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Psychos reviewed on 26 Jan 2014
Excellent utility. Dragging a window through a portal works as expected, so the portals are indeed able to accommodate objects much larger than they are.

The only issue I had were some graphics problems after letting go of the command key while dragging a portal, which is needed to drag one portal through the other portal.
[Version 1.1.0]

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Psychos replied on 27 Jan 2014
The portal I'm dragging flickers between normal and just not being drawn, and the other portal flickers back and forth between its normal color and the color of the one being dragged. If I pause dragging, sometimes the one being dragged won't be there for that frame/at that position, so it looks like the portal is actually getting rendered in the wrong place every other drawing cycle.

This only happens if I let go of command while dragging, but keep the mouse button held down the entire time. If I press command again, the portals go back to gray and render properly.

Psychos rated on 28 Oct 2013
[Version 4.0.1]

Psychos rated on 14 Oct 2012

Psychos rated on 26 Sep 2012
[Version 2.4.7]

Psychos rated on 02 Sep 2012
[Version 5.1.1]

Psychos rated on 31 Aug 2012
[Version 1.1.6]

Psychos commented on 03 Aug 2012
I will say this again: this is a simple GUI to smartmontools ( Only it costs $25, just as a GUI wrapper on otherwise-free software.

On top of that, this utility does NOT use the included smartd to proactively monitor drives. (Nor does it poll them itself in any useful fashion.)

No SMART utility is going to protect you against all drive failures, but you may get a warning of impending failure. This just isn't a good utility to watch those warnings, due to a poor polling setup. (Not to mention the price; I imagine others can point at various utilities that also use smartmontools.)

But $25 for a utility that took many hours to build for free, just wrapper in a GUI that gives you text output? Ridiculous.
[Version 3.1]

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Psychos replied on 03 Aug 2012
I'll say this again: no one is forcing you to read my comments. Should only users who want to praise the software post comments?

I can certainly say that no SMART utility will protect you against all failures, yet also complain about the polling frequency. The software says to run it manually once a week. Having it run self-tests automatically on, say, a daily basis is pretty reasonable. Where exactly did I suggest running SMART tests hourly? Half your comment is based on putting words in my mouth. (Though, hey, setting the frequency is always a nice option, so it's good if it does include that now.)

And where did I suggest that people should be using smartmontools and the Terminal over software like this? A GUI is appropriate for most people. I was simply pointing out that this is based on the free smartmontools, and is just a very simple GUI wrapper around that software (yet costs $25.)

Noting that the price is excessive does not imply that I think the average user is better off trying to get smartmontools working from source. That would be silly.

There are similar utilities for free or around $5. Some of them probably use smartd correctly, etc. (Who knows what this program will do if you set it to something like polling a drive at 1-hour intervals when it has a 4-hour long self-test cycle...perhaps just keep interrupting the test! Using smartd, since it's just using smartmontools anyways, lets me know it's polling "correctly.")

Psychos replied on 11 Aug 2012
Yes, I understand the difference between polling the current SMART data and running a self test. (You forget to mention running offline tests, sector range tests, and other things which this doesn't even support.) Those are all part of the base functionality of smartmontools.

My main point here, yet again, is that you are paying $25 for a GUI wrapper (and not a great one, from what I've seen; and yes, I've tried prior versions, out of curiosity) around a free tool. With cheaper (or free) GUI wrappers available for the same.

But hey, if you want to consider informed comments as "mouthing off", well, go ahead. If I HAD tried the current version, I would have written this as a review rather than as a comment. Again, nobody's forcing you to read comments.

(Oh, and I'd completely disagree that a SMART short self-test is something you shouldn't run frequently. Most drives take 2 - 3 minutes to do a short self-test, and is something worth running daily at least.)

Psychos reviewed on 02 Aug 2012
Herald is really so much better than Mountain Lion Notifications...

Herald lets you read and flag messages from its popup, instead of having to switch to as with Notifications. This means much less time wasted switching back and forth between apps.

Using Notifications simply gives you a preview, and requires you to switch to to do anything more. For things like reading brief messages or marking spam, Herald is a huge time saver over Notifications.

(Also, Notifications won't clear after you've read a message in have to clear the notification manually, yet another step.)
[Version 3.0]

Psychos commented on 13 Jun 2012
Hmm, so over 1GB, mainly to get pushed higher-res stuff for Retina-display MBPs it seems...the new localizations are probably some of that, but I imagine the main thing is retina display support.

Anyone notice how much extra space it takes up after actual installation? Never having actually launched iMovie, I'd be a bit annoyed if it was just 1GB of extra high-res retina display stuff. If it's replacing lots of stuff and isn't anywhere near 1GB, that's much better.
[Version 9.0.6]


Psychos reviewed on 12 Jun 2012
Okay, 6.1 has SOME IPv6 support back...but still not all the same options that 5.x had. For example, there's no option to configure the netmask in host mode! I tried sticking /48 on the end of my address, but that didn't take; apparently, they assume that any end user will be using a /64.

Note that they still provide 5.6.x for "advanced users" or whatever. Unfortunately, the 5.6.1 version currently linked on MU is only for 10.5/10.6, even though the text says it's for 10.7. (There doesn't seem to be a 10.7-compatible version of 5.6.1 on Apple's site at all. Just 5.6.)

I cannot give this a higher rating until they restore full IPv6 support in 6.x.
[Version 6.1]

Psychos had trouble on 16 Sep 2010
1.5.2 seems to be eating my cookies...when I restart Safari, almost all of my cookies are gone. I have Automatically Manage Cookies enabled and all 4 "Do not remove cookies from" options checked, but cookies for sites in my history and and bookmarks are nuked. I have a week of browser history and plenty of bookmarks for sites that should be retained; I don't actually have any favorites defined.

