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nerfgun reviewed on 07 Apr 2009
I know a lot of people have had massive issues with this software, but as of 2.7 it seems actually pretty good to me. Running this to control a MX Revolution mouse and it works perfectly. Not quite as flexible as USB Overdrive but... close. You can set individual app prodiles and everything.

No crashes, seems stable with Adobe CS4/Final Cut/etc.
[Version 2.7]

nerfgun commented on 11 Jul 2008
Nullriver continually says they haven't abandoned the software but with a (maybe) twice-yearly update schedule at best, it may as well be abandoned. If it works for you, great, but if it doesn't you can expect exactly *zero* support. They've been this way for years, as near as I can tell.

Nullriver, if you are reading this, your coders are ok but your customer service is absolutely horrible.
[Version 2.5.2]


nerfgun reviewed on 05 Nov 2007
This product is shockingly good - especially for such an early version. It's still a beta and you can't buy it as of this writing, but it fills a great need.

It is similar to Handbrake, but Stomp transcodes *any* video file that QuickTime can read, rather than just DVDs.

Capabilities are not quite as robust as FFMpegX but the interface is vastly superior. Also, the processing speed is quite fast.

Looks like a very promising app.
[Version 0.992]

nerfgun commented on 09 Feb 2007
Do you know how long I've been looking for something to do this???

I will happily pay a shareware fee for this app.

By the way, the problem applies to the Sony PS3 as well. Or specifically iTunes; the PSP and PS3 use proper MP4 metadata but iTunes chucks everything inside the 'meta' atom.

Thanks for working on this!
[Version 0.3]

nerfgun commented on 22 Jan 2007
This was a fantastic app back in early 2006 but is now AbandonWare, as the developer has left it to stagnate for many many months now. Their own forums are rife with people asking what is going on, and no answer at all.

It saddens me to say it, as I really liked PSPWare once, but - DON'T spend any money on this app, as it will be largely wasted.
[Version 2.5.1]


nerfgun reviewed on 19 Jun 2006
Works great on my W600 phone, is a total lifesaver. Highly recommended.

Only issue I have with it is throwing an error when it moves pics from the phone to a pre-set folder, and the images have the same name... but that's mostly my bad config to blame.
[Version 0.93]


nerfgun reviewed on 01 Mar 2006
Absolutely spectacular. Make sure you turn on smoke, the glows off the spark trails are really incredible.

The only fly in the ointment is the fairly lo-res landscape texture as mentioned by others (although I love that you can make out a little blurry soccer field in there). A good bump-mapped terrain texture would make this illusion perfect.

Thank you for this screensaver!
[Version 1.1.1]


nerfgun reviewed on 28 Jan 2006
This app is really fantastic, and if Apple doesn't buy the guy's code then they are absolutely insane. This thing, integrated into iTunes, would be WILDLY popular.

The 3D routine used is very fast, and you can tell the feel of the 'shuffling' animation has been hand-tweaked to perfection. I spent about 10 minutes just rifling back and forth through my collection - once I had gathered all the missing covers in my collection.

Anyways, play with it, really lots of fun. If you run CoverFlow with the iTunes controller minimized below its window, you have a whole new way of interacting with your music.

APPLE - BUY THIS APPLICATION! Pay the man, he more than deserves it.
[Version 1.982]


nerfgun reviewed on 23 Jan 2006
Iridium is a beautiful theme, one of the best I've ever seen. I used it consistently for many months and found it to be nearly trouble-free; only very occasional glitches, and usually these happened where Apple deviated from their own standard practices (Fast User Switching menulet, Bookmarks separater in Safari, etc).

It is *very* bright however, so be sure to check the screenshots before installing. Myself, I liked it.

My quibbles: I don't like the background 'shelf' graphic for Dashboard widgets, the Apple/G5-style one was nicer. And the lack of any demarcation between the toolbar area that you can grab, and the actual button area, is tricky to discern. 'Real' unified toolbar apps (like Mail) let you drag the window ANYWHERE there isn't an icon. Apps that have the old draggable toolbar only - you can't tell where the draggable area begins with Iridium installed. A minor annoyance.

Great work though. I wish Apple was as consistent. Iridium Finder looks way better than the bushed metal Apple default look.
[Version 1.7.1]


nerfgun reviewed on 22 Jan 2006
Does what it says - provides a tiny graph of net traffic. I wish this wasn't oe of the ugliest widgets I've ever seen. If it looked like the Buzztracker widget, it would probably be a lot more popular.
[Version 1.1]

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