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planet tipped on 17 Nov 2008
This is the best piece of open source software I've ever used altough the provided "put autopano sift to hugin" script always failed and the developers made a big secret how to use autopano sift with Hugin.
After using the "sift helper" programm for one year I found a workaround:

How to set up autopano sift with HUGIN:

1. Right click on : show folder content.
2. Navigate to the folder Hugin/contents/resources/
3. in the folder "resources" create a new folder: autopano-sift

4. the following files must be copied into the new "autopano-sift" folder:
- autopano
- autopano-win32
- autopano.exe
- autopanog
- generatekeys
- generatekeys-sd
- generatekeys-sd.exe
- ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll
- libsift.dll
- showone
- showtwo
5. now autopano sift works fine.
One of the best kept secrets solved.
[Version 0.7]


planet reviewed on 17 Nov 2008
I'm using Thunderbird 2.0.017 at home with MacOS 10.39 (G4 MacOS 10.39 1.2 GHZ) and at work with SUSE Linux (Dual 2.4 GHZ Intel) for about one year. At home I still have an old 300 MHZ G3 BW with Outlook Express and MacOS 9.21. What can I say, OE on the old machine is twice as fast, Thunderbird is way too slow and it can't show the replied messages. My personal conclusion is to downgrade to OE. One year is more than enough, sorry.


planet reviewed on 23 Mar 2007
forgot to rate flock
[Version 0.7.12]


planet reviewed on 23 Mar 2007
Over more than one year ago I sent a suspicious Photoshop 6 copy I acquired at *B*y to Adobe, because they claimed this kind of copies are illegal. Neither got my CD back nor any response since, it's a pity. Therefore I used legal PSE 2 and 3, and with the Earthbound light extension it still works fine for me.
Gimpshop is a big step forward, the most shortcuts for tools working exacly like in PS and PSE for MS-Windows because the command-key is at the control-key. On my 1.2 Ghz G4 with 1.2 GB RAM Gimpshop works fast and stable and the best news is the brand-new free UFRaw plugin:
Although Mac Gimpshops development has a delay compared to the Linux version, it's a very good tool for private use and we can really look forward to the plugins like Refocus, Wideangle Lens, CMYK - and maybe someone who will spent some work on this somewhat elaborate interface.
Gimpshop didn't replaced my PSE yet but I'm working on it. Thank you very much!
[Version 2.2.11]


planet reviewed on 23 Mar 2007
You may have disabled cookies in your browser, but Flash creates cookies itself. Just right-click at a Flash animation in your browser. In the pop-up choose "settings" and than you're able to see and delete the cookies set by Flash. To disable this behaviour by default, you have to go to the Adobe site and use the settings manager.
If you find that behaviour suspicious like me, Apple Script may help. The only browser you can switch plugins on and off is iCab. But there is a walkaround for Mozilla and others I tried with MacOS 9.22:
First create a folder called: Internet Plugins (off). Then start the script editor, start recording and move the files Shockwave Flash NP-PPC and flashplayer.xpt from the folder "Internet plugins" to the "off" folder. Stop the recording, delete redundant code and save as application "Flash off". Then start recording again and repeat the procedure backwards, save as app "flash on".
Your done.
[Version 9.0.28]

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planet replied on 27 Mar 2007
My workaround with applescript does not work with MacOS X. Like it seems, moving files via applescript is disabled in OS X.
planet commented on 22 Mar 2007
I'm neither a blogger nor I like Flash to view pictures. But I really love Flock not only for it's cool interface, it's IMHO exemplary privacy settings are only topped by iCab. Respect to the developers. But please spend some time making the Mac-version of Flock more Mac-like. We still prefer the keyboard over the mouse. On top of the wishlist: configurable plugin-in settings like iCab, shortcuts for navigation between tabs like iCab, shortcut for the "Home" button. Thank you!
And keep on flocking, you're on the right way!
[Version 0.7.12]


planet reviewed on 22 Mar 2007
Phoenix Slides is amazing fast, the handling by shortcuts is very Mac-like and ergonomic. It offers lossless JPEG rotation, excellent slide shows even with exif-tags - and no annoying, growing cache like iPhoto- in short:
The best image viewer for the Mac around. Dot.
[Version 1.2.2]


planet reviewed on 21 Mar 2007
I use the free Silkypix version 2 and 3 with Canon 5D and D60 files and even this light version of the app is simply awesome. Since I discovered Silkypix I'm not enviously anymore about my friends that using Rawshooter.

The temporary files stored in the picture folders are less than huge the Capture One Le ones, the workflow is more linearly, the colors are also very nice. With the Holga-effect preset "toy camera" they are even showing quite a sense of humor.

The Silkypix licence model is remarkable fair as well, you can use the free version WITHOUT limits like watermarks, eSellerate, online registration and so on, until you find the workflow convincing or not. If yes, you can go for the whole thing. Nice, ha? Thus I'll prefer this solution instead of upgrading my Capture One LE licence.

Highly recommended!
Thank you.

planet commented on 21 Mar 2007
Just tried the Lightzone demo on a 1,24 Ghz G4 with 1,2 GB RAM and it's dead slow. Its basic approach sounds very interesting, but after some days of testing it seems to be alike Extensis Intellihance - a tool for people without any experience in Photoshop, and a annoying slow one.
[Version 2.3]

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