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Pdbowers commented on 05 Oct 2010
I read the comment on "Sparrow" and while I love Gmail, the description of it sounded like something I could really use. I do use "Notify Pro" and paid for it, but I have to say that this software is absolutely gorgeous, and its still in beta. It is a full fledged email client, and the ads that are scattered all over the web version of Gmail, are GONE. All you have is an inbox with only your email, and threaded conversations.

To the person who posted a comment saying it didnt work, I went to the developer website, and discovered that in order for it to work correctly, you need to have IMAP enabled from your Gmail account. No, I am not working for this company, BUT I have to say that this is the most impressive beta release, with a very functional and beautiful interface, I have seen in a very long time, and I will be paying for this when and if the time comes!

Great work!!
[Version 1.0beta]

Pdbowers commented on 21 Sep 2010
Hi Jeff
No email as yet. Would it be possible to resend??

Thank you!
[Version 2.3.0]

Pdbowers commented on 20 Sep 2010
I bought this software a while back, and I have yet to have it work properly. As mentioned in previous comments, I have no problem with Customer Support, it is excellent. The problem I am having with this application is that I cannot seem to get it to "remember" email details such as port number, and so on.

The interface, though not very "Mac" like, is easy to understand, but I am stumped as HOW to get this to work for me. I would LOVE to be able to see for myself how well it works, but have yet to use this software, practically since I purchased it, well over a year ago.

I do use "Spam Sieve" with no installation problems, and I like to think that I am above average when it comes to following directions, installing software, computer maintenance etc. If someone could tell me how to rectify my situation, I will be more than happy to report my findings here.

As for not reporting this earlier, well, I just bought "Spam Sieve", while "Purify" has been sitting in my applications folder, unused.
[Version 2.3.0]

Pdbowers commented on 31 Aug 2010
I love this application. It is simple, uncluttered, and looks just fine to me. It does what I need, and does it well. I dont understand the people who leave "reviews", and it is basically a bashing session.

I have dealt with this company regarding this email client, and EACH AND EVERY TIME, my concerns were addressed professionally and HAPPILY. This type of customer service is pretty much unheard of in this day and time of automated answering systems.

This client is a work in progress, they have plans for it, and will implement them in due time. I am more than a satisfied customer. For those who dont want to use it, there are a multitude of other clients out there to choose from. I am simply making a comment about this software and this reply is not directed toward any user in particular.

Keep up the great work, Infinity Data Systems. Your work is noticed.
[Version 2.0.4]

Pdbowers commented on 28 Aug 2010
Trust me. you dont want to have to interact with the developer. In all my time in buying software that I liked, after buying this, I'm sorry I did. At one point, I needed my registration number again, and it took a long time for a response and to finally get it. When I finally did get the number, he was very surly, ugly, and very unprofessional in his response to me.

After that, I said f**k it, I dont need the headache, and never used the application again. There are so many developers out there who are MORE than willing to help, or listen to suggestions, and to implement them. This developer needs some customer service skills, and anger management classes to boot.
[Version 2.2v221]

Pdbowers commented on 19 Aug 2010
Same exact thing happened to me, the only difference being I did NOT have Disk Warrior. Live and learn...
[Version 2.0.5]

Pdbowers commented on 04 May 2010
Just the best, beautifully small in size, but big in performance. While I have lots of bedside and internet radios through out my house, it is nice to use Radium, when I am up early in the morning, checking email, paying bills, etc. Also, support is very responsive, and kind.

Just a reasonably priced piece of software, with lifetime updates. You cant beat perfection, but this one is pretty close.

I love it.
[Version 2.6]

Pdbowers commented on 08 Apr 2010
Well, it does it's job but doesn't look good. Thats a perfect reason to rate it lower than it should be. That was a really profound comment you left on a very well done application. Congratulations, your "voice" has been heard..
[Version 3.1]

Pdbowers commented on 24 Dec 2009
Just found this email client, well actually, have been looking at it for sometime. Despite the negative reviews and or comments here, decided to buy it. Guess what? has worked just fine for me. I did not get my registration number immediately, and sent an email to the company. I got a pretty quick response, letting me know that they process orders manually and that it would be sent shortly. I got the registration, and have been using it problem free for some time now.

My experience may have been just a fluke, but for me, this is the only client I use in conjunction with "Clearmymail", another service that truly has eliminated all my spam. It costs to buy a subscription, but is absolutely worth every penny. I am happy with this client and my purchase.
[Version 1.1.2]

pdbowers commented on 14 Sep 2009
I bought "Playback" quickly. The price was right, and it seemed to be exactly what I wanted. I did have free server options, but I like buying software, and supporting developers.

I have attempted to get in touch with the Developers with a question I have, but have not received any acknowledgement. "Playback" plays my iTunes music perfectly, but I am not able to access my personal playlists with it.

I am more than open to supporting good software, and "Playback" has its plusses, BUT for me, customer service is somewhat lacking.

If this application cannot access my personal playlists on iTunes, let me know, so I can go to the free version that works absolutely flawlessly. Communication, either positive or negative, is better than nothing. Right now, my opinion of "Playback" is mediocre at best.
[Version 1.0.5]

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pdbowers replied on 14 Sep 2009
I want to take this opportunity to apologize to Johnny, and to Yazsoft. In my original post, I said some things that were not true, the biggest being that "Playback was mediocre at best". That is not true. For what the software is supposed to do, it does it beautifully. I was wrong in assuming that all playlists were supported, and in my case, streaming internet URL's.

Through constructive and informative exchange, Johnny let me know in a kind, non accusing way, what the software did, and at the moment, it's limitations. I have no beef with Johnny,nor the company itself. Good communication and support is unheard of most of the time today, but Yazsoft is one of the exceptions. Accept my humble apology.

Thank you for your support John.

Paul Bowers
Pdbowers had trouble on 21 Sep 2010
Thank you for the feedback. I reinstalled Purify again. I checked the permissions, and made the necessary adjustments to read and write access for the ones I wanted, filled in the required account information, but still, no go. One funny thing however, is that when I reinstalled again, the pop settings for the account(s) were still intact, the filtering and reporting keys were as the were supposed to be in the POP settings. However, trying to enter the SMTP settings is where I have the issues.

If I leave Purify going in the background, without shutting it down, it seems to be okay, but there are times that it is not necessary for me to run this application continuously.

Any ideas??
[Version 2.3.0]

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