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Neutralzone commented on 21 Feb 2014
Could be useful for older MacBooks with removable batteries, but do note that for unibody MacBooks with built-in batteries Apple says that "Current Apple portable computer batteries are pre-calibrated and do not require the calibration procedure..."
[Version 1.0.1]

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Neutralzone replied on 15 Mar 2014
Regular complete depletion IS the calibration procedure. There is no difference. My battery is at 95% so I'm doing quite well without the depletion.
Neutralzone commented on 22 Dec 2013
There are a few reviewers who accuse the developer of updating frequently to put their app in the listings often. I do not think this is the case because of the nature of the app. This app ONLY appeals to people who use scanners, and that is a decreasing percentage of people. There is NO publicity advantage to appearing more often in the daily updates: Most people will not be motivated to try the app just because they see it, since most people no longer scan. Therefore I do not find it logical that the developer is trying to game the listings.

If you have a need for this app you will actively look for it, and you will probably get it because there is very little good competition. That is the other reason I do not believe the developer is trying to game the listing. People who need the app are going to find it anyway.
[Version 9.4.16]

Neutralzone commented on 23 Oct 2013
Thank you for getting the latest version of Mail Unread Menu out the same day as Mavericks!
[Version 3.4.5]

Neutralzone commented on 21 Dec 2012
OK, so people are making fun of the unplug notification. It is practical. On my MacBook Pro, I would actually like to know if the MagSafe plug has disconnected, because there are times when the first time I noticed that the power lead was disconnected is because a low battery warning popped up...and I needed that battery to stay charged for when I left the building.

But I also use Hardware Growler to let me know about things like when the wireless router I'm using (away from home) goes offline, or to confirm when a USB or FireWire volume is fully dismounted so that I can unplug it. There are more examples but suffice to say I have found Hardware Growler informative for years with Growl. It can also be used for things like reporting Bluetooth devices coming into range.
[Version 2.0.1]

Neutralzone commented on 30 Nov 2012
iStat Menus is one of my favorite utilities, and I don't have a problem paying $9 for a great upgrade.

But if the lists of what's been removed from iStat Menus 4 are true, Bjango needs to know that I am going to hold on to my money for now and keep using iStat Menus 3.

No ability to see disk i/o rates of multiple disks at once? It sounds like this might be the case if you now have to mouse over each disk one by one in iSM4. Correct me if I've got that wrong.

No black theme? Like many who edit photos, I use the Graphite gray OS X theme to remove as much color from the UI as possible so that it doesn't distract from color correction tasks. I don't have any color menu bar icons and I don't want them!

The graphical histories sound nice but if they still can't total up network bandwidth for a calendar month or specified monthly period (to monitor vs. ISP data caps) it's more form over function.

I'll wait for bug fixes and the return of good features before I upgrade.
[Version 4.00]

Neutralzone rated on 10 Aug 2012
[Version 2.3.2]

Neutralzone commented on 04 Aug 2012
Just a slight oddity...for some reason, this is the only Mac app I have where the window can't be resized from any edge. (10.7.4). It's just a convenience thing, but I've gotten used to it in every other Mac app now.
[Version 6.5]

Neutralzone commented on 01 Dec 2011
Description is inaccurate...I remained addicted to this game long after childhood! :) Nice to see it back.
[Version 1.0]

Neutralzone commented on 10 Apr 2011
Wowee...I wasn't expecting network Epson support to be added any time soon, but boom, here it is! Now I can use VueScan to scan from my all-in-one Workforce 610 over the network, awesome! (I have been network scanning from it with Image Capture, which works pretty well, but it's nice to have the additional options of VueScan sometimes.)

Thank you Ed!
[Version 9.0.30]

neutralzone commented on 25 Oct 2008
It has appeared in Software Update again
[Version 2008-003]

neutralzone had trouble on 04 Aug 2006
0.9.6 release notes say "Keychain issues resolved" but it still asks me for full login information on start even though I checked "Add to Keychain." This is 0.9.6b according to the About box.

Nice improvements otherwise.
[Version 0.9.6]

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neutralzone replied on 05 Aug 2006
Yes, that was it! Now that I have filled in "As user" it no longer asks for authentication. I use static IP addresses on this network so changing IPs should not be a problem.

Thank you for the quick reply even though I recognize this site is not an official support channel.
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