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olipower commented on 25 Jul 2007
Interesting little thing. A keeper. Thanks for your efforts!
[Version 1.0]

olipower commented on 30 May 2007
I would love to read some reviews of this app. But at $249 I won't even try it out myself, given the multitude of free, superb open source cms's out there. Especially Drupal, MODx and TypoLight graps my attention.

Maybe the developer should consider reducing his price. Who is the taget user? Low-end people use RapidWeaver, and high-end users use one of the many CMS's out there, both open source and commercial.
[Version 1.1]


olipower reviewed on 17 Apr 2007
Yes indeed!

What a cool and useful application. Been using Gleam, but it's dog slow on my iMac G5, so I started looking for alternatives and found 1001. Happily I discover it has many features that will let me work faster and more efficiently.

Especially the way I can tag images, and send them to groups, before uploading them. Revelation.

Thank you!

See my uploads here:
(shameless plug I know;-)
[Version 1.0.6]


olipower reviewed on 13 Apr 2007
I've now tested it some more, and must say I think it is a very capable and impressive vector drawing app - it sure does pack a punch.

Nice to see developers thinking outside the box. Look at the ZeusDraw website for the screencasts - Zeus can do amazing stuff.

My girlfriend and I consider purchasing it - it a lot more approachable than Illustrator.
[Version 1.1]


olipower reviewed on 06 Apr 2007
Works great! Thatk you to the developers for making this! Greets!
[Version 1.1a]


olipower reviewed on 02 Apr 2007
This is a nice app. Thanks to the developer for making it. I wish it would let me output to jpeg format too though.
[Version 1.5.1]

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olipower replied on 20 Apr 2007
Oki doki. Super super duper. And many thanks.

I have another feature request:
Optional conversion to the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color profile. Reason? I'm using Adobe RGB 1998 but for web use I always want it in sRGB for better colors online, on various users screens.

Thank you again!

olipower reviewed on 28 Mar 2007
This seems to be a very promising app. It's quite stable for a beta, and works well. There are a few concepts I have to experiment more with in order to fulle understand it. However, looking forward to see the next versions.

Features I'd like to see:
Multiple mics. And the ability to route the mic through a plugin, f.e. a compressor.
[Version 1.0b11]


olipower reviewed on 07 Feb 2007
A quite overestimated app. It almost never finds all the files related to an app.

Even similarly named files, containing the apps name!

And ever since I started using my computers non-admin as a standard-user, AppZapper will ask me to write my admin password once or more for each and every app I delete.

So whenever I feel like cleaning up my applications folder, I have to sit there and feel like an idiot typing my admin username and password like a zillion-times.

Typing it once for the whole batch should be enough.
[Version 1.8]

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olipower replied on 25 Feb 2007
Thank you for your words. But please read my last line again:

"Typing it once for the whole batch should be enough."

Of course I wanna type my password, but not 30 or 40 times to delete 20 apps! Pretty repetitive task.

I could, like you say, log into my admin account, delete the apps I would like to delete. However, that's not clever, as that would not get rid of the user-related files, them being in my normal user-account!

I guess the purpose of AppZapper is to get rid of all the app-related files right? Then your solution is a bit half-hearted.
olipower commented on 04 Feb 2007
version 1.2 been running fine on my iMac G5... Using it with Audio Hijack Pro...
[Version 1.2]


olipower reviewed on 09 Dec 2006
Having been a longtime Studiometry user, I was slowly getting disillusioned by its buggyness, bloated featureset, unanswered support tickets, etc. The recent version 4 made me start looking for alternatives.

I find Billings 2 a viable alternative. It has the features I need, in a clear workflow, intuitive, and not bloated. I've been indecisive between Billings and iRatchet, but iRatchet is just too... featurerich... and yet lacks some of the features I find most important - features readily present in Billings 2.

Now, I hope MarketCircle will develop and support this version 2 a lot more than I can see from the previous comments they've done on version 1.
[Version 2.0b3]

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olipower replied on 09 Dec 2006
Maybe I should elaborate a bit on the features I like:
Billings has Address Book sync - whereas many competing apps provide "copy from Address Book"...

But imagine, your co-worker/freelancer receives a call from a client, the client says he moved. Ok new address is put into Apple Address Book. Next day I send that client an invoice, to the wrong/old address, because the app was not synced with Address Book.

Or, the other way round, I'm visiting my client, but the address I have on my phone is not up-to-date because the phone syncs with Address Book, and Address book was not synced with the app, in which I put his new address.

So, what I'm getting at:
Such a small difference in an app can make a huge difference in daily worklflow. As of writing iRatchet does not support Address Book sync, while Billings does. I like that a lot;-)

olipower replied on 13 Dec 2006
Yeah, their support... Luckily I've not needed it this time round. But I sure do agree with you. If they prove to provide bad support once a problem arises, I will spread the news like a wildfire;-)

Trust me - I can badmouth as hell. I can't stand bad service;-)

Would like to go with iRatchet - but ... it's just so daunting, so many options here and there, and I believe strongly in this formula:

Number of options/features x bugs = many bugs.

But on the other hand, an app like On The Job is way too simple for me. Featurewise, Billings is perfect.

olipower replied on 13 Dec 2006
Yep. And the weird syncing in Daylite made it a no go for me, when I tested it out a few months ago.
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