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nicecaman commented on 02 Jul 2006
Download does not work for either of their products.
On their own web page there is
not downloading,
no links on their resources page,
no pricing of their products and
you can not access their blog/up-date site.

I would fix this ASAP, since it does not build trust.
I would also work on the text and layout further
to make an advanced professional appearance.

Pity, I wanted to test interesting their products.
[Version 1.0]

nicecaman commented on 27 Jun 2006
And if you want all the features
it is $161.00!!!!!!
For that money I can buy this in the "flesh" and still have money left for some flowers for the wife.
Danke schön, but no danke schön.
[Version 7.3.3]


nicecaman reviewed on 12 Jun 2006
This will be an even more pleasent app to have
come winter, God forbid.
Nice, nice app.
Thanks Kent :-)
Summer on you too lad.
[Version 1.12]


nicecaman reviewed on 09 Jun 2006
Great app, works like a charm.
and the online update works just minutes after the game is finished.
Danke schön.

Together with the dates and games download to iCal I have all that I need.
All thats left to fix is to find an app that could supply me with reasons and excuses,
regarding the importence of me seeing all the games,
to present to the wife.
[Version 1.1]

nicecaman commented on 07 Jun 2006
And in the wind we heard a whisper:
"Even if I am no longer with you,
morn me no more.
For if you listen you can hear me chrashing
in that place, far far away,
from where no app can return"....
[Version 1.0]


nicecaman reviewed on 17 May 2006
Simple and not really fun to play.
And what is the ball bouncinging of?
It looks like a discoloured lemonslice.
Tried it before I was going to hand it over to the kids, but it went to the trashcan instead.
Sorry developer, maybe for someone else.
[Version 1.04]

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nicecaman replied on 18 May 2006
Dear Jeremy.

I am just being honest and that is what a review is all about. Some reviews, I find, are right down nasty.
I expressed my view and this time it was a somewhat negative one, sorry about that. Thats OK too, isn't it.
I also said: Maybe for someone else. And I meant it.
I think and hope that there are others that will like and enjoy your app.

Some people dislike my music, and thats OK too.
We cant please everyone.

It was a quick review so I will give you some positive pointers too:
The background picture is nice, the swirling thingybob the beach-ball leaves is a lovely touch and the beach ball it self is great.
Good luck.
nicecaman commented on 17 May 2006
Good idé.

Caution to the users though:
Recording a conversation can be illegal,
so check before using it, if you are unsure.
[Version 1.0]

nicecaman tipped on 12 Apr 2006
As the song so rightly puts it:
Don't judge a book by it's cover.

Most tools are just that and not designed for beauty of the eye.
Alas, most does exactly what we wont to use them to.

A hammer does not have the looks of Carmen Dias, Shakira or Richard Gere.
That's fine, since laymen and professionals alike would look for highest standard and performance and rather the brilliance and ability of Maya Deangelo and Stephen Hawking.

I , my self, has often been complemented for my looks, but you know, I don' give a rat's arse about it!
If my work and performances as an artist does not please my fellow man, then I have failed gravely and should look for another use of my abilities as a tool.

Let's all use this space to give reviews and relevant comments.
That is what I find really helpful when I look for an useful app, to help me in my line of work.

As it says in The Hidden Words of Bahá'u'lláh:
In the garden of thy heart plant naught but the rose of love.
Works for me!
[Version 1.7.2e]

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nicecaman replied on 12 Apr 2006
Yes I know!
Her name is Maya Angelou and nothing else.

And my wife sez that I'm not all that handsome any more.
Well,she is though and still married to me :-)
nicecaman commented on 11 Apr 2006
This is the greatest idea since slices bread.
iLoaf, you're toast.
Beware all ye software shortstuff.
There's a new app in town.

I agree with ADS2006 and JETSGO .
Implement those suggestions and you'll have a hit on our hands!
And maybe a better promotion video?

P.S. My Powerbokk sez hi and wonders when she will be as safe as her baby brother.
[Version .01]

nicecaman commented on 21 Feb 2006
Taken from Tiger dictionary:
Bollix |?b?l?ks| |?b?l?ks|
vulgar slang verb [ trans. ] (usu. bollix something up) bungle (a task).
plural noun variant spelling of bollocks .
bollocks |?b?l?ks| (also ballocks or bollix)
vulgar slang chiefly Brit. noun
1 [in pl. ] the testicles.
2 used to express contempt, annoyance, or defiance. ORIGIN mid 18th cent.:
plural of bollock,
variant of earlier ballock, of Germanic origin;
related to ball 1 .
[Version 1.0a3]

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nicecaman replied on 21 Feb 2006
Sex Pistols

Viva Nora Jones ;-)
Nicecaman had trouble on 25 Oct 2005
I wanted a bit more info about the app, but i can't reach the developers site. Forbidden, it said!

You don't have permission to access /software/software_itrip.html on this server.

That can't be right, can it.
[Version 2.0]

Nicecaman had trouble on 25 Aug 2005
I wont upgrade to Tiger just yet. Any chanse that it will be working with panther 10.3.9 at all?
[Version 1.1.1]

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