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Oneblessedguy reviewed on 20 Sep 2012
I wanted to update my review. I received not one but two phone calls yesterday from the developer. He was quick to tell me that the App store version has not been fixed yet and gave me access to the non-app store version so that I could do my batch coding!

Pretty awesome response and action! Thanks a lot!
[Version 2.08.21]

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Oneblessedguy replied on 20 Sep 2012
And it works great now, btw. Forgot to put that. : ]

All is great in Barcode Land.

Oneblessedguy reviewed on 19 Sep 2012
I just bought this from the App Store. I bought this for the batch creation for a food giveaway that we do. It does not create the image in the folder.

Had high hopes! Oh well. Will request refund unless dev gets back to me.
[Version 2.08.21]


Oneblessedguy reviewed on 29 Jun 2011
Great app! I don't use it all the time. When I get busy and seem overwhelmed this app helps keep me focused. Have you ever been so busy that the slightest thing distracts you and you come back to your computer and don't remember what you were working on?

This app is for you!

I use The Hit List and am so glad to see it integrated with it now! Sweet!

I don't know if this is possible . . . do you think you could make it so that the time started and the time ended could be put in The Hit List as well? That would be incredible!!!! I would not have to use the timer in THL then.

Anyway, great work. Thanks!!!
[Version 1.65]


Oneblessedguy reviewed on 10 Apr 2011
Overall, I like this software. I like the "Stacks" like template building.

My complaint that would be easy to fix is that I don't have a 27" monitor so I would like to be able to close the Auction viewer pane. This is the pane (pain!) that is inbetween the editing window and the library panel. I find no use for having this always open! Why don't you guys enable it to close so I can truly work on my project. Further, why not enable the library panel to close as well? Then I could work full screen. That would be the best.

Thank you!
[Version 5.7]


Oneblessedguy reviewed on 02 Apr 2011
This is a great concept!

I'm not fond of the execution in this particular app. It is free, but at the current iteration, it should be. Here are a few things that would make this ready for a 1.0 release state.
1) Keep the side bar when you add a tab
2) Allow double clicking (e.g. Safari) in the bar to compose a new message. This would open a new tab and then it would be ready for a new message. This is a WONDERFUL addition to this program! I hate it when I begin an email only to have to find the window later because I had to change what I was doing for a minute.
3) Add a preference pane like Herald or Mailtags or etc . . . This would be critical for allowing the management of the plugin.
4) Keyboard shortcuts to switch between tabs

These are just a few. This plugin has GREAT potential. I love the idea. Now just tweak it a bit and start charging $5.00.

[Version 0.5]


Oneblessedguy reviewed on 22 Jan 2011
This IS an awesome app.

Which makes me wonder: Why no sparkle updating?
[Version 1.0.16]


Oneblessedguy reviewed on 07 Dec 2010
Great product with regular updates! Reports or logs of activities has recently been added. Nice for those board reports.

This is a solid app that keeps being developed.

If you are looking for something like this app, I doubt you will find one that has grown as much as this one has in the past year.
[Version 1.38]

Oneblessedguy commented on 28 Sep 2010
Love the noise generator! Great stuff!

If I may, I saw that it was updated and got excited about what the new features might be. However, I have to say that I haven't used Vitamin-R lately because of the steps it takes to complete an action.

It's a lot!
Enter Objective
Eliminate Distractions (Uncheck all)*
Choose Length

I think it is the Eliminate Distractions one that gets me. I use Spirited Away (http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/15844/spirited-away) to hide my applications and this step is an extra bit of clicking and moving my mouse.

Can this be streamlined somehow? Or can it be a preference? I need this to be a little more intuitive with keyboard commands so that the flow is quick and easy.

I love the idea and about 90% of the implementation, but if I don't use it b/c it is cumbersome to navigate, what good is having it?

Thank you!
[Version 1.30]

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Oneblessedguy replied on 12 Oct 2010
Thank you for the comment!

However, there is no shortcut for Uncheck All. Can this at least be implemented until you institute the customizable interface?

Thank you!


Oneblessedguy reviewed on 26 Apr 2010
Really like this. Does help me see where my time goes.

A few improvements:

1) Make the GUI a little more "maclike." Rounded corners, etc.
2) Add a pause button. What person doesn't occasionally get a phone call or interruption in a task that only takes about a minute or two.
3) RE above: Pause caused when screensaver starts as option. I use Proximity and my screensaver starts when I walk away (with my iPhone). It would be cool to pause in this manner as well.
4) REALLY need to have the fields for Time Slice, Now, Later, Scratchpad be able to start out blank. I hate having to select all and then typing. I should just be able to start typing.

That would do it for now. : ]

[Version 1.04]

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Oneblessedguy replied on 05 May 2010
Sorry for replying to myself! I have to say "Wow." You guys are awesome. Can't believe you just implemented basically everything I offered as something that would, in my view, make the program better.

Thanks a lot for listening!!!
oneblessedguy commented on 05 Sep 2009
I am just starting my 30 day trial. I love how easy it is so far. It made short work of my old emails that I was storing locally. One question. Would you suggest using EF for all of my IMAP Gmail as well?

Lastly, and I'm just being constructive, you need a new icon. It just doesn't make me want to keep it in my dock. Sorry. Any hope of a new one soon?

I couldn't find this but does the license allow me to use it on my home and work keeping in mind the concurrent use clause?

Thank you!
[Version 1.4.9]

Oneblessedguy had trouble on 27 Jun 2011
Your app store dmg for MemoClip Free is damaged and will not download. I would like to try this. Please fix.

[Version 1.1]

Oneblessedguy had trouble on 04 Mar 2010

I just downloaded the demo version and put it on my external drive (Mac). I then tried to lock it. The progress bar sat there for 20-30 seconds and then it said that it does not support NTFS.

What is going on?

[Version 4.0]

oneblessedguy had trouble on 11 Jul 2008
The to-do tab causes, if left on it, my cpu to shoot up for as long as it is active. I mean, I can hit f12 and it still does it.

There must be a problem with the interface between the sync service that cooridnates the to-dos with ical, mail and this widget.

Word wrap would also be a very nice addition for the to dos. Well, actually, the to-dos need the most help. Many things don't work correctly. The other three tabs are working great though.

[Version 1.02]

oneblessedguy had trouble on 20 Sep 2006
I have been following this program's development. Each time I have downloaded it, tried it and deleted it. This last update is the first time I have seen it upload any files. The progress bar is a nice touch. It does some weird things though. It will progress and then poof it goes back to zero. Also, it deleted, not updated, a whole section of my site. I guess I would like to see it work with my website. Can I give you my logs and see if we can get this working?


[Version 1.2.1]

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