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Pen_sq commented on 09 Apr 2013
Wow, is PIC still around? The two things I remember about them from years ago was that their programming software was Expensive, and that there was a lot of incompatibility between PIC models. Incompatibility that required you to buy even more Expensive software.

AVR/Arduino beat them by making the development environment cheap enough to win over hobbyists. The AVR design runs the same code across (almost) the whole lineup. AVR architecture is rather more C friendly than other MCUs, which lead to it getting top-notch GCC support. Tons of hobbyist hardware in every size is being built around AVR now, right down to the USB Key-size Digispark.

PIC stuck with their "Pork 'em for the tools" model too long, and missed out on a hobbyist revolution. Too bad.
[Version 0.1]

Pen_sq commented on 13 Jun 2012
Haven't seen any problems with the trackpad yet, though I'm still struggling with getting my MBPR out of the rotating Lexan pedestal display-case. It was mildly awkward to keep the gorgeous laptop separated from WWDC press with 1.5" of bulletproof plastic, but that is simply how Tim Cook intends to deliver the miraculous device to Every User.
[Version 1.0.4]

Pen_sq commented on 30 Sep 2011
Also available via Steam, which gives you both PC and Mac builds.

A Serious review -
[Version 1]

Pen_sq commented on 21 Sep 2011
When doing non-document file transfers to/from Google Docs (with a regular joe account), CyberDuck freezes at the end of a transfer. The transfer succeeds, but I have to force quit and restart to do anything else.

It's still better than dealing with the browser, cmd-opt-esc and all.
[Version 4.1.2]

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Pen_sq replied on 21 Sep 2011
Ahh, it works in the 4.1.3 snapshot build. Go into preferences, Update tab, Auto check for updates in (Snapshot Build), Check now.
Pen_sq commented on 03 Jun 2011
Adding a book cover on the edit metadata window gives an error "NoDecodeDelegateForThisImageFormat @ error/blob.c/BlobToImage/346". The last version where covers worked was 0.8.1.
[Version 0.8.4]

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Pen_sq replied on 19 Jun 2011
Ok, now image importing is working again. I did a full update of Macports, and bought Xcode 4 - one of those actions must have fixed it.

I suspect that Calibre intends to bring all the Python dependencies along inside the .app, but a build bug leaves something out. Python tries to find a substitute in system paths, and that sub is a few versions too old.
Pen_sq commented on 15 May 2011
The changelog is pinned in the forums. Here it is for 0.6.1 -

- Fixed association of NZB files with SABnzbd
(resulted in multiple running copies of SABnzbd instead of an NZB upload)
- Fixed display of warning when upgrading from 0.4.x
- Fixed problem when entering NZB files with names containing accented characters
(happened only on OSX with Firefox 4)
- Fixed several textual issues (like incorrect foreign characters on OSX/Linux)
- Fix attribute error caused by missing category field in nzbmatrix RSS feeds
- Fix nzbmatrix category support by just reading the whole "Description" field.
- Pause downloader when downloaded file cannot be written to disk.
- Fix "~/" (home-dir) support for Unix/OSX and disable for Windows

- Add Romanian translation
- Add PID file support for OSX/Unix (--pid )
[Version 0.6.1]

Pen_sq commented on 20 Jan 2011

Scratch now supports prompting for text, and manipulating it. The UI has been tweaked to fit on lower resolution screens. Support for Lego(R) WeDo(TM) hardware was added.
[Version 1.4]

Pen_sq commented on 23 Feb 2010
$15 is a soul-rending sum to have robbed from me to remove a tiny ad from the darn-near only Mac RSS reader supporting google sync.

If you don't care about keeping sync in "the cloud", you can go elsewhere. If you don't mind paying annually for Shrook's sync, they're a perfectly valid option. However, I wanted something that syncs from my Mac to Byline on my iPod, and FeedDemon on my PC. NetNewsWire does about the best job on the Mac side, and the dev is a horrible monster for selling me what I want. Worse, he baited me in with a shareware version whose advertising I entirely blame for the failure of my marriage.

The $15-sized hole in my eternal spirit aches for revenge.
[Version 3.2.5]

Pen_sq commented on 22 Feb 2010
It's simple enough to do the same in Just make sure there are no extra junk files around, such as a foo.mpg.sfv, and then..

"cat foo.mpg.* > foo.mpg"
[Version 2.0]

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Pen_sq replied on 12 May 2013
I apologize for having pointed out, three years ago, that core MacOS may not be as shallow and powerless as you wish it to be. My therapist keeps admonishing me to be less subtle and quick to anger, so that's the last I'll say on the subject.
Pen_sq commented on 17 Dec 2009
I never even thought to try using a Lexmark on my Mac, after seeing how much effort they don't put into Windows drivers. My aunt bought a Lex inkjet in a bundle deal with a new Vista64 system, and Luthormark simply doesn't support it.

Maybe it'd work with these drivers, if she hadn't gone "Office Space" on the clunker.
[Version 2.2]

Pen_sq had trouble on 29 May 2008
Broken in 10.5.2. The background elements of the widget are missing, and most of the gui lists are unpopulated and unresponsive.
[Version 1.0.2]

Pen_sq had trouble on 30 Jan 2008
Snapz Pro X conflicts with VLC. Every time VLC plays a movie with any output mode besides ascii-art, it crashes. No Quartz, no GL, only ugly Text works. On the plus side, Snapz has an excellent uninstaller, once the kernel module was removed, VLC was back in business.

Quicksilver will break Snapz' attempt to set up a key binding. This can easily be remedied by setting up a binding in QS, just set an open action on Snapz Pro

It's a good trade-off if you happen to be filming "you suck at Photoshop", Jing doesn't have the performance for quality captures.
[Version 2.1.2]

Pen_sq had trouble on 10 Jan 2008
MacATM worked fine in Tiger, though the withdrawal fees were a little high. After upgrading to Leopard, though, it stopped recognizing my PIN. Now the system refuses to eject my card, and MacATM's technical support only has a phone menu that loops every time I press (4)-I do not have a butterknife. All the right hand side buttons are stuck on "Instant Reverse Mortgage", severely limiting my transfer options. MacATM also messed up my print drivers to where half the alphabet is now substituted with tiny pictures of former Soviet currency. My girlfriend was mugged while using the previous beta release, though to be fair to the development team she shouldn't have used MacATM so late at night.

Still, more useful than Bob. 3 out of 5.
[Version 1.0]

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