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peanut butter reviewed on 29 Jan 2008
Reformat is the best feature EVER! This one piece does what other $30+ programs do..... for free. Other great tools in there too.

[Version 2.7]

peanut butter commented on 04 Oct 2007
where to buy? how much? There website doesn't seem to sell direct and I can't find a retailer through a web search.

I guess they don't want to sell their product.
[Version 3.1]

peanut butter commented on 16 Aug 2007
Looks like KisMac is temporarily down, but not out. From their website......

With the introduction of ยง202c German politicians proved their complete incompetence. Law in Germany: possession of child pornography - two years imprisonment. Distribution of security software is half as bad. Even worse politicians still believe in the successful ban of digital information, obviously not reckoning globalization.
We are heading straight to a country I do not want to be living in.

KisMAC will live on. Different people. Different country. Same "threat" to national security.
[Version 0.21a]


peanut butter reviewed on 19 Jul 2007
I got this app with the MU Promo bundle. I had never heard of it.

2 minutes after launching it, I realized that I picked up an amazing piece of software. I would be dazzled for a few minutes with the various slideshows styles, if that was all it did. The fact that there are numerous ways to export the slideshows makes this app amazing and useful in so many ways. The screen saver export was great to see, can't wait to play around with it.

The animated slideshow options are very cool and very slick.

I can already see myself creating short little slideshows to export and add into other movies.

Much, much easier to create a photo DVD than iMovie/iDVD.

The fact that I got this unexpected as part of the MU Promo makes it an amazing value.
[Version 2.9.2]


peanut butter reviewed on 03 Jul 2007
Simple easy d/l and install.

Got rid of the annoying popping and static from a 3.5mm cable being connected to the speaker jack on an MBP (C2D, early 2007).

Previously I was either pulling the plug, or changing the volume every few minutes. Problem only occurred when audio was idle.
[Version 2007-001]

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peanut butter replied on 07 Jul 2007
still getting the problem of a loud buzzing when I wake from sleep and I have external speakers plugged in.... but the buzzing doesn't return every few minutes the way it did before.

peanut butter replied on 13 Jul 2007
and now come clicking is returning. The update was great at first, but now some of the old problems are back....hmmmm
peanut butter commented on 12 Jun 2007
I was able to get the CanoScan N1240U to work with a MacBook Pro (early 2007, not the santa rosa mobo).

Using with CanoScan Toolbox X. Photoshop CS import works also.

Still crummy software overall that sucks 100% of a processor when from the time it's launched to the time it's quit, but it actually does work and I can scan.

I just ran the CanoScan_N1240U_v7010X installer - no reboot, works. Not sure if it will be working after reboot ;-0

(buttons don't work on the front - oh well)


peanut butter reviewed on 14 May 2007
Works fine with MacBook Pro (C2D) and 10.4.9
[Version 1.2v2]

peanut butter commented on 07 May 2007
On a MBP with 10.4.9 I get "Preferences Error". You cannot open PathSnagger pref pane on this computer.
[Version 1.1b5]


peanut butter reviewed on 04 May 2007
Using it on a MacBook Pro (Core2Duo) and it works great.

It's a bit quirky to figure out the settings at first, but once you get it, there is an ah-ha moment and you really get it.

Great "fine" control over the fan speed.

I tried all of the other fan apps for the intel macs and this is the best. Cyclone offers temp in the menubar, and that's it's only advantage...if that is what you really want. Otherwise the cyclone interface is worse than fan control.

It would be nice if this were a separate application, so that I could monitor like Activity Monitor rather than opening and taking over the sys prefs.

[Version 1.1]

peanut butter commented on 22 Mar 2007
WOW, what a great idea...well, implementation of what should have been in all email programs from the start.

...But $18... seriously? I know you took the time to develop this program, but $18 is very pricey, especially since Eudora just dropped it's price, is going open source and will be free.
[Version 2.6]

peanut butter had trouble on 08 Sep 2006
I have used SharePoints before with success, but running into problem on 3.5.4 and Tiger 10.4.7. I cannot get the local computer to be considered part of the specified group. In the app it shows up correctly.

When I create a folder remotely, I am locked out locally, even though the local user is part of the group "staff".

The only way to get access for the local user is to all 'everyone' r/w privis, but that's not a solution.
[Version 3.5.4]

peanut butter had trouble on 19 May 2006
Can't get a Tiger (10.4.6) Mac to connect to a Panther (10.3.9) Calendar.

(Panther can use Tiger's calendar)

Tiger can see the Panther "User", but when I refresh list, or click on the user name, it gives this error, "Error Getting Calendars: There was an error fetching list of calendars, can't connect to host, URL:hhtp://.local.:24080/index.plist"

Firewall turned off on both Macs. It can see that the panther calendar is there. Panther connects to Tiger calendar correctly. Passwords turned off on both Macs (and of course digest authentication off).

I tried a number of different settings, turning on and off the firewalls, using different ports, etc. Nothing worked.

Any thoughts???
[Version 1.1]

peanut butter had trouble on 12 May 2006
2.0 would crash each time I added files (10.3.9) after many months of perfect use.

So i updated to 2.0.2 and it chokes when outputing pdf files created in Excel (office 2004) and some other random pdf files.

Error message, "Processing Error: For some unknown reason PDFLab is unable to complete the process. Please hit cancel to close this window and try to retrieve the created PDF file from the Finder."

The app opens up the temp folder and presents me with the "pdfoutput.pdf" file, which has worked everytime. A bit of an inconvenince.

I still rate this a 4.5+ (and also donated to the author).

[Version 2.0.2]

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