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Rubaiyat reviewed on 04 Apr 2014
Small, simple and plays lots of formats like APE and FLAC without having to convert them.

It also plays its way through a folder of audio.

Best of all it is NOT iTunes! :)


Rubaiyat reviewed on 13 Mar 2014
The LibreOffice website is confusing.

It offers both v4.15 and v4.2.2 but says only OSX 10.6 is required for both.

Here is says OSX 10.8 is required for v 4.2.2.


Rubaiyat reviewed on 06 Feb 2014
The on-going disaster that is the new iWork software includes incompatibility between files produced in Pages 5.1 and Pages 5.


I am having a very good look at Scribus and LibreOffice.
[Version 5.1]

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Rubaiyat replied on 08 Feb 2014
You can do that in TextEdit! Go use TextEdit.

There will ALWAYS be someone who does even LESS then you, hardly a reason to trash a good program that many do use.

This is the sad response from too many Mac users. "I never used it…"

Rubaiyat replied on 08 Feb 2014
I bet you can do it in TextEdit, what makes you think you can't?

I can deal with Apple's selfishness. It just gets away with everything because its customers keep making excuses for it.

It is of no interest to anyone other than yourself, how LITTLE you use Pages.

No application should be based on what the users DON'T do with it.
Rubaiyat commented on 23 Jan 2014
I have been paying far more attention to Pages 5, but have Keynote and Numbers got the same King Midas in Reverse (everything Apple touches lately becomes shyte) treatment?
[Version 6.1]


Rubaiyat reviewed on 22 Jan 2014
This is one of those apps you think might be useful, until you try it.

You get an indication of the thinking behind it when the installer is named: "downloader_mac.dmg".

My experience was of an over confused UI.

I couldn't tell if it was working or not, where it was dumping the files (in its own folder somewhere) and it kept cutting in on every little DL, causing problems with things that needed log-ins and/or Captcha.

It turned into a serial pest, then I had all the trouble of trying to get rid of it.

All in all something that takes the relatively simple task of download and turns it into a post graduate thesis. You would think that simplification would be a virtue… not to some.
[Version 3.0]


Rubaiyat reviewed on 12 Jan 2014
Almost 2 months has passed, v5.01 is out and the dog that is Pages 5 is still a dog, only with the long list of bugs even more apparent.

Users are slowly waking up. No more starry eyed gushing in the App Store. Review after review steadily gives it one star "I hate it!". The average rating has finally hit 1.5 stars. It would have even less if the clueless didn't post there stuff in the early days.

Apple has taken a great, not perfect, but still fantastically productive software and turned it into a renovator's nightmare.

Bit like all the freebies given away at shows this one is destined for the nearest Trash.

Apple you amaze me.
[Version 5.0.1]


Rubaiyat reviewed on 11 Jan 2014
I needed to fix some stubbornly unco-operative subtitles.

It took a bit of hit and miss but I discovered the only method that worked was saving to .m4v and Forcing All Samples subtitles.

Then I opened the .m4v file in QT 7 Pro and resaved it as a self-contained .mov.

Bit round about but it was the only thing that worked.
[Version 0.25]


Rubaiyat reviewed on 18 Dec 2013
Renamer is my go to for cleaning up file names and now that it saves and can transfer sets it only just gets better.

If only this also worked on my Snow Leopard installation!

How is this feature tied to 64bit OSes?
[Version 4.3.0]


Rubaiyat reviewed on 10 Dec 2013
Now that Apple has put a bullet to the head of Pages '09 and brought out the cardboard cutout version of Pages 5, there should be an excellent opening for Swift Publisher to step in.

I would like for SP to export to a few more formats, such as .docx, rtf and .txt for compatibility backups.
[Version 3.3.2]


Rubaiyat reviewed on 05 Dec 2013
Just works.

Wish there was more out there like it.
[Version 4.1.3]

Rubaiyat had trouble on 22 Aug 2013
Download link is dead
[Version 1.1.0]

Rubaiyat had trouble on 19 Aug 2013
The correct link for the updater is:
[Version 2.3]

Rubaiyat had trouble on 19 Aug 2013
The correct link for the updater is:
[Version 5.3]

Rubaiyat had trouble on 19 Aug 2013
The correct link for the updater is:
[Version 4.3]

Rubaiyat had trouble on 14 Aug 2013
Apple has removed the standalone updater for iWork '09 9.3 so this link is broken.

A case of outright bastardry IMHO.

There are users who can not update their Macs to the latest OS, who have paid for boxed sets or bought iWork from the prior Apple Online Store or had it pre-installed on their Macs when they bought them (by Apple) or don't have DVD drives now, or for multiple reasons, are now denied access to necessary updates.

I am not surprised, I always download and retain my own library of updaters for this very reason, but this is the Apple I am beginning to largely loath and detest. They see their customers as nothing but cattle to be herded into whatever slaughter yard Apple chooses before despatching them when they have served their purpose.
[Version 9.3]

Rubaiyat had trouble on 24 Jul 2013
Download link and developer site are broken.
[Version 0.1]

Rubaiyat had trouble on 01 Sep 2011
OK I've bought it, what am I supposed to do with the license?

Tried double clicking on it, nothing seems to happen.

No acknowledgement of registration in software. No Help in Swinsian Help. Website Support FAQ tells me SFA!
[Version 1.2.0]

Rubaiyat had trouble on 28 Apr 2011
The Adobe Lightroom v3.4 link is broken on the Adobe Update site end (not here).
[Version 3.4]

Rubaiyat had trouble on 28 Jul 2010
Link is dead.
[Version 0.9]

Rubaiyat had trouble on 28 Jul 2010
Link is dead.
[Version 1.0]

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