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onamac reviewed on 24 Mar 2014
I've used this app for a long time and have to say it still is the most intuitive, easiest app for making quick crops or resizes. Very stable, and can't be beat when you just want to resize and email an image to someone. I wish all of the utility apps kept it this simple.
[Version 2.6]


onamac reviewed on 31 May 2013
Owned this app for a long time, back when it was a beta. Since then I also demoed the competition, but I still come back to this one. It's just a very well-implemented, thought-out app IMO. I like that you can have regular tags and contexts too, and more than one of each if you want. The Smart folders are great as are the way it handles projects too, similar to OF but Hit List just feels better to me. Archiving is done well too, that it is still accessible and 'live'. I do sort of like the context columns in OF but it's just as easy to enter the details in THL and seeing them right next to the task instead of a column is fine with me. The subfolders / nesting is essential to me in organizing my things.

I agree there's a security in knowing a product is actively developed, but since this one works so well, that's not a big concern for me. I figure in 10 years if it's not around, I'll have to adapt to something else. I'm sure there will be plenty of apps not around in 10 years and lots more to replace them. It's not like I'm worrying about future importing my projects to a new app, because if my projects are still going on 10 years from now then I've got bigger problems than finding a new app. I've used some old old well-coded software that still worked long after it was abandoned. Remember NotePad Deluxe? That thing would still be working if Rosetta were still around. Anyway we don't know that this app is abandoned. Plenty of stuff that is working hasn't seen an update for a year, not just this. That said though, I do hope Andy still has the desire to keep it alive, because even with what else is out there, THL just does everything so smoothly and is very flexible. It really is a gem.

Anyway, I too would like it if syncing wasn't a paid option, and up until recently I got around that by syncing to iCal and letting iCal show me the events on my iPhone. However, I did decide to try out the iPhone app and pay for the syncing just to see what I was missing, and I think it's really well-implemented. I personally don't like iOS apps where the only option is to sign up and pay from there, so was glad this wasn't the case. I'm also glad it isn't an autopay. I was impressed with the way THL handled the whole thing—quite elegantly, actually. And the sync is crazy fast. As soon as I'd type something in THL it would appear on my phone. I feel this app is the best out there for the way I want to work.
[Version 1.1.2]


onamac reviewed on 07 Mar 2013
I've been a registered user of this software for many years now. You can't get better than this. Easy, flexible, and includes the options we need. A+
[Version 2.5.8]


onamac reviewed on 21 Feb 2012
After years of having used a checkbook app, separate invoicing software and a spreadsheet, I decided I'd prefer an accounting package — one I would want to use.

I took a look at the contenders and chose Corona, which is exactly what I've been looking for. It is a true accounting package, and very enjoyable to use for people like me who are not an accountant.

Because Corona is so much more complete than my checkbook app scenario, I didn't want to make entry/allocation mistakes so I emailed the developer whom I discovered is the epitome of what a developer should be. Extremely helpful and friendly, he spent time making sure I was up and running correctly. It's apparent to me that he is truly dedicated to his customers and Corona.

Corona is very fast, very stable, and a pleasure to use. One of the first things I noticed is how smooth it is to enter transactions in the checkbook. The window stays open, the date doesn't keep reverting which makes it extremely speedy to catch up on all your transaction entries. If you have more than one account, the little save button on the top left also will list the other account files so you can quickly choose and open one instantly, which is a nice touch. Reporting features are important to me, and Corona's are robust and flexible.

I feel Corona stands far above the other accounting apps with its ease of use, features, operation, and development. It doesn't make you jump through hoops, and is correctible also (some apps are not, like if you post the transaction in error and needed to change it). It is very clear to me that Corona is an extremely well-designed application with much thought behind it. I purchased it in my first week of use. Highly recommended.
[Version 3.9.1]


onamac reviewed on 30 Jan 2012
I used to use MediaBoard One and needed to replace it. So now, I tried out several other apps and bought Lyn. I feel Lyn stands out from the others I tried, for the following reasons:

• Great developer. I've gotten help and resolution quickly and courteously.

• Lyn is very fast.

• It does not require its own database. This means you don't have to import the images nor link to them, or spend time indexing anything.

