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normb reviewed on 14 Nov 2013
So very easy to use. I much prefer storing photos in folders where I feel I have real control – and nice that they are not duplicated. Unbound makes it easy to manage photos, albeit with modest features thus far. No doubt the developers will be adding further capabilities over time.

As it stands, it suits my needs very well; I really appreciate its simplicity and speed. A good buy IMO.
[Version 1.0.3]


normb reviewed on 13 Jun 2013
When it works, it works very well. Stutters that may be experienced in a "live" viewing are all removed, with no apparent loss of quality with what is essentially a recording.

Unable to record (eg) the latest Apple WWDC

A useful adjunct to MacTubes

Yes - I paid for it, and I am happy so far - but I am looking forward to some improvements to the UI

HINT: don't try to overload it with too many videos recordings all at once.
[Version 3.1.1]


normb reviewed on 26 Mar 2013
Will not run on my MB Air using 10.6.8 - just says : ooops
NoSleep Kernel Extension is not loaded.

How do I fix this ??
[Version 1.3.2]

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normb replied on 26 Mar 2013
Not being comfortable with using Terminal, I instead used CleanApp to remove the preference pane and two other associated files found. Then installed version 1.3.0 and everything now works fine.

Worth 5 stars now, but less one for all the trouble gone to ;-)

Thanks everyone for the advice

normb replied on 26 Mar 2013
Happy to re-rate, but how does one do this ?

normb reviewed on 20 Aug 2012
So far, this software simply doesn't work for me. I would like to clear the DRM on two music albums I have purchased but somehow I can no longer access. This program just does not run on my OS 10.6.8 Have emailed the developer - no response yet. I am hopeful the problem can be sorted.
[Version 1.22.1]

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normb replied on 22 Aug 2012
I have tried very hard to get this software to work. Plainly I am missing something vital. The developers have supplied me progressively with three "upgrade" versions to test, but each one has simply not worked. I have sent console logs each time, all display different faults (I am unable to interpret their meaning). It just doesn’t look good.

The user interface looks rather too complex, with so many detailed settings confronting one that it is hard to discern what is supposed to be happening.

I have accordingly asked questions of the developers, but my questions have not been answered. Without a genuine full discourse other than “try this” I am unable to get anywhere fast. With some regret . . . I have now given up.

normb replied on 24 Aug 2012
If you are serious about sorting this, please email me and discuss the problem properly. Macupdate is not the place for this kind of conversation. Oh, and version 5 (??) doesn't solve anything either, by the way.

normb reviewed on 13 Jul 2012
Absolutely brilliant in its simplicity.

Starts up very quick, FAST to use. If you don't need all the bells and whistles of G Maps et al, then this is just so useful for simple everyday use.

I especially like the uncluttered view. If you want a quick MAP - that is what you get. Did I mention that it is FAST ??

Well worth a donation. Thanks . . .
[Version 2.7.3]


normb reviewed on 23 Apr 2012
LL performs very well for me and does just what it says, very fast, useful and informative, easy to read and to digest..

Log files can get to be VERY large quite quickly, and the ability to examine these in a much more orderly manner than just the raw log file is just so much easier and far less daunting.

The developer was very quick to respond to a small Bug only affecting Snow Leopard - thanks Andy, much appreciated.
[Version 1.5]


normb reviewed on 03 Jan 2012
IMO this is good - but not quite as good as QuickCal - qv

As I already have Caliander for display purposes only - its event input is poor, compared to Fantastical and/or QuickCal - I needed a decent input screen. QC is it in my opinion.


why oh why has Apple not created (a) the tools that developers need (eg) for decent repeating type events (like MS Outlook and Express) and (b) written its own killer calendar app ??

iCal by itself is poor

But Fantastical is otherwise very good - just not the very best IMO
[Version 1.1.1]


normb reviewed on 13 Aug 2011
I have tried hard to use Wuala (Mac OS Snow Leopard and now Lion) - but for me, it has been a total failure.

The user interface is very poor, the “manual” is long and repetitive, and apparently not up to date. It seems to miss out completely on essential information, and refers to non-existent buttons and menu items. How does one sync folders ?? Not clearly stated, yet fundamental to its purpose. The user interface is poorly thought through and generally obscure and impenetrable.

I liked the manner of encryption - and the manual is very good at explaining this. On everything else that matters, it is a total loss. I have no doubt that it all “works”, but it is just too hard. Really, if the developers are serious about their product, they should put some effort into the UI. The font size used is also far too small, hardly readable.

All in all, it looks like a product that is quite unfinished, simply not ready for prime time.

I have gone over to DropBox - which just works.
[Version 1.0]


normb reviewed on 05 May 2011
Endorse others' comments - terrific piece of software.

I Recently had need to reinstall everything on my MB Air. There was ONE feature still missing when I had finished, and I could not recall where it previously came from.

Then I remembered - a setting in LB which ensures that “other applications are hidden when opening an item”

Marvellously useful feature, I wonder why it should be hidden away in preferences / actions / options ?? It maybe deserves greater prominence in the Menu Bar

I guess the adage is true - if all else fails, consult the instructions !!
[Version 5.0.4]


normb reviewed on 11 Apr 2011
I am the wrong person to write a first review, principally because

I rather dislike the whole concept of the App Store, and having just now learnt to use it my dislike has increased further.

I much rather would try out a new app - and if I like it, THEN buy it. The Apple model is all wrong. The fact this item is FREE does not alter my dislike.

This software has no help info whatsoever - OK, on the face of it it is a very simple app - so simple I wonder if it is any real use. For example, when I last visited British Colombia sales tax was added on, and the tax seemed to vary with the product on sale. Perhaps somebody from BC can correct me on this ?

So giving a breakdown of the tax incurred on the Total payment is nice, but not necessarily the information being sought - if the GST or whatever is to be ADDED to the price on display - one wants to know the total price

Sorry if this sounds like a rant - my issue is not this particular app, now DELETED, but the whole principle of the Apple Store itself. BAD MOVE Apple.
[Version 1.0]

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