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mtlx reviewed on 04 Nov 2013
This is the best program of its category hands down !

I totally love their iOS app also.

The only thing I want is iCloud sync between the widget and the app... and iCloud sync will arrive soon : the app already support it, the widget will probably in the next beta or next stable version.

Talking about beta : this version si stable as a rock ! never had any crash or lag :-)

As others, I wonder what will be the future of widgets in osX but I'm sure "Delivery Status" will make his way as a standalone program for mac. Even a paid one will not scary me, the quality is there and I love this program :-)
[Version 5.9.3 beta 1]


mtlx reviewed on 27 Jul 2013
Excellent program !! Just drag and drop your file and voila !!!

I didn't put 5 stars only to "Features" because I'd live to see 2 major things done by iDentify :

1. to be able to understand .mkv format (I know that's impossible because the way technically .mkv is done... but I can dream).

2. to be able to have some "advanced" options where I can setup automations like :
- Watch the "Download" folder (lets say with an "iDentify Helper" process in the background) and every time a certain type of file is added to it (.mp4, m4v, avi...) then automatically process it into iDentify and...
- Automatically validate iDentify choices in terms of names, etc...
- Move the file, newly renamed/converted, to a folder specified by user in iDentify "advanced settings" (lets say to my nas for example)
- Close iDentify

What do you think about point 2. ? It's something which would be great :)
I already tried to do that using Automator and Hazel but at the end I always had to do something manually.... so if all of that would be integrated into iDentify core that would definitely be a killer feature. I know, lot of "normal" users would not necessary benefits of that... but... what do you think to have these "advanced options" as a "Pro" pack.... I would be totally ok to pay for this kind of features (not too much of course).
[Version 521]


mtlx reviewed on 21 Feb 2013
installed it today from the Mac App Store : it's astonishing ! Usefull, quick... I love it :)
[Version 1.0]


mtlx reviewed on 02 May 2012
Good news everyone !!

Logitech Harmony software is available in version 7.8 on the Logitech website since April 17th 2012. Compatible with OSX 10.7 :-)

The bad news is that it's still the same UI so awful to use :-(
It's still a 32Bits software... but no need to restart the whole system in 32bits :-)
Surprisingly I used it during 1 hour and no crash. So... maybe some little improvements for the stability ?!

I don't know if someone from Logitech would ever read that one day but never mind, let's try :

You from Logitech : you do interesting devices for little users like me but you do sh.t when come the time to make a software. So let's kill 1 device that don't sell well (you should probably find an old webcam or gamepad that nobody want) and with the money saved in not producting it let's hire a good software developer !!
Thanks !
[Version 7.7.0]

mtlx rated on 23 Dec 2011

mtlx rated on 24 Nov 2011


mtlx reviewed on 25 Jun 2011
I tried Transmission some time ago in different versions and each time it was a pleasure to use :-) I really love it and if you read me and hesitate in trying Transmission... stop hesitate and start download it !

Does anyone knows a kind of search engine add-on for Transmission ?
If the answer is "yes" then that would be for me THE reason to leave Xtorrent...
[Version 2.31]


mtlx reviewed on 24 Jun 2011
On 10.6.8 with an Harmony ONE, the software is working "fine" (meaning it's working but it's a software which is outdated from 1995 in his design/user interface/functionality).

The software does what it has to do (hum...), it's ugly, complicated and absolutely not user-friendly. SHAME ON YOU LOGITECH ! In an other hand the remote is great. But I hate the software !!

I spent hours and hours doing all my configurations for all my devices and activities... and it was really boring using this crapware :-( But now it's done and working fine on my remote :-) In some weeks (days ?) I will upgrade (clean install I hope) to OSX Lion and would know the way for me to make a backup of my settings from Logitech Software ? Is there any specific ".plist" file to save ?? If someone knows the answer it would save me days and days... and not only for me but also for all other people who have to use Logitech Harmony Software because there is no other alternative :-(

[Version 7.7.0]

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mtlx replied on 02 May 2012
Let's reply to myself after finding the answer to my question :
The user profile I've created at the beginning store my remote's settings on the Logitech computers. So when I start with a new Mac with a new Logitech software, I enter my username and every settings are there :-)
mtlx had trouble on 25 Jun 2011
Xtorrent display "max" of 6 search engines for me. On the result page of Xtorrent I checked "display results grouped by websites" then I see never more than 6 websites... I have 25 listed in my xtorrent options (and yes they should work fine, I checked each one individually, everything is working fine using the "%@" query) :-(

I tried to display each one in a tab... and all my search engines are working fine, I mean I can see in each tab the webpage corresponding to the search engine and results corresponding to my search(es). But it's a pain in the ass to have to click on each tab... Xtorrent is supposed to group result in 1 view !

I'm a Pro user of it (yes, I paid for it a long time ago in a galaxy far far away on the new Mac planet). Does anyone else have the same problem as me (limited number of results/websites) ? Does anyone has a solution ?

Thanks a lot

P.S : I understand some would not like Xtorrent and/or his developer for the concept behind it (take an opensource program, change the color and the name and ask for money) but I really like the search feature integrated in Xtorrent : 1 search field, 1 view, choices of results :-) ... when it works.
[Version 2.1v155]

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