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nite41 reviewed on 10 Aug 2011
Pros: Very fast (if not the fastest), stable, regular updates, clean UI (not as much as Safari/WebKit Nightly though), sync option is cool, extensions/apps are good.

Cons: The widely-discussed Google-as-spy argument (I slightly agree, even though Google does provide extensions for blocking tracking), random but not regular webpage freeze, have to restart my system every time I change my channel (stable, beta, dev) before installing it.
[Version 13.0.782.112]

nite41 commented on 27 May 2011
I'm curious! I have a version of Skype on my Mac that says Skype And this new one here on MU is How come I have a newer version? Or is something amiss? Help please!

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nite41 replied on 27 May 2011
I don't remember exactly from where. I just googled it right now and found this link.
Also, I just noticed that there are quite a few people who have/had the version (if you notice the version number in their comments below).
So, I'm not sure which version is 'really' the latest one!

nite41 reviewed on 26 May 2011
I only bought this app because I could not wait for NetNewsWire 4 (after having tried the new NNW Lite). I have been using NetNewsWire (NNW) 3.2.15 for months now and love it! Recently, I've been trying out Reeder for Mac, Caffeinated and Gruml. Both Reeder and Caffeinated have amazing UI but lack the usability/customisability of NNW. For someone with 250+ feeds, usability takes priority over UI goodness. So, Reeder and Caffeinated didn't suit me. Then I tried Gruml. It's nice, but it's kinda slow. Surely feels like a 'beta' application (which it really is). So, no go for Gruml as well.

I finally decided to try Newsrack. First things first, I hate when an app doesn't have a trial version! I want to try before I buy. Agreed this is not possible in the iOS App Store, but for Mac apps, this is surely possible! Second, the UI of Newsrack looks appealing and that is why I bought it (but mainly because I could not wait for NNW 4). So, how is Newsrack?

I must say..I deleted this app within 30 minutes of using it. It's that bad. It's in no-mans land. It tries to match the UI appeal of, say Reeder or Caffeinated, and pales in comparison (except may be the article view, which is kinda good). But when it comes to usability/customisability, it sucks! Sucks big, big, big time! I have very rarely seen a paid app with so minimal preference options. I mean, you cannot even change the font size of the feed list! This is insane, stupid, ignorant and what not! You cannot have custom keyboard shorcuts. If I begin writing all the places where this app falls short on usability, I won't stop.

So, end opinion. Please do not buy this app. Not unless the developer gets a trial version on its website! 6 Euros of complete waste.
[Version 1.1]


nite41 reviewed on 30 Apr 2011
Good browser. Fast and RAM-efficient. No beachball yet. A problem in one tab doesn't affect other tabs.

Sometimes very high CPU usage (more than 100%). At that point, it simply becomes unresponsive!
[Version 11.0.696.57]

nite41 commented on 23 Jan 2010
Very useful app. But, one feature request. Once running, this app has a menubar icon. Is there any way to run this app in the background (like RightZoom etc) without the menubar icon? Coz I have a lot of stuff in my menubar. And don't really want another one.
[Version 1.1]

nite41 commented on 15 Jan 2010
Laurent! You sound like someone who has been out of tech world for decades! What copying are you talking about? The option to use keyboard shortcuts? The option to display lyrics? The option to display coverart? The option to download artwork/lyrics? The option to use a similar coding language to create apps? The option to have an icon in the Menubar? The option to rate tracks? The option to display rating stars on the Menubar? The option to even create an iTunes plugin!? The option to have a search field to find songs? The option to have a matte-black background for windows? If these are your reasons Laurent, then, Webjib (developer of this app), you are guilty my friend! You are guilty of putting together such commonly found application functions in a simple, yet useful and appealing interface, and that too for free! You are guilty of not abiding by Laurent's illogical, senseless and baseless banter! You are guilty of even putting up your app on MacUpdate (coz CoverSutra had done that before you)!
Laurent, if you dislike this app or the developer's style, do not use it! If you want to criticize it, please do, but with some facts or valid arguments. But I guess your arguments are the ones I mentioned above!
[Version 0.9]

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nite41 replied on 25 Jan 2010

Which parts/features of this app do you think have been taken off Cover Stream?

nite41 replied on 25 Jan 2010
I checked the screenshots of CoverSutra. The only thing that resembles CoverSutra is the small info window that shows up when clicking/hovering over the menubar icon. Even there, the cover-art is different in both apps. Also, TunesArt shows the duration of song. Other things like search windows, cover art on desktop etc. are what can be considered as industry standards. Many iTunes plugins have it.
nite41 commented on 05 Dec 2009
This is one of the best iTunes companion app out there. And it's free! But, Mousqueak app has lured me away from TunesArt for now. Some requests for the developer though.

The cover art could be a bit bigger and clearer/sharper.
Option to show lyrics window at desktop level.
Option to see a small current track info window on mouse-over the TunesArt icon in menubar.
Instead of having two icons (Mini-controller and TunesArt icon), why not just have the Mini-Controller (if activated)? Then, you can right-click to see TunesArt menu items (just like in ByteController).
The notification window is too small. An option to have something big like that in Mousqueak would be awesome!
[Version 0.8.1]

nite41 had trouble on 28 Jul 2011
Does it work with 10.7 Lion? Coz I get black photos/screenshots when using this app on Lion.
[Version 2.5]

nite41 had trouble on 27 Apr 2011
SDL 1.1.24 doesn't intercept YouTube video downloads in Google Chrome (11.0.696.57 stable version). I don't even see the SDL download option in the right-click context menu.
It works fine in Safari 5.0.5 and Firefox 4 though.
[Version 1.1.24]

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