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ronaldjohn commented on 04 Jan 2009
The only conclusions one can derive from developers who leave trusting customers hopelessly adrift with their binary waste products is they are either poor coders, have lost their Riddlin or find some kind of perverse enjoyment selling things that don't work. These are the same people who are responsible for Leap, a tagging travesty in my experience. If you care to you can read about the joy that product has brought into my life over on the Leap page but no matter, I would caution anyone to be careful with any developers who fails to get the basics of one project completed before moving on to others. Shame on you Ironic software.
[Version 1.0]

ronaldjohn commented on 07 Oct 2008
I hope this isn't a case of misguided enthusiasm but folks (anyone who has suffered through this once promising patriot missile gone scud) I just downloaded this latest version and it appears that someone has put some serious work into Cha-Ching and (dare I say it?) it is actually starting to resemble the software many of us had such lofty expectations for. Yikes!
[Version 2.0b6]

ronaldjohn commented on 29 Sep 2008
Update. Unfortunately Leap, which I would love to give a 5 star rating, continues to be, in my experience, frustrating as the software seems to have control issues. I tag a file, close the tag window, and within seconds Leap removes it. I move a few files to a folder to be tagged and when I open the folder in Leap, some of the files are already tagged - incorrectly. When I try to remove the tags Leap returns them as soon as I close the tag window. I can't imagine why this is happening but the old saying about looking before you leap may be applicable.
[Version 1.1]


ronaldjohn reviewed on 30 Jul 2008
Awesome little utility for anyone downloading and/or moving a lot of files. Simple, elegant and transparent = perfect (inho) (and it appears to be getting even better!).
[Version 2.1.5]

ronaldjohn commented on 18 Jul 2008
Attempting launch results in error message "Cannot use this version of the application Corkboard with this version of Mac OS X". This web page states requirement of OS X version 10.5.4 or later. I'm using 10.5.3 and Software Update informs me there is no higher version available so I'm wondering what's not working here?
[Version 1.0.1]


ronaldjohn reviewed on 15 Jun 2008
I am a small business owner that uses Leap daily to tag files on a dual core iMac and I find my productivity hampered by performance and unreliability issues. I have little icons in my menu bar that measure processor use. Launching Leap sends them shooting through the top of my machine where they remain while Leap is in use. The culprit isn't Leap directly but something called syslog which apparently is antagonized by Leap and it slows everything on my iMac, Leap included, to a crawl. This gives the seemingly simple process of tagging files a feel like one is slogging their way through thick viscous liquid. Leap is also the only tagging software I have encountered that handles the task of writing tags to Spotlight Comments unreliably. I have to check every file I tag to make sure Leap has tagged the comments field. If not I must go back to Leap and open the tag window, remove a tag, close the tag window, reopen it and put the removed tag back in. And this is no guarantee the problem is solved. I have had to this numerous times on certain files. I find this somewhat incomprehensible as this is a core issue and for a product like Leap to not handle this flawlessly boggles the mind. Make no mistake about it, Leap, in concept, is remarkable software that has the potential to vastly improve one's computing experience but until the developers solve these issues I cannot give it a higher rating.
[Version 1.0.6]


ronaldjohn reviewed on 29 Jun 2007
As someone who has spent the last six months competely redesigning how our company's computers handles and processes data, I have a more-than-casual interest in this software category. I vigourously test any/all new or updated entries into the market and find Nifty Box the best, especially if tagging is more than a convenience. As a matter of fact, the gap is so wide between Nifty Box and it's competition it's analagous to a man playing against boys. Nifty Box is industrial strength technology that is both nimble and flexible, combining the best of the new technologies and common sense. It sports a beautiful interface that accepts all file types and previews. Instead of storing files in its own data scheme, which, in my opinion, is not acceptable in today's environment, it intelligently marks and keeps track of your files by accessing Mac OS Core Data, insuring the integrity and safety of your data while not contributing to unnecessary hard disk bloat. The program is so intuitive I've never had a need to look anything up in Nifty Box's help. The program, although only in version 1, has never crashed despite hours of rigorous use. I've contacted the developer on several occasions and find he is active and responsive. If you need a tagging solution that is complete and scaleable look no further, Nifty Box will handle just about anything you throw at it and then some. It would be great if all software worked this well. Nice work!
[Version 1.1]


ronaldjohn reviewed on 03 Jun 2007
I too am a registered licensee and Cha-Ching is a great disappointment. This category of app seems to be one of the achiles heels of the Mac platform. Cha-Ching, in its earliest manifestation, seemed destined to change that. Per prior reviews, the interface is indeed a thing of beauty in comparison to other apps of this type but once you get beyond the eye candy things break down quickly. In spite of some neat features Cha-Ching lacks simple common sense attributes like being able to choose one's accounts as a value when setting up a smart folder. Due to that glaring omission you must create a tag to redundently tag all records from each account. Another glaring omission is the lack of nesting folders. I have tried using Cha-Ching as a petty cash account keeper for the trade shows I attend and exhibit at. The lack of a report generator forced me to use smart folders to show me my data in ways that benefit me, which I didn't mind at first. What started as a few folders around the first of the year has grown to nearly 40 in single file interface nighmare so unweildy I've quit using the program. The latest incarnation also rendered one of the more decent features, budget folders, totally useless. Add these to the already long list of oversights noted by other reviewers and what you are left with is a piece of software who's target market is people with nothing better to do than watch pretty drawers slide open and closed. Pretty pathetic.
[Version 1.0.2]


ronaldjohn reviewed on 08 May 2007
I am and have been a licensed owner of DayLite for some time now and it just sits on my hard drive due to instability and an overly. I find Contactizer Pro to be more intuitive, stable and effective at handling the rigors of keeping on top of projects and contacts. The product is actively being developed and I've had no problems with the tech support. I think Daylite to be a good but unfinished product that may yet, once polished, be a worthy competitor.
[Version 3.2.3]


ronaldjohn reviewed on 29 Apr 2007
I am increasing my previous review score following the developer's release of his newest version that addresses the more serious issues by migrating to an improved data base. I would not hesitate to encourage anyone/everyone to try the product and see how it can facilitate you. The program has a very unique feature set but also lacks much in the way of documentation or examples so you just have to try it and see how NoteMind can faciltate your work flow.
[Version 1.5b2]

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