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Mpez reviewed on 09 Nov 2010
Well this is the first version that I can actually recommend. Office for Mac has been crippled for a long time - removal of VBA and associated functions was a major hassle in the science world. Solver returns in-line (yay!). This runs fast, has been as stable as I expect a 1.0 release to be, and has good compatibility with the Windows version. I also quite like the ribbons, but will have to use it a bit longer to really know if it is a productivity feature.
[Version 14.0.1]


Mpez reviewed on 06 May 2010
Wow this version is even better than the last! Fantastic vision from the developer. Great looking, works like a dream, faster than the competition. Would be worth five times the price. Thanks!
[Version 2.0v120]


Mpez reviewed on 28 Apr 2010
Ignore the trolls below. This app works really well, is constantly updated, and is the best option for beginning users of torrent software. A lot of people out there simply hate the developer and post negatively whenever a new version is available. (Watch the frowns accumulate to the right of this review :) ).
The support for this software is not great - the developer seems to be a bit odd. But hey, it looks and works great. Better to have working software with bad support than buggy software and the best support in the world.
[Version 2.0v115]

Mpez commented on 27 Oct 2009
What are the special features of the mouse? I used one in an apple store yesterday (NextByte actually - I'm in Oz). It was pretty good and definitely better than the mighty mouse. Movement was precise, but it did not always feel comfortable in my hand. Part of that may be familiarity with the old. I had a little trouble getting the two-finger scroll to work. Having Star Trek fingers - you know, the V thing, will help. I'm looking forward to more gestures in the future - mind you, I've been looking forward to the same on my MBA….

Hope this means 10.6.2 is on the horizon.
[Version 1.0]

mpez commented on 15 Sep 2009
Well Pedro, the update window stated clearly **This is a paid upgrade**. Granted that it is probably not ideal to offer a sparkle update for a paid upgrade. But benefit of the doubt - Gus is one of the nicer developers around, and wouldn't purposefully do this. I'm sure that he will supply you with the 1.5.3 software.

As for the MH bundle - you pay for the software as is. Not an endless upgrade path. It was feature complete for that version, very stable, and usable - and still is. The developer probably gets a few dollars for each license. Your couple of dollars gives you access to the software advertised, and support. So don't be such a cheap skate. Sure, if it was buggy and useless you should expect upgrades to fix the problems; but it wasn't - instead it was stable and complete - for that version.

Oh, and I got it in the MH bundle as well.

Man, I'm so tired of the whingers. Get a life. The developers have gotta eat. They're not driving BMWs.

You bought the *software* for a few dollars, not the *developer*.
[Version 2.0]

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mpez replied on 15 Sep 2009
Full apology - I did not look at your screenshot. You had it set to download automatically. If this was not set, a warning screen appeared stating it was a paid upgrade.

As to the rest of your reply - no, I do not know the developer, unless support emails for problems encountered using the software counts. My opinion was based on the courtesy and availability of the developer in response to my troubles.

What most riled me about your 'review' was that there was no review. You had a problem and you chose to deal with it by a post on a website rather than simply sending an email to the developer that:
a. would have sorted out your problem
b. would have alerted him to an issue with people who have the download set to automatic

In turn, your 'review' ends up turning people away from a very good piece of software and essentially stealing money out of the pocket of a guy who has worked very hard to get to this point. And all because you got a little peeved. And instead of talking directly to the developer as the first point of call, you post here! That is the issue.

mpez reviewed on 14 Sep 2009
I've been beta testing this for a month or two. It is close to perfect - stable, fast (an issue I had with the previous version - this one can open large canvasses without skipping a beat on my MBA), with many of the most important functions for an image editor. Gus is one of the most talented developers around. This is only 10.6 because it makes extensive use of blocks and grand central dispatch - and the speed difference is marked. After 14 days he has enabled a new free mode - so whether you choose to buy it or not it will become a stable for those quick editing jobs that applications like imagewell currently fill.

It won't replicate every Adobe function - I still use Illustrator for certain jobs; and it is no photoshop 'killer' as such - but for the vast majority of image editing jobs, it is more than capable. Give it a try.

(I have no affiliation with the developer, just think that he makes great software.)
[Version 2.0]

mpez commented on 29 Aug 2009
Have been using Xtorrent 2 for a little while now. Works well - no problems whatsoever. Lifetime upgrade serial number worked fine. This is the only seamless option for torrent downloads on the mac. Transmission is a good program, but the lack of integrated search is a deal breaker. Integrated search in Xtorrent is perfect. Avoids the need to trawl through a hundred porn/gambling strewn sites looking for the file you want.

Re: developer. Yep, he is an unusual one there's no doubt - but he makes good looking software that works as advertised and is reasonably priced. Five stars *****.
[Version 2.0v76]

mpez commented on 09 Aug 2009
Works great. As to why you wouldn't just go with transmission - search. If transmission had it, we'd use it. It doesn't, this does. Search is fast, the whole application is slick.

Was worried by comments below about lifetime upgrade not working - entered my activation code from Xtorrent 1 - worked straight away upgrading me to the Pro version. Can only imagine that it is the old DW haters hijacking another forum.

This is a great app, highly recommended.
[Version 2.0v66]

mpez commented on 19 Jun 2009
Using Bibdesk + Textmate + Latex for my science thesis. A little bit of a learning curve if you are new to these tools, but well worth it - so much more robust than the other options. The new features of Bibdesk such as being able to import references from webpages are welcome. A great product, just give it a little time.
[Version 1.3.21]

mpez commented on 18 Feb 2009
This is a beautiful and well designed piece of software. Perhaps the only feature lacking is some kind of sync system - computer-computer-iphone. But this is a small quibble for a free product.

I've no idea what the reviewers are talking about below - it is easy to delete the developer's blog RSS. There is some kind of vendetta against this developer, so take the negative reviews with a grain of salt.

In any case it's free, so try it and find out.
[Version 1.6v76]

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mpez replied on 18 Feb 2009
I'm not trying to mislead - but I'm looking at my feed list and DW's blog is not there. (I deleted it in the past). Are you saying it is a new feature that you can't delete his blog?

mpez replied on 18 Feb 2009
I'm sorry I'm not sure. It just isn't there for me. I have had NF from the pay for license days, perhaps I deleted it then and now DW has rewarded us with not having to read his blog! Tried deleting the plists and so on?
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