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rattus commented on 11 Jun 2008
It's that old Barney Carnage shooting gallery game from System 7 with a palette swap.
[Version 1.0.1]


rattus reviewed on 23 May 2008
The adult language is an integral part of the humour of this game. If you don't want your kids to be exposed to this then heed the warning and don't let them play. Never assume that computer games are all "kid-friendly" by default.

That said, I found this game, it's unique style and setting, to be completely awesome.
[Version 1.0]


rattus reviewed on 14 May 2008
I'm a student currently trying to wean myself off MS Office by running NeoOffice and the Aqua beta of OpenOffice.

I must say, I'm pleased with Neo: it seems more stable (both MS and Open have wigged out on me) and the little touches like nice menu and file icons are cool.

I hope NeoOffice keeps updating once OpenOffice Aqua comes out of beta. I think it will be a similar situation as it is with Firefox and Camino. The multiplatform version is great but the mac-specific version is nicer :-)
[Version 2.2.3 patch 3]


rattus reviewed on 11 May 2008
Incredibly cool. Set it up to use your Usenet provider of choice (I love Internode) and grab .nzb files from www.binsearch.info - couldn't be easier.

You don't even need a separate program for verifying .par2 files and joining/unpacking .rar files. It does it all for you. Set and forget.

This is so great (and free), that its replaced Unsion and UnrarX on my computer for binary downloading.
[Version 0.3.4]


rattus reviewed on 15 Mar 2008
Aww man this is just what I needed.... 2D forever!

I would love a level editor even more...
[Version 2.021]


rattus reviewed on 25 Jan 2008

Now that thats out of the way, it's also: horribly uninspired and slow as molasses.

I approve of the open source movement and I'm sure that technically this game is quite an achievement. But in it's initial state SuperTuxKart is a joke. I will try it again once it hits a proper 1.0 release (hoping for better things from the developers!)
[Version 0.3]


rattus reviewed on 24 Jan 2008
Essential for old school Mac gamers! Although initial setup could be a bit clearer (requires a full audit then individual audits for games you add to the data folder).

Plenty of games can be found at planetemu.net
[Version 0.122]


rattus reviewed on 24 Jan 2008
I guess I'm in the minority but I really did not like this game. The mechanics of winning are based on luck rather than skill. The graphics and effects are way overdone and the character designs are sickening.

Even so, such a high profile casual game publisher peddling their wares to Mac users cannot be a bad thing. It's just not for me.
[Version 1.0.1]


rattus reviewed on 24 Jan 2008
Bought'd (with the MUpromo). Even though the original arcade version is playable in MAME this is still worthwhile for the extra polish, updated graphics and level editor. However, some of the sprites are still blurry leftovers from the old game (e.g. the apple powerup) and look a little out of place.

Still nice to see the developer in business after all these years. Check out Pac the Man for a worthwhile freebie.
[Version 1.0.2]

rattus commented on 30 Oct 2007
Very nice freeware game with polished graphics, music and presentation.

But... The ghosts shouldn't be able to move faster than you! It's just not sporting! :(

Developer: please implement an easier mode.
[Version 1.0.8a]

rattus had trouble on 15 Feb 2008
I had the previous version (1.4.2) working without problems, but this version (1.5b1) cannot install properly. The installer stalls with a message to "please try installing again". I have tried running the included uninstall script but it did not help.
[Version 1.5b1]

rattus had trouble on 24 Aug 2007
I mistakenly installed this some time ago before I realised it wasn't necessary and now I can't figure out a way to remove it safely, can anyone help please? I have an iMac G5 running Mac OS 10.4.10 if that's any help...
[Version 4.5.7]

rattus had trouble on 06 Apr 2007
WARNING: this software made my iBook G4 (mid 2004 model) kernel panic on startup after installation.
I was able to fix it by starting up in Safe Boot Mode (hold shift) and removing the following files:

/Library/StartupItems/iScroll2 (folder)

This was an unfortunate event and I hope this doesn't happen to others because it sure scared me!
[Version 0.27]

rattus had trouble on 14 Jun 2006
I dug out my old D3 box in order to try it with my iMac G5. Now I remember why I buried that box in the first place. I have never in my life encountered such a bug-ridden piece of software. It even refused to run unless I installed an obsolete version of gamesprockets. Crashed when choosing options, crashed when loading missions, crash, crash, crash. Such a shame for such a critically acclaimed title :(
[Version 1.4.2b1]

rattus had trouble on 12 Jun 2006
Loading up the app in terminal reports that it is missing some support libraries. After a bit of tinkering I found a quick workaround. In preferences make sure you add -nolibpng to the configuration textbox, and -nolibjpeg to the additional parameters textbox. It's unfortunate that fuhquakeloader doesn't seem to remember the additional parameters yet, so for now you you have to enter -nolibjpeg in each time you play.

Anyway it's great to see another Quake engine for OSX, many thanks to the developer!
[Version 0.31]

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