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pedro peres1 commented on 16 Jan 2006
This application is getting worse and worse since the 5.7 release, in the 5.8 release the application could not stay at the dock, and now in this last version it doesn't even work!!
[Version 0.5.9]

Pedro Peres1 commented on 09 Aug 2004
To continue my last revue i just want to say that those crashes are provoced by the system itself, the mac osx after some time ( one, two years) it starts to quit the programs by itself, if the program starts to use a lot the processor, the program quits and it appears a message from the OS.
this is appening to me all the time even on other programs like safari and mail.
thats is what probably is happening to those guys, my sugestion: install OSX again.

and by the way my mac is a old imac 400mhz dv and limewire never crashes.
[Version 4.1.3]

Pedro Peres1 commented on 09 Aug 2004
Something must be wrong on the macs of those guys...
i have used limewire for 2 years and it rarely crashed, and i am talking when i used it in mac os 9.
in mac OS X it never crashes.
the programa is little bit slow.
it uses a lot of ram.
and it has some little bugs.
but is has the best search results, the most reliable, very simple, and it has a lot of preferences that the others p2p programs do not have.
[Version 4.1.3]


Pedro Peres1 reviewed on 03 Dec 2003
Mlmac is extremely better with this update, it conects now to the kazza network much more faster the before, now the downloads are faster, but the interface it's not the best for the users who have a 15 inch screen, or even a 12,5 screen, the interface is not very good comparing to others like poisoned.
But it's a very good app.
[Version 0.7.2a]

Pedro Peres1 commented on 03 Dec 2003
This version is much more stable for old macs running OS X 10.2 , it doesn't crash any more.
the others versions crashed for no particular reason.
This version conects to gnutella network much more faster.
This version is better but i still can't download
nothing with poisosned.
[Version 0.498]


Pedro Peres1 reviewed on 28 Nov 2003
This program has lots of problems:

1- Can't connect to Gnutella networks ( that's the network with more mac software)
2- the Filters, don't work , when you select in the filter that you just want software form the search that you are about to do , it appears almost just music.
3-when you download a song from multiple users the song , almost always is corrupted after the donwload finishes.
[Version 0.497]

Pedro Peres1 commented on 01 Nov 2003
This browser is awsome!!!!
It's even better then safari, i have a imac400mhz dv and this browser runs moche more faster then safari, safari is a little slow.

This is a hell of browser!!!

[Version 1.6a]

Pedro Peres1 commented on 30 Oct 2003
Go to the page :

and download the xplane update , and you will never need to download the all x-plane aplication everytime that i get's out a update, the x-plane update will only download the updated files.

a must have update for all x-plane users
[Version 7.20]

Pedro Peres1 commented on 28 Oct 2003
Nice program, it have a good interface but with some bugs, the search engine is EXTREMELY FAST, but when it comes for downloading this program is not so good, i hardly download something once in a wile, it really jams the conections when it comes for downloading someting. The conection to the Fast Track is very slow...
It does NOT SUPPORT GNUTELLA NETWORK, ii have noticed that i really can't have just one program to download something from all the networks!! I will always need 2 or 3, the problem is that not almost all of the programs support all of the great networks,
like Limewire, it just supports gnutella, and is extremely "heavy" to the system, it uses lot's of ram, the acquisition then again it only supports gnutella, the comes poisoned that supports less networks then the mlMac but it supports the major ones, BUT it's Full of bugs like: "the application has crash" or something like that and it download the files sometimes corrupted due to the system that it uses when we download anything from various hosts, then he have the ISWIPE that has been with us ofr a long time and that download manager is older then my mac, i think that progrma should use a better interface, but it supports Lots of networks including the major ones and, and THEN COMES mlMac, in the beggining had Lot's of bugs, but with time and patience the developer has corrected the major ones, but it still his what i call a program with is ups and downs, because it has a very good things incorpurated in it , but it has a lack of performace on others. so this is my review i hope the developers see this comment.

P.S: to the developers: I'm not comenting that you guys do a bad job, i really think that you guys do a great job, there are so few people that try to build p2p for the mac platform, i hope you see this comment like a feauture request. :-)
[Version 0.7]

Pedro Peres1 commented on 18 Oct 2003
The interface is excelent, it supports the gnutella network, the fast track network, the Open ft network, and the giftdt network.

But still have some Major Bugs.
One is that he (the program) not always conects to the gnutella network, another major bug is when you download a mp3 file from various users at the same time , the file will be corrupted, in fact the file will have just the music that it downloaded from the first user, the other data dowloaded form the other's users is corrupted.
The buttons on the download manager, sometimes they dissapear.

Just another thing: the serach engine is bad comparing to the mlmac 0.7 or the Acquisition 0.9.

But still this program is extremely good, if the developers fix these bugs it will be the best.
[Version 0.493]

Pedro Peres1 had trouble on 24 Sep 2003
Hey anonymous you can still download x-plane updates with the xplane update program, you can download it from:

it's the easyest way to download updates for x-plane
[Version 7.15b3]

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