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onlyone-jc commented on 09 Jun 2008
Great update!

My only gripe now is that when DeskLickr can't find images that aren't below the user's screen resolution quick enough, it asks if you would like to alter the preferences.

While I appreciated this the first time it appeared, it persists on every attempt that it can't obtain an image quick enough. A check-box with 'Don't show this warning again', or 'Don't remind me again' that could be checked to prevent the warning from appearing again would be the perfect remedy.

Otherwise, a fantastic update! Thanks!
[Version 1.4]

onlyone-jc commented on 27 Mar 2008
The systempref pane doesn't seem to display properly on 10.4.11:

[Version 0.4]

onlyone-jc commented on 06 Nov 2007
Great piece of software! It would be even better if you could add support for Yahoo and/or Google image search as well.
[Version 1.2]

onlyone-jc commented on 16 Aug 2007
This seems promising! Although, it's missing scalable thumbnail support for image searches.

Thanks for developing!

Good luck,
[Version 2.0b3]

onlyone-jc commented on 15 Aug 2007
It seems like a good idea. But, I think it lacks a few features.

A full screen mode (that supports multiple displays), and an option to control the rotation speed (rather than just the tension) would be nice. Also, maybe some form of export feature to top it off?

Good luck,
[Version 1.0]

onlyone-jc commented on 02 Aug 2007
Absolutely fantastic image browser. It's fast, and hasn't crashed once (10.4.10)!

My only suggestion is for larger thumbnail support, of sizes up to the actual size of the images being browsed.

It would be great to be able to use the thumbnail size slider to fully preview an image, or series of images, without actually opening it/them in Preview.

Keep up the good work! You've done a great job!

[Version 1.2.4]


onlyone-jc reviewed on 30 Apr 2007
Excellent; the best torrent application for the Mac! It's light and stable; you don't even know it's running!

A few features I would like to see added are 'Quit After All Transfers Completed', and maybe also 'Sleep After All Transfers Completed' or 'Shut Down After All Transfers Completed'.

These options would be a great addition to Transmission. Sometimes I wish to go out and leave a torrent downloading, but don't wish to leave my computer on all day long. These options would be ideal for this very thing!

[Version 0.72]

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onlyone-jc replied on 30 Apr 2007
Bits on Wheels hasn't been updated for a year and a half, nearly two years. It isn't even a Universal Binary.

Transmission is far superior to it in many ways.
onlyone-jc commented on 31 Mar 2007
Is there any chance you can enable audio file support in this? Sometimes I like to play audio files in QuickTime, that I don't want in my iTunes library, and it would be great to have a playlist.

[Version 181UB]

onlyone-jc commented on 22 Mar 2007
It would be great if a greater pixel value of 16,000 was available (more-so on the length, than the width). At the moment, I can't capture a website, because it is falling short by around 1,000 pixels.

I've tried varying the width, to compensate text-wrapping, but I still can't manage to get it within the 16,000 maximum value.

Can this be fixed to a much higher value?

Other than this, I just cannot stress enough how absolutely GREAT this application is! It's exactly what I've been looking for, for such a long time.

Thank you,
[Version 0.4.3]

onlyone-jc commented on 16 Mar 2007
Is there any chance of multi-line support? I don't really like abbreviated, single-lined to-dos. Sometimes, I wish to write a whole sentence about what I have to do.

Also, the way in which the interface is done, isn't so good. The graphics stretch upon resizing the window. You can see this, by the way the rounded edges pull out the more you stretch it.

An option of some alternative skins would be nice, too.

I hope you can implement/fix these features.

[Version 2.3]

onlyone-jc had trouble on 15 Mar 2008

Thank you for providing a very useful utility for free!

I'm using this on my internal display, and am having trouble. The actual display rotation itself is fine, but the cursor aspect stays the same, and therefore from a portrait perspective; up equals left, down equals right, left equals down, and right equals up. So, as can be seen, the cursor aspect simply remains normal, as if the display was in landscape mode.

Is there a way to to change this?

[Version 1.2]

onlyone-jc had trouble on 12 Jan 2008
I'm experiencing an issue.

Most of the time DeskLickr will work fine, but every now and then it will go to search for and download a new image and the ticker in the menu bar will just keep turning and won't download any image. Other times, it will get past the ticker and on to the download progress icon, but it doesn't download the image, and the download progress icon just remains empty.

Quitting DeskLickr sometimes fixes this, but most of the time it doesn't. Trashing the preferences sometimes cures it, too. However, sometimes this doesn't work, either.

It's just a matter of waiting until it decides to work again.

Another minor issue, is the option to ignore all images below the resolution of the given display. For some reason, it doesn't seem to work for me.

I do have one suggestion regarding this, though. It would be nice to be able to select the fill type of the image, especially for images smaller than the screen's resolution. For example, a drop-down menu with 'Fill Screen', 'Stretch To Fill Screen', 'Centre', and 'Tile'. Some kind of 'Smart' system would be a good idea, too - where it detects which fill type it should use according to the resolution of the image and the resolution of the screen.

I'm not sure if it's just me suffering these issues. But, otherwise a great product!

Thank you!
[Version 1.3.1]

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