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reverb tipped on 04 Aug 2009
There is an unofficial universal binary of ManOpen available here:
[Version 2.5.1]

reverb commented on 22 Dec 2005
For anyone who uses Bugzilla frequently, this program might be for you. I only tried it briefly but it seems to work well for a generic Java app. The ability to run complex queries is very nice.

Note: Because Tiger currently defaults to Java 1.4.2, and the regular Deskzilla package requires Java 1.5, I had to run it from the Terminal using this command:

/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5.0/Commands/java -jar /path/to/Deskzilla/deskzilla.jar &

If you prefer double-clicking the jar file to start Deskzilla, or if you still have Panther, you probably should get the "Backport to Java 1.4" package from their download page.
[Version 1.1]


reverb reviewed on 21 Dec 2005
I ran into two problems when using Chat Transcript Manager for the first time. When I selected chats within the last week, it showed me nothing, even though the chats existed. When I selected "Last 3 Months", CTM locked up with the spinning beachball while it scanned my iChat transcripts. After a force-quit and relaunch, CTM worked fine.

The interface is very useable and attractive. You can customize the chat transcript display with its NetNewsWire-like "styles" feature.

The "Chat Contains" filter is a neat idea. It makes it easier to find out when you sent a picture or a web link to a friend.

If you want a chat log program that looks great and has plenty of features, this is the one. Despite minor glitches, it's a solid program.

My own needs are simple so I'm sticking with Logorrhea. It doesn't have as many features, and it only supports iChat, but it's free. It's been around for years and it's very stable.
[Version 1.0.1]


reverb reviewed on 05 Dec 2005
Works as advertised. My favorite of the current crop of graphical manpage readers.
[Version 2.5.1]


reverb reviewed on 27 Nov 2005
Doesn't work on my Xcode 2.2 project. It wouldn't rename the project if the new name contained the space character -- which is absurd, because Xcode does in fact allow that. When I tried to rename it to something that didn't contain a space character, it failed with an error about a missing .pch file.
[Version 2.0]

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reverb replied on 30 Nov 2005
That sounds like an issue with your project. You might want to check your build settings.

I've done quite a few projects in Project Builder/Xcode that had spaces in their file names, and I've never had a problem. That includes two projects done entirely in the new .xcodeproj format.

Besides, many of Apple's developer example projects have spaces in their file names, and the Xcode "New Project" wizard cheerfully allows them. It seems highly unlikely to me that this is an Xcode-specific issue.
Reverb commented on 26 Nov 2005
How is this better than dragging a file on to a Terminal window?
[Version 1.5.4]

reverb commented on 23 Nov 2005
Couldn't really try it out due to bugs.

At first run it brings up a Preferences window. No matter how I dismiss the Prefs window, the app quits. Other little glitches as well -- like the Choose Output Path button doesn't work. The app wrote a file called bp-debug.log to my home directory, which mentioned this error "Unable to init sensapi.dll". DLL? Since DLLs only exist on Windows, it sounds like this developer isn't very Mac-clueful.

The news page on their web site says it's a beta verison. The "About" box specifically says it's version "0.854 - Beta" It would be nice if the version number here actually reflected that. (It currently says "1.00"). I was expecting a finished app, not a work in progress. Heck, this isn't even alpha-quality.

One last little nitpick: it comes as a installer package, even though it's just a normal Mac app. I find that inconvenient. It would be better to put the app itself on the disk image and let people drag install.
[Version 1.00]

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reverb replied on 21 Dec 2005
epoch, I've used several BitTorrent clients: Tomato Torrent (my main one), Transmission, and the official client. I've also used BT from the Python source under Mac OS 9. Trust me, I know how to use a BitTorrent app. :)

As for your DLL comment, your logic seems either specious or confused. That's like saying "Apple II programs can run on Mac OS X". Yes, they can -- with the proper emulation software. Yes, you can run DLLs on Linux.. if you have Wine. But those DLLs are still built for the Win32 API, which is not a native Linux API.

Of course, Linux and other operating systems do have implementations of the same general concept of shared libraries. But they don't refer to them as "DLLs". That's a Windows-specific term. See also: the definition at I've never heard a Mac or *nix developer call them "DLLs". That's why I said the developer didn't seem to be Mac-savvy.

reverb reviewed on 10 Nov 2005
As others have mentioned, there are many free alternatives that have the same basic features. But VisualRoute might be a good product for those who find Mac OS X's Network Utility to be overly technical. That isn't to say VisualRoute is easier to use -- it's just difficult in other ways. On several occasions, I found the interface confusing or poorly implemented. For example, after running a traceroute, it wouldn't let me view the entire contents of the "Analysis" pane. VisualRoute feels more like a clunky Windows app than an elegant Mac app. The Preference menu isn't even in the proper place. On the plus side, the geo mapping feature is neat. With an interface overhaul and a steeply discounted price, this could be a very nice tool. Until then, I'll stick with freebies like Network Utility and WhatRoute (which also has a mapping feature).
[Version 10.0c]

reverb commented on 30 Oct 2005
Make sure you read the "How to Use It" section of the Read Me file. I mistakenly launched the .app program instead of invoking it from the Script menu. It tried to scan my entire iTunes library, which I didn't want. Then it choked on a bunch of AppleScript errors, and had to be force-quit.

When used as directed in the Read Me file, the program worked fine. It isn't the prettiest but it gets the job done.
[Version 1.2.0]


reverb reviewed on 09 Aug 2005
This is a good program for adding special effects to pictures. The effects themselves belong to Core Image, part of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. Image Tricks exposes a good number of Tiger's built-in effects. Overall, it's stable and pretty easy to use. There are a few usage quirks, which are explained in the built-in help.

Image Tricks also has some rough edges, which is to be expected with a 1.0 release. There is no "Revert" command. You can't un-apply a filter, except by choosing another filter, or reloading the original image. This gets troublesome when cropping, because the crop tool will save changes from the previous filter, whether or not you wanted that filter.

Overall it's a pretty solid program, and you certainly can't beat the price.

Tip: If you have Xcode Tools for Tiger installed, check out /Developer/Applications/Graphics Tools/Core Image Funhouse. It's a lot less stable and friendly than Image Tricks, but it has more effects, and it lets you add/remove effects more flexibly.
[Version 1.0]

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