As I mentioned, I used to use MediaBoard One (apparently abandoned). My hard drive that contained my images crashed so now MediaBoard only shows the aliases of those linked images. It would have to be rebuilt using that exact structure / names, to be functional without having to reindex everything. Even as links, that app took a while to index. Lyn is always ready to go and when you make a quick structure change, add a folder or whatever, it is reflected in Lyn without fuss.

• Lyn utilizes the Finder and does so very well. Some other apps using the Finder can be a little dangerous where a person could inadvertently alter or delete an image or file structure without realizing it. There was one app that was so sensitive with mouse movement that merely clicking on a folder grabbed it and moved it somewhere before you could let go of it. I find Lyn to be very safe in that regard.

• Clean interface. It also allows you to change the background color so if you want to make a PDF or image of those image thumbnails, you can do so with a background of your choice.
It also has a button to email a selected image or images —handy for client proofing, for example.

• Tagging.

• Is efficient and includes PPC. Nice that he makes the effort to support a total Mac user base.

I hope this helps anyone comparing apps.
[Version 1.2b3]


onamac reviewed on 27 Aug 2011
As an owner of Version 1, I was pleased with its efficiency . It was lacking some of the features from competitors, but it worked very well. Then, Version 2 is out, so I decided to take another look at the competitors before upgrading AppShelf. After testing, I chose to stay AppShelf and upgrade to Version 2. Here's why:

It is fast and efficient, never crashes, never gets corrupted. It now allows you to make separate folders. It does a pretty good job of scanning for serials, and allows for attachments (linked or copied). It allows you to import other databases. Mostly these features are in the other apps too, but I like the way AppShelf handles it. It only uses 2 windows (info and attachment) instead of multiple tabs, and I really like that. I

t never feels like it is bogging down the CPU on my older Mac. I think it's a great value for a great price. Reminds me of the stability and usefulness of SafePlace, which I still use to this day for my login info. (I could use SP for my licenses too, but prefer to have AppShelf for that - this way, it keeps both apps leaner without so much data to juggle / bog down. Plus, because the information is of a different nature, I like to keep it separated and not all in one app).

To me, it's one of those rare apps that's coded so well and just always works beautifully. Recommend it highly.
[Version 2.1.2]


onamac reviewed on 21 Jul 2011
I bought WebDesign initially on a daily deal, intending it to be an HTML editor rather than to build a website.. I found it's much, much more than that because not only can you do both, but do it very intuitively. The interface, wizard availability, and "help" it gives you (if needed) equal a terrific package. It's great for modifying an existing website, and will easily work with templates.

I've kept my versions updated, and the company has been great whenever needed. I've also bought a couple of their other apps.

The new version I just saw today adds something I wanted where it locates the code for your selected element. Very nice.

When bringing up this page to download the update, I noticed the sporadic reviews and felt compelled to add mine. It seems to me that WebDesign is just a hidden gem that perhaps has gotten overlooked when searching for a web software.
[Version 3.5]

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onamac replied on 21 Jul 2011
I wanted to make sure I was clear in my review (in case I wasn't) that WebDesign can build sites from scratch too, making the process easier and comprehensive. It gives you results like coding by hand - where you are actually involved with the code - but can also guide you if you are learning. So it's good for all camps: for people who can hand-code and want to build / update a site, for people who want to learn the skill, and for anyone in-between. To me, it fills a gap between using something like RapidWeaver / Sandvox, or using a straight text or HTML editor. It's really a unique program, IMO... for me it's a go-to app that's really great to use and I love it.

onamac reviewed on 27 Feb 2011
Does what it sets out to do and makes the syncing with Blogger and RapidWeaver a very easy task.
[Version 2.02]

onamac rated on 14 Dec 2010
[Version 3.2.2]


onamac reviewed on 14 Dec 2010
I've had this app for a while now and the quality of its output is outstanding. It allows for automation, where you can make various workflows (like easy scripts), name them, and run them with a click of a button. This makes it very easy especially if you have many different things you need to do, i.e. you need to do sample rate conversion, change to 16-bit from 24-bit, and then create from that a certain file type, wav, mp3. This makes it simple to do variations of such a script. You can quickly run this workflow and end up with the files you need.

Sample Manager offers the Izotope algorithm which is superb. Every file I've ever converted and output from this app turned out great: better results than I had gotten previously... and faster. Although it allows for alteration and customization, it can also be like a "set it and forget it".
[Version 3.2.2]

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