I was previously running 1.4.x with no such problems; history and bookmark-related cookies stuck around as desired. Using 64-bit x86 Safari 5.0.2 on 10.6.4.
[Version 1.5.2]

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Psychos commented on 17 Sep 2010
I uninstalled and reinstalled 1.5.2 to no effect; cookies are still being eaten. Downgraded to 1.4.4 and everything is working properly again... History and bookmark site cookies are being retained, others are being nuked, as expected.

Psychos replied on 27 Sep 2010
Upgrading to 1.5.3 fixed my issue. Thanks!
Psychos had trouble on 02 Dec 2009
I've found Safari Cookies to be a wonderful add-on, especially the auto-removal of cookies from sites that aren't in my history/bookmarks anymore.

However, Safari Cookies is now causing Safari to take massive amounts of RAM. I'm also running Glims and Safari AdBlocker, both 64-bit under 10.6. With just those two enabled, Safari tends to grow to around 300MB - 350MB of active RAM at the most and stay there long-term.

If I enable Safari Cookies, Safari keeps growing without bounds. When I finally decided to uninstall it, Safari was using 1.75GB of RAM, plus there was 1.5GB of swap in use that was freed when I quit Safari. With Glims and Safari AdBlocker, Safari doesn't eat into swap at all.

I've tried with Glims and Safari AdBlocker disabled, and the same behavior persists. I tried turning off auto-manage temporarily, but that didn't help. Any ideas?
[Version 1.3.1]

psychos had trouble on 16 Sep 2009
Letterbox allows sending anonymous data, which is okay with me. However, in the list of data to send, it shows a UUID.

So my question is whether this UUID is always the same for a given installation, or if it's uniquely generated for each anonymous data send. (I'm not okay with sending data if the UUID stays the same, because it's really not anonymous anymore at that point.)
[Version 0.24b4]

psychos had trouble on 13 May 2009
Safari 4 Beta 5528.17 that came out alongside 10.5.7 doesn't seem to work with the latest Saft. I have a feeling that the developer will quite likely fix this in the next few hours as usual (kudos to him for being so quick with updates!), but if anyone knows how to force it to load (if it will) that'd be useful. (Can't find the Safari version string in the Saft files, etc.)
[Version 11.0]

psychos had trouble on 20 Feb 2008
I only rarely had this problem before on my MacBook Pro, but I installed the update.

Now, in about 12 hours of usage, I've had a key get stuck repeating for 2 - 3 seconds. The keyboard and trackpad became unusable while the key was stuck repeating, and for about 2 seconds afterwards.

This is quite aggravating. This is a much more annoying problem than the previous issue.

Anyone else experiencing this?
[Version 1.0]

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psychos commented on 20 Feb 2008
Typo: In those 12 hours of usage, I actually had the key repeat bug happen twice.
psychos had trouble on 18 Jan 2008
I'd like SSHKeychain to not display itself at all in the dock or menu bar. This worked fine in 0.8.1 by setting it to Dock-only and setting LSUIElement to 1 in the Info.plist. However, in 0.8.2, LSUIElement reverts to 0 and the dock icon shows up anyways. Locking the Info.plist causes the app to quit after a few seconds.

Does anyone know how I might fully hide SSHKeychain without mucking with the source?

(I have to add, this is one of the most useful pieces of MacOS freeware out there!)
[Version 0.8.2]

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psychos replied on 18 Jan 2008
Turns out I posted rather hastily. Checked my ~/src directory, and indeed I had modified the source for 0.8.1, to force it to set LSUIElement to 1 no matter what. Will do the same to 0.8.2.
psychos had trouble on 12 Nov 2007
Tunnelblick unexpectedly quits for me sometimes. This seems to happen when changing network connections, but not always. (I'm semi-frequently switching between my Airport and an EV-DO card.) When it happens, it leaves behind a stray openvpn process that I have to manually kill before I can establish another VPN connection. Tunnelblick will actually establish a new connection successfully, but it will be unusable unless I've killed the old openvpn process first.

I'm running 10.5 on a MBP, clean install. Worked fine under 10.4.

Anyone else experiencing this under 10.5?
[Version 3.0b6]

psychos had trouble on 28 Sep 2007
Applied the update. After my system had been up for about half an hour, all sound output stopped working. Any application that tried to output sound would freeze and require a manual kill. Couldn't even get to the Sound prefpane. I tried restarting coreaudiod, no effect. I slept and unslept the machine, no effect. I eventually rebooted, and the problem resolved.

I have never seen this happen before this update, so I suspect it may be linked since it happened right after I updated. Has anyone else had odd audio freezes like this?

I did zap my PRAM after the firmware update.
[Version 1.4]

psychos had trouble on 29 Aug 2007
Upgraded from 7.1.1 to 7.2.1. All of a sudden, I couldn't connect to my wireless network. Checked config, did a hardware reset, no go. I get that "Try Again" message from my MBP.

I normally use 5GHz N-only mode. However, 2.4GHz mixed mode and 5GHz A/N mixed mode work fine!

I tried turning off authentication, with no help. I even reverted back to 7.1.1, and the same problems continued. Right now I'm running with A+N support to get the damned thing working at all.
[Version 7.2.1]

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psychos commented on 17 Sep 2007
It turned out to be my own stupidity. I reinstalled my OS and didn't realize I had to re-run the Airport Extreme enabler as well, so I had no 802.11n support. Now if I could only get these throughput problems sorted out...
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