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Robackja commented on 02 Oct 2010
- Display file sizes and speeds in base 10 on Snow Leopard?

I hope I can turn that off. Just because Jobs and Apple marketing wanted to use base 10 as a marketing gimmick so ppl saw 2TB size on their fancy new 2TB drive in Finder, doesn't change the fact that the rest of the computer world is base 2.
[Version 2.10b1]

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Robackja replied on 08 Oct 2010
Yea, accept computers are base 2, and everything is based around base 2, and again, just because HDD manufacturers want to use base 10 to make it look like we are getting more than we actually are.

Its stupid, but according to this little post, it looks like there is enough stupid apple fanboys that like it. LOL
Robackja commented on 31 Aug 2010
Library should try using Sparkle for updates. What a pain. Sparkle is almost effortless to integrate and license is friendly to commercial software...
[Version 2.5]

Robackja commented on 20 Jul 2010
Since 2.00 Transmission for Mac has been a really bad experience for me.

2.02: can't add new torrents.

2.00 - 2.02: has some sort of issue with disk activity. 2.00 virtually was unusable. 2.02 sees some improvement but it still not there. It is less noticeable running on my system drive (Intel SSD), then if I load a torrent up on an external drive.

I sure it will approve and I will continue to use Transmission, but quality control on the Mac has been short as of late.
[Version 2.02]

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Robackja replied on 21 Jul 2010
MacUpdate, not really the place to discuss this here.. anyway

> I'm not sure what this is about -- 2.0x doesn't handle disk activity differently than 1.9x did.

When I first upgraded to 2.00 from 1.92, I started a torrent on an external FW400 disk, as I always did in the past. The hard disk light flashed erratically and the Transmission GUI would freeze up. If I paused the torrent, hard disk light settled down and Transmission became responsive again. I only have a 1.5Mbps cable connection, so even if its maxed, the FW400 disk is certainly capable of that throughput.

Maybe it was related to OS X and not Transmission. I sure I did at least one of 10.6.x updates in between, and I don't seem to see similar issues on Linux.

I've tried the nightly before, it seemed to improve things, but I didn't seem to remember Transmission bringing my disk to a halt because of I/O load before, that is what trigged my comment.

And again, I am huge Transmission fan. I use it on my Mac, Linux box, and OpenWrt wireless router. Its open-source and cross-platform. If the problem persists, I'll try and do some more investigative testing before opening a ticket on TRAC.
Robackja commented on 10 Jun 2010
Adobe belongs on already for EPIC software fail..

Robackja commented on 07 Jun 2010
Netflix instant watching currently doesn't work. Silverlight works fine on M$ website, probably some stupid code on netflix's site looking for safari 3 or 4 instead of >=3...
[Version 5.0]

Robackja commented on 26 May 2010
It is certainly not clear from the changelog whether the SystemUIServer crashes were addressed in this update.

I wish Bjango would elaborate on this, since it seems that more than a few people are experiences SystemUIServer crashes due to iStat Menu widgets.
[Version 3.02]

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Robackja replied on 10 Jun 2010
Just an update. I had a SystemUIServer crash today with com.iSlayer.iStatMenusNetwork being the cause. So v3.02 did not address the SystemUIServer crashing issue.
Robackja commented on 22 Apr 2010
So, since I've donated $50 in the past (using the donate button inside the application), now I am required to pay $10 to fix iStatMenus 2.0, which was full of bugs, all which I reported, with only 1 getting an acknowledgment (none of them fixed, iSlayer never released any bug fixes for v2.0)... BARF!

So, if I fork over $10, is iSlayer going to put an effort at fixing bugs, or is v3.0 going to be it for another 6-9 months before we see any fixes?
[Version 3.0]

Robackja commented on 29 Mar 2010
After installing 10.6.3, searching was really slow after this update. I rebuilt the Spotlight index for my internal drive (on Macbook Pro) and now searching in Mail is instantly fast again :)
[Version 10.6.3]

Robackja commented on 22 Mar 2010
Why can't Library 2.x search Amazon for items without a ASIN like Library 1.x did? It Amazon enforce this? Or did Delicious Library get freaking lazy and remove the feature from 2.x for no good reason?
[Version 2.4.1]

Robackja commented on 22 Feb 2010
Transmission is really turning into a class act in open source software. From my Linux box to my Mac to my Linksys router running DD-WRT. Keep up the great work!
[Version 1.91]

robackja had trouble on 27 Aug 2009
The SSH tunneling still doesn't work with shared-keys. A little frustrating :p
[Version 1.0b9]

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Robackja replied on 18 Feb 2010
SSH shared keys works in 1.0!
robackja had trouble on 11 May 2006
On the PowerMacG5, Gmail Notifier will not ify me of new messages. I been using 1.8.2 for quite some time. On my MacBook Pro, it works fine... :(
[Version 1.8.2]

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