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pprofpopp commented on 14 Jan 2014
does this version work with OSX Maverick?? Thanks
[Version 2.0v3]


pprofpopp reviewed on 18 Jun 2013
A definite 5 stars. BE11 is one of my most used and best loved software progs and I have just bought BE12. Really looking forward to it.

And HUGE praise for Jon at Sonny who must provide the best software support on the planet.

Reference manager no-brainer. If you are still using Endnote etc, run while you still can :-) OK bit much maybe :-) but Bookends is the Biz!
[Version 12.0.0]


pprofpopp reviewed on 12 Feb 2013
Topic sync would be the 'killer feature'

I'm a 'returning' Postbox user. I installed the paid one about 6 months ago but then uninstalled for various reasons.

I have now reinstalled in on my imac and macbook in the hope of getting good sync with topics/tags etc.

I use a gmail and yahoo account and to a lesser extent my icloud one.

I normally use Mailtags with apple mail which is great on a single machine but because of gmail they can't sync this tagging'labelling of each email across machines so all tagging/labelling of mails would need to be done twice. P.I.T.A.

So, i read that Postbox can do this syncing but so far no luck.

Have latest installed on my 2 macs,latest OSX have 'test labelled' some emails with topics and colours but so far, nothing has synced across machines.

Can Postbox do this or am I chasing rainbows again :-)

Or is there a great Mac mail prog that can do this. Happy to pay if it works.

Thanks if anyone can help
[Version 3.0.7]


pprofpopp reviewed on 12 Feb 2013
Sorry for last post, found it, under Help Duh!!!! :-)
[Version 3.0.7]


pprofpopp reviewed on 12 Feb 2013
I really like Mailtags and have used it for months BUT, and this is the fatal flaw, it won't synch my tagging and labelling of emails across my 2 macs as I use Gmail :-(

As I use both my desktop and laptop every day it is a colossal pain having tagged and sorted mail on one machine and then having to duplicate that on the other. I can't be bothered!!

Is there an alternative to mailtags that will do this synching of tags and 'projects' across two Macs?
Thanks for any help or suggestions.
[Version 3.2]

pprofpopp rated on 24 Dec 2012
[Version 2.3.1b720]

pprofpopp rated on 10 Oct 2012
[Version 1.0.0]


pprofpopp reviewed on 10 Oct 2012

I downloaded and am using the trial version of this and have to agree with first comments. The app LOOKS lovely and you are sure that it will work intuitively but I can't seem to have it do the simplest of things. I don't even need it for complex things like my business as I use Moneyworks for that. I was going to use it for basic home finances.

Specifically, I tried as an example to set a savings goal of $30000 for a new car in 5 years time. Added goal, put in details, added 30,000 but nothing seems to have been 'created', ie nothing showing up on a 'shelf' anywhere.

Can't see how to add figures and at every point that would seem "intuitive" like right clicking, finding options up in the menu etc etc, nothing 'happens' Also there seems to be almost no instructions or help available (yet) that would answer beginners' questions.

OK, I have 'only' spent 2 hours with it so I'm no expert but I'd really expect something this good looking to actually 'work better' for a new user.

Certainly wouldn't be spending $20 on this at this stage of its development.
[Version 1.0.0]


pprofpopp reviewed on 03 Aug 2012
After 30 years in the Endnote wilderness I moved to Bookends for my macs. What a joy! So intuitive, so easy but with plenty of 'complexity' and deeper features that are there when I need them. Easy to synch across my iMac, air and iPad too using sugarsync or dropbox.

But the 5 stars apply particularly for the outstandingly fast and helpful user support from Jon at sonny software. As a brand new user, no question has been too 'obvious' and nothing has been too much trouble. If only all software and support was like this. LOVE IT!!!
[Version 11.3.1]


pprofpopp reviewed on 14 Jan 2012
To be honest, I bought this because it looked useful and was a bargain at $10. In brief, i think its potential outweighs any current problems.

On the problem side it struggles to import large numbers (over 2000) bookmarks and would not sync across my Air and imac, crashing regularly.

BUT...and this is why I'll be sticking with PINS...the support from Fabio the developer has been exceptional and I'll happily stay with a product when thee is that level of support and plus, if we don't support new developers to iron out the glitches in new products, where will we be.

After deleting the PINS app support folders in the library and 'starting from scratch' things worked fine, including syncing.

This is the second reason why I'm staying with PINS. A 'fresh start' with my bookmarks. If you are like me, you may over the years have amassed hundreds or even thousands of bookmarks in various different browsers (I was up to about 3000 in safari, chrome and firefox). To be honest, I probably regularly use about 30 of those and probably couldn't tell you what all he others even were :-)

I'm going to use PINS to gradually bring in and organise the bookmarks that I really need and use and am actually looking forward to the 'decluttering' experience.

So 3.5 stars for what is a good product and potentially a great one with the kind of first rate support that we wish we had from our software all the time.
[Version 1.2]

pprofpopp had trouble on 12 Feb 2013
How to add serial number?

Installed Postbox again after 'thinking about it' for about 6 months. I have full licence from old $30 days but can't see how to add the serial number. Tried preferences and tried About, click on 'License' just takes me to web licence terms

Can anyone help? Thanks Philip
[Version 3.0.7]

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