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Petert reviewed on 14 Aug 2011
One of, if not the best, Finder enhancement utilities. Adds just the right amount of extras to improve things without needing an adjustment in the way you work.

The most recent versions have stabilised to the point where they are now useable and worth the purchase and installation.

The memory problems seem to be solved and only one or two minor cosmetic hiccups that appear occasionally in Dual Screen mode that are easily corrected.

A valuable enhancement to the Finder, especially for file management / transfers.
[Version 1.2.5]

Petert commented on 07 Jul 2010
Having dealt with Rick for a number of years now on both a business and personal basis I have found him to be an honest, honourable and generous person.

ClIX is his gift to the Mac OS community along the lines of 'If you give a man a fish...' has taught me much of what I know of the UNIX command line and saved me many hours - I manage >300 Macs.

He does however say what he thinks, often in a non-politically correct manner and as has been pointed out by others, 'not suffer fools...'

His products go out of the way to ensure that your security is of primary importance. An extract from a recent XNews focussed on CLIX reads:

"Each CLIX command comes with an unseen prefix and an unseen suffix. The prefix zaps the time stamp so you will always detect when sudo is being invoked if that's what you want. A second thread runs asynchronously after every CLIX command to kill the sudo time stamp as well. And the kill operations don't stop at CLIX - they kill timestamps for all TTYs for your own safety."

Half of what he writes goes way over my head but it does give me food for thought and makes me a better SysAdmin once I take the time to learn enough to at least understand what he is talking about (technically).

If you purchase his ACP product (a must have in my toolkit) it will give you the tools to monitor all traffic and many processes - it has helped me plug several security holes in my network(s) and will certainly provide proof that none of his software 'phones home'.

Any one who suggest that Rick is a Black Hat is a best misinformed, and at worst speakin out of the wrong orifice (IMO).

Petert commented on 25 Mar 2010
One step forward - three backward.

Come on guys (talking to the dev(s)), this release should not have seen the light of day.

The download links to a file called '' ???

It now uses an installer that puts the 'utility' in the 'Applications' folder.

It auto-opens a URL to an illegible google-docs manual.

At least one modal dialogue in the utility is in multiple languages.

Oh yeah, and the 'helpful' auto-update from the previous version fails on all three of my macs - thankfully.

This release gets a 4 star CF award. It would have got 5 but at least it didn't replace my previous working version of iKey, all I had to do was Trash the new version and restart the old.
[Version 2.4.2]

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Petert replied on 01 Apr 2010
Update to my Comments above:- 20100401-1525:

My disparaging comment "It auto-opens a URL to an illegible google-docs manual" was undeserved - it was another @#$%^& font conflict on all my macs.

To the Devs; Please accept my apologies for this.
As of v2.4.3 I am once again reasonably content with the Utility - I give it 3.5 (positive) stars once again.

Petert reviewed on 26 Sep 2009
The absolute best productivity feature restorer for snow leopard. Used in conjunction with OMC (On My Command) it is a lifesaver.
[Version 2.0]


petert reviewed on 25 Aug 2009
I have used Dropbox for about 9 months now to distribute templates I develop along sample code files to fellow users across a number of planetary locations.

It is the 'Best of Breed' for this purpose, simple, intuitive, set and forget and my highest accolade for software, 'elegant'.

Have a Great day!
[Version 0.6.550]


petert reviewed on 25 Jul 2009
Like others here I have little use of (most) widgets. Velaclock is one of those that I have regular use for. It is a simple elegant widget that does what I need, it gives me the time in all the time zones my clients are in, and then just gets out of the way (as do all widgets.

IMO it is worth the money.

Have a Great day!
[Version 2.1.14]


petert reviewed on 30 Apr 2009
Of all the tools that are a 'must have' on my installs this is the most vital and the best productivity enhancer I have installed. It is also by far the one I miss most when driving someone else's mac.

It's simple, unobtrusive and elegant interface (during day-to-day use) is one of the best there is.

The added clipboard history feature in Version 5 is almost worth the upgrade fee on it's own although the other new features are as valued although not noticed as much in my daily use pattern.

I highly recommend this product to all Mac owners as the first tool to purchase.

Disclaimer: I have no association with the publishers of LaunchBar other than being a long time (family) licenced user.

Have a Great day!
[Version 5.0rc1]


petert reviewed on 03 Aug 2008
Does exactly what is is designed for with no fuss
[Version 2.0.1]


petert reviewed on 21 Feb 2008
Elegant Simplicity. Launchbar is one of the few applications / utilities that sets out to do a task and does so with elegant simplicity.

Nothing gets in your face, it just sits there awaiting your request and then does it, no fuss, no bother, and then gets out of the way.

An absolute must have piece of software. No other in the field does its job as efficiently and with such elegant simplicity.

A licensed user for > 5 years. And yes, I have tried ALL the others. None work as well for me.

Have a Great day!
[Version 4.3.5]


petert reviewed on 23 Jan 2008
An insanely Great widget. The addition of the 'send' shortcut (^s) has 'completed' the product.

Thanks to Apple's less than optimal decision to remove the SMS facility from Address Book (Leopard) this is an absolutely vital addition to any Leopard install.

I have only two very minor criticism's:

1. With the addition of the 'send ' shortcut the [Send] button became a very small (but clean) icon that is a bit fiddly ti 'hit' if you prefer to send via a mouse click.

2. The widget is so easy and compelling to use it is a no-brainer to send off an sms from the computer rather than from the phone and to send out LOTs more SMS's. So easy in fact my partner and I have run out of our 'free' allotment of SMS's in just a few days and now have to pay for them. 8-(

Have a Great day!
[Version 1.92]

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