue to deal with, almost to the point where I would consider another solution that doesn't have this problem even if I lose some of the great functionality and flexibility OfficeTime offers. I hope they fix it soon.
[Version 1.4.2 r3]

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scotteg commented on 08 Sep 2009
I discovered a workaround that is more feasible and less time-consuming than manually deleting all the duplicates.

1. Run a Quick Report for a project and X out all the line items (a process I do for monthly retainer projects but not usually for one-offs).

2. Quit OfficeTime.

3. Migrate the OfficeTime data file to your new Mac or new installation of the operating system, etc.

This will prevent creating duplicates. This also works if you rename your iCal calendar(s) monitored by OfficeTime. In this case, you will have to go in to edit each project and select the correct calendar, but only active line items will likely get duplicated.
scotteg had trouble on 29 Apr 2009
1. I customized some of the settings for matched contacts (e.g., zoom/crop) but did not sync.

2. I went over to the unmatched list and added them as new contacts.

3. I then went back to the matched list, and my custom settings were still visibly displayed.

4. I synced the matched set, and the custom settings were not applied.

5. I redid the custom settings, and then they synced fine.
[Version 1.2]

scotteg had trouble on 01 Sep 2005
Smart Mailbox condition "MailTags Due Date is within ___ days..." not working. This function did work fine, up until yesterday. I don't know if these actions had any effect on the problem, but I ran a defrag (using TechTool Pro 4), and when I came back to the main volume and deleted/rebuilt my Spotlight index, and then opened Mail, my Smart Mailbox "action," which was set to pull all Mail items that are flagged and have a MailTags Due Date within 1 day showed nothing (there should be several items). So, I edited the Smart Mailbox, removing the MailTags condition, keeping the Flagged condition, and they all reappeared. I confirmed that I have several items with due dates today, tomorrow, etc. Then I repeated the setup of the MailTags Due Date and they disappeared from the Smart Mailbox again.

On a similar subject, I would like to have a Due Date Within tag that also shows all past due dates for unprocessed items.
[Version 1.0]

scotteg had trouble on 02 Aug 2005
Latest release is hogging memory (several hundred MB). Showing up in Activity Monitor as not responding. Tried closing widget within Dashboard, but still showed in Activity Monitor. Force quit and relaunched. Same thing. Deleted this widget. I hope you can fix it soon, as it's one of my favorite widgets. Thanks!
[Version 0.9a]

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