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rtheone reviewed on 05 Feb 2014
No nested folding + Can't handle files correctly

this editor doesn't even have nested folding. Dozens of users have requested it for years now, but the Sublime team is known for NOT listening to its customers.

Also, it doesn't handle files correctly and sometimes even ERASES FILES for you. Big warning: Sublime does NOT honor the Mac file system fully, and refers to files by directory path. This sometimes leads to unintentional overwriting of original files(!!!) This is such a serious problem I can't believe the developers aren't fixing it. Instead they have chosen to patch this with annoying dialog boxes asking confusing and totally unnecessary questions.
[Version 2.0.2]


rtheone reviewed on 07 Jan 2014
Ugly piece of Java crap, which doesn't adhere to any Mac OS X standard at all (not even a plain open file dialog box). Slow responsiveness and bad graphical rendering that often stretches far outside both windows and screen. The whole layout of the UI is backward-thinking for me, and soo stoneage à la MSWindows era.

Actually, I found it so bad that it even hurt my respect for the commentators here at MacUpdate. This should have a big red warning triangle at the top of the download page.

A total waste of biological life time!
[Version 7.3.1]


rtheone reviewed on 16 Oct 2011
The rows in the displayed list of files are too far apart (too much spacing). Only about 15 files can be seen in a standard view. I think the line density should be at least three times higher.

Also, I really miss the ability to close and open folders hierarchically.
[Version 1.2]

rtheone commented on 27 Jan 2007
I definitely agree with DJC0 - make it all-science aware, or put up a warning sign of it's limited application.
[Version Public Preview]


rtheone reviewed on 04 Dec 2006
Doesn't work. For some reason it says my admin account-info isn't recognized!?!?!

I bet the crappy programmers didn't think of the fact that passwords sometimes consist of more than the characters a-z and 0-9.
[Version 2.3.9]

rtheone commented on 28 Oct 2006
Good work POMO!
We obviously need to wake these guys up inorder to make them update SK.
[Version 1.1.4]


rtheone reviewed on 27 Jul 2006
Leaks memory like a water pipe!!!
[Version 1.1.4]

rtheone commented on 27 Jul 2006
Oh, I just forgot - the application also hangs from time to time for absolutely no reason, and you have to force-quit it.
[Version 5.1]


rtheone reviewed on 27 Jul 2006
Extremely unreliable program!

You have to check all files in the backup archive individually(!) to make sure they are really copied. Many files and folders are ignored entirely when specified using "dot files", for example "Application".

It is far to easy to wind up with multiple backup files. For example, the "System Preferences" move many files that will also get moved if you backup your Library folder. Redundancy will always lead to trouble, sooner or later.

A backup utility should be reliable. If it's not, then it isn't a backup program but just an enormous waste of time.
[Version 5.1]


rtheone reviewed on 22 Mar 2006
This is just what a dictionary tool should be - a widget. This guy pops up exactly when you need it, and without the typical delay of for example "WordFinder". Also, it is a great initiative to make this widget free. Actuallly, I liked it so much that I felt like spending a few extra minutes explaining how it could be improved even further. Please, don't regard this as discontent.

Suggestions for improvement:

1) On the flip-side of the widget, only the actual checkboxes are active. The typical Mac behavior allows also the labels to be clicked.

2) You have to press return after each search term is entered. It should be enough to just exit the search-term field (e.g. tabbing or selecting the popup).

3) Text in the hitlist cannot be selected, and therefore not copied. The I-beam cursor is there, but it doesn't select anything. Instead it moves the window, which is really awkward and non-Mac:ish.

4) The feature list could be expanded to also include a Swedish-Swedish and English-English choice in the popup. This could be used to display word-class information for the search term in the original language, and possibly also supply synonyms.

5) There are a couple of text parts that include mal-formated characters. Actually, the very first search term I tried was the word "perform". The result contained a whole bunch of "%%" sequences without any obvious meaning.

6) Since this widget accesses a web server to find the words in the dictionary, it would have been really nice to get some feedback when it is buzy waiting for server response. A common spinning beach-ball or sun cursor would be enough.

7) Every hitlist term is followed by a numbered list of definitions. It is totally unnecessary to write the text "1. " for every single line which contains only a single entry. This is definately a minor detail, but when I browsed through the text it resulted oftenly in unnecessary scrolling up and down looking for a second entry which wasn't there.

Over-all however, a great little widget!
[Version 1.1]

rtheone had trouble on 15 Feb 2014
Folder explosion!

I have the setting "Dated folder" turned on, and "Incremental backups" set to 3, but for some reason backupList+ generates backup folders ending in a large 6 digit number — not 1,2,3 as claimed in the app documentation.

Ex: "backup(2014_02_15_111215)"

Also, it doesn't clean up older backup folders but just keeps generating an ever increasing list of them.
[Version 8.4]

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rtheone replied on 15 Feb 2014
Nor does it reuse previous folder names.
rtheone had trouble on 24 Sep 2013
AdBlock has suddenly become corrupt!

After years of happy AdBlocking this extension is now suddenly jamming page loading on most website with ads. Pages are typically locked for 10-15 secs (even beach ball shows up).

This suddenly happened on all of our computers a couple of days ago. We have updated all filter lists, but to no improvement.

The "AdBlock custom filters" seems to be ok, but switching on the "EasyList" immediately causes the problem above.

Using AdBlock 2.6.4
Various Mac models, OS versions and Safari versions
Date of discovery: Approx 23 Sept, 2013
[Version 2.5.60]

rtheone had trouble on 16 Oct 2011
Invisible files are showing up in the list even if they are ticked off in the "Configuration" section of BetterZip!!!
(The same thing goes for package contents.)
[Version 1.2]

rtheone had trouble on 16 Jun 2007
Impossible to find good settings w Safari 3!!!
[Version 0.27]

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