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Pusfarm reviewed on 08 Feb 2014
What an intrusive app! If you don't let it access 89 different servers - not counting the ones containing the videos you're trying to download - it's useless. It also wants to download lots of add-ons that make me leery. I know for a fact that I have a JRE and ffmpeg, yet it says I don't have them and wants to install them. Makes me want to reinstall Sophos to see what kind of damage it's caused. And it freezes up for long periods.

On the plus side, it's been able to get things that the generally useless Videobox and the even-more-useless Jaksta don't even see, much less download.
[Version 0.9]

Pusfarm commented on 07 Feb 2014
So I came here looking for something else, but happened to see the $49 promo and was intrigued. Never heard of the app before, but I'm a hobbyist musician and photographer so it was certainly interesting. After checking out the developer's site and watching a number of YT videos I was hooked. By the time I got back to MU the price was $105.

Hooked, but not that hooked. My bad for not noticing the time limit.
[Version 1.9.0]

Pusfarm commented on 29 Jan 2014
No more launching in another Space. Thanks for fixing that!


Pusfarm reviewed on 26 Jan 2014
Not worth the trouble. This app decides for itself when it wants to be in Demo mode or Activated mode. I have a valid license bought via Macupdate, but at least half the time it starts in Demo mode.
[Version 1.3.3]

Pusfarm commented on 09 Jan 2014
We have to register on their website just to try the demo? I think I'll pass on that. At this price, I'll just invest in another colorimeter.
[Version 5.1.2]

Pusfarm commented on 24 Nov 2013
Strike 1: The Operations button doesn't do a thing. Where's that progress window shown in the videos?
Strike 2: There's a help file, but it launches my browser (that by itself could be three strikes!)
Strike 3: ________
[Version 6.4.7]

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Pusfarm replied on 24 Nov 2013
Strike 3: I can't have a 2nd monitor connected if I want to see the Operations progress. I'll stick with PhoneView - it can be molasses slow, but it's reliable.
Pusfarm commented on 13 Nov 2013
I just got this in the MU Promo and it may be the best software ever, but this will be the last version I buy thanks to all of the registration hoops I just had to get through. I sure hope it doesn't suck after all of that.

Yes, I am in a lousy mood!
[Version 4.2.2]


Pusfarm reviewed on 10 Jul 2013
It's an odd app and I'm not thrilled with it, but I use it at work because I'm limited in what I'm allowed to install (no App Store option and my other option is the dreadful NUTD - yes, in 2013 - but reminders don't work!). I updated TC today and it threw out all of my custom settings. If it actually created the TaskCoach.ini file I selected in preferences I could restore to a prior version, but it never does.
[Version 1.3.29]

Pusfarm commented on 07 Jul 2012
I like this app, but gave it up awhile ago in favor or a different app due to flaky syncing and some quirks that bothered me. Thought I'd try it again with the new version, but sadly the sync (and quirk) issues remain.

I deleted an entry on the desktop side then synced, only to have the "deleted" entry reappear on the desktop (no changes were made to the iphone side).

I like that this journal handles images, unlike my current app, even if they are sometimes rotated (which they're not if I open them in any other app). I'm sure I'll try it again if there's another update.
[Version 2.5.0]

Pusfarm commented on 23 Apr 2011
Disappointed that I missed the sale price, my bad. I'm burned out on over-configuring task apps that don't ultimately do what you want. Saw this app, installed it, liked it, went to dev's site. Saw the actual price and ended my trial on Day 1.

At $5, I would - and was on my way to - buy. At $30, not a chance.
[Version 2.2.6]

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