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nostrodumbass reviewed on 07 Jul 2011
Boom works quite well for potentiating music and sound dynamics. Really enhances my listening pleasure.
No issues experienced....has been working totally smoothly since installing it 3 months ago.
[Version 1.1]


nostrodumbass reviewed on 11 Jun 2011
Haven't experienced any issues since installing it about a week ago. Runs quite smoothly; easy to use and configure.
It found and eliminated "MacDefender"/"MacSecurity" malware.
I had been trying out BitDefender AV but deleted it after discovering that Activity Monitor found it consuming 530MB of memory.
Sophos' s memory use is negligible.
So, I've now got both Sophos av and ClamXav both free and exceedingly competent. After using one of them I'll often double check using the other.
[Version 7.2.1]

nostrodumbass rated on 03 Jun 2011
[Version 2.1.2]


nostrodumbass reviewed on 29 Apr 2011
Hey Pianamesa,

This one's for you, babe.....PFAARRT!!!
Why? Read the posts below.
For shame, Pianamesa, for shame!
[Version 3.2 Patch 1]

nostrodumbass commented on 27 Apr 2011
Christ, this thing is vile and disgusting. The theme is animals "escaping their environment". So we use them for target practice, huh? Blow them away, even though they're not threatening anyone or each other; and do so in a particularly horrible way.....via flame thrower or rocket launcher?
Really mindless and gratuitous
Totally offensive.
Yeah, this IS pretty sick stuff. The fact that the developer elected to go with this theme is quite revealing.
[Version 1.01]


nostrodumbass reviewed on 17 Jun 2009
Firefox is now blazingly fast on my three Intel core 2 duo Macs... every bit as fast as Safari 4 or any other browser.
Mozilla, what took you so long? Firefox has now come of age, at long last.
And I've found no issues with this version. Stellar, truly stellar!
[Version 3.5rc1]

nostrodumbass commented on 10 Jun 2009
If you're a fop and and a coxcomb ( or the female equivalent thereof) and just can't stop your clothing addiction then Dress Assistant is for you. And so is an adequate number of sessions with a psychotherapist
If you're sane, centered and level headed and just believe in keeping things simple and not indulging in obscene excess, then move on 'cause there's nothing here for you.
[Version 3.2]

nostrodumbass tipped on 30 Dec 2008
I looks like IceClean from MacDentro contains the same functions as FinderClean, so why not just use IceClean instead of FinderClean? Is FinderClean really needed ?
[Version 2.0.2]


nostrodumbass reviewed on 30 Dec 2008
I've been using MacScan since I purchased it for 12.95 at a MacUpdate promo about a year and a half ago. MacScan has been working smoothly and without issues. I run it about every 5-7 days and each time it has found 5-10 tracking cookies(I absolutely abominate them! as I resent and hate all invasions of my privacy) which, of course, I delete from my my Mac.
If I hadn't already purchased it, I'd likely buy MacScan at it's going price of $30, considering that my privacy and browsing security are worth a lot more than that.
[Version 2.6]

nostrodumbass had trouble on 28 Dec 2010
Crashes immediately on my machine with a EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (SIGILL) error report.
MacBook Pro Intel core 2 duo w/OS 10.5.8.
[Version 4.00]

nostrodumbass had trouble on 31 Dec 2008
IceClean v.3.1.1 crashes instantly upon launch attempt (at least is does for me) MacDento's feedback form ( on his website) isn't working.....there's no send function that I could find. So here's my I.C. crash report:
Process: IceClean [90587]
Path: /User//Downloads/
Identifier: com.MacDentro.IceClean
Version: ??? (???)
Code Type: X86 (Native)
Parent Process: launchd [84]

Date/Time: 2008-12-31 11:21:29.117 -0800
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.5.4 (9E17)
Report Version: 6

Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000
Crashed Thread: 0

Dyld Error Message:
Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Frameworks/Sparkle.framework/Versions/A/Sparkle
Referenced from: /Users//Downloads/
Reason: image not found
OS10.5.4 on a MacBook Pro
[Version 3.1.1]

nostrodumbass had trouble on 22 Nov 2008
Alas, Safaricon won't work for Safari 3.1.2
[Version 2.7]

nostrodumbass had trouble on 22 Nov 2008
For PPC Macs only. Tried installing in my MacBook Pro(Intel)( iTunes Plugins Folder) but no go. MatrixJam does not appear in my iTunes list of visualizers. Too bad!
[Version 0.0.2a]

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nostrodumbass replied on 22 Nov 2008
Ok, Ok, I know matrixJam is five years old and is likely usupported at this point. I'd contact the developer but can't find his email address.
nostrodumbass had trouble on 22 Oct 2008
When you select ClamX(in LCC) to virus scan your download folder
the scan says "scanning internet system plugins folder", "checking widgets for viruses" and "checking desktop for viruses" but there's no indication that one's download folder is being scanned, so I guess download folder isn't, in fact, being scanned.
Same issue in the previous version of LCC.
No big deal, though; I've installed ClamX app itself and use that for my scanning needs. It will scan the download folder without issue.
Other than that, LCC is really fine.
[Version 4.0.17]

nostrodumbass had trouble on 25 Apr 2008
This download appears to be identical to the previous version. Both this one and the last one have the same version number and date of modification: v9.27.3731, modified March 31,'08.
[Version 9.5b2]

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nostrodumbass replied on 25 Apr 2008
Ok, I think I know what the glitch is; This download is supposed to be for the latest v9.5 beta, but is actually the last version of the stable 9.27 by mistake.
nostrodumbass had trouble on 29 Mar 2008
I, too, needed to reregister iWOW (after doing an OS reinstall) and now, as many others have experienced, iWOW tells me that I've exceeded the number of allowable installations, so it won't accept my serial number...but this is only the second time that I've installed it, and on the same computer!
And, once again, as many others have experienced, repeated emails to SRS support regarding this matter have met with a complete stone replies whatsoever!
This issue regarding TOTAL AND COMPLETE LACK OF SUPPORT has been an ongoing one with SRS for quite some time now, going back well past a year. What the hell is wrong with them???!!
After you purchase their product, they, in effect, spit in your face when you request assistance.
The product is very good but their "support"(HAH!!!) stinks like an overflowing sewer on hot summer's day.
I'm absolutely outraged!

nostrodumbass had trouble on 27 Feb 2008
Looks intriguing but crashes when trying to launch, here, every time.
Crash log says,

[Version 1.8]

nostrodumbass had trouble on 22 Feb 2008
This whole Houdini trip is just too BIZARRE!
v1.5 is a TOTAL DISASTER! (v1.4.4 worked ok) I, too, am getting the, "the variable zerothoptions is not defined" on my desktop. Earlier, upon launch, a window appeared with a list of applications, the first twenty or so were blank and the rest were a combination of applications and none-applications, most in triplicate, quadruplicate and more. Huh???
Oh, and at the top of the window it said, "Where is Microsoft Word?"? WTF??!! I don't even have Microsoft Word installed.
Question: Do you, developer(s) know wtf your doing???
I think not.
Why don't you just toss this Houdini thing into the trash, go take your meds, take a nice warm bath and then have a really nice long nap, ok? You'll feel much better.
[Version 1.5]

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