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Mondele reviewed on 29 Jan 2014
I have tried Mikogo several times, partly because I have a client who has used them in the past. You are supposed to be able to use it for family remote support, but this has yet to happen for me. I signed up for the free account and downloaded the local app, but when I create a session I am only able to display my screen to the remote person, rather than to see what's on their screen. Downloading and installing the program is beyond the capacity of some of my family members, and starting a session is even further out of reach. I really wanted to like Mikogo, but it's not intuitive enough to make a good solution at this time.
[Version 4.7.130410]

Mondele commented on 04 Dec 2013
I'm sure Tincta is a wonderful editor, and all of that, but it's the first program I've ever encountered that required me to agree with the user's religion in order to use it.

No thanks. There are enough code editors out there that I don't need to embrace your green religion to write code.
[Version 2.1.1]


Mondele reviewed on 11 Sep 2013
Well, it wasn't something I NEEDED right now, but I felt bad for the author - saying he was "very interested in feedback and bug reports".

Downloaded and installed in 10.6.8 (iMac Core Duo) and 10.7.5 (MacBook Pro Core i7). It works. It's a widget, so I'm not particularly concerned about stability, etc.

One caveat - it apparently won't succeed in an initial connection attempt - the remote server must already have an entry in your ssh servers list in order to connect successfully. This is not a huge problem given the simplicity of this program, but it is something of which one should be aware.
[Version 0.2b]

Mondele commented on 26 Jul 2013
I got a copy of Things from MacHeist. I understand the developer not offering updates for a free program, but they've also decided that it "expires". Beware if you expect a program that you've purchased to remain yours.
[Version 2.2.1]

Mondele commented on 27 Jun 2013
The download link is incorrect. The link from the developer's page is Speaking of which, the link for the developer's site should probably go to Both of the current links go to 404 error pages.
[Version 0.9]


Mondele reviewed on 06 May 2013
Previously when I got a complementary membership for MacUpdate Desktop I didn't really use it, as it didn't seem suited to my uses. This time I have been trying it out, and it does seem to have a real use in my workflow. Perhaps some of that is having become accustomed to the iOS update regime.

In any case, one of the interesting flaws in the system is that it recommends updates that are not compatible with my system. I am running Lion 10.7 and MUD is very happy to install software that requires 10.8. As a result, I have to track down older versions of software in order to restore function.

Another glitch is that MUD occasionally recommends updates for apps, indicating that the update is on the Apple store, but the update isn't there.

I enjoy this much more now that I have found how to hide certain updates (for 10.8 apps or major version upgrades that require purchase), but it seems that a little fine-tuning to the display preferences is in order.
[Version 5.2.2]

Mondele commented on 25 Apr 2013
Current price on App Store is $14.99. The reviews there are uninspiring, as well. Since there is no option to try before buying, I'll hold off.
[Version 1.2]


Mondele reviewed on 15 Mar 2013
I really wish I could give this application 5 stars! I love Comodo for Windows, and recommend it to all of my clients who need malware protection, but this Mac product is not stable enough for use. Installation was not a problem, but an attempt to perform a complete scan of my Mac Pro caused a complete system lockup four times. (Forced reboot was required each time) I have wasted enough time trying to resolve the issue that I'm not interested in a fix any more. I will probably try again when they release an update, but this is definitely not ready for actual use.
[Version 1.1.214829.106]

Mondele commented on 04 Jul 2011
Not free. Currently $1.99 on the app store.
[Version 1.060]

Mondele commented on 27 May 2011
How is it Free and $9.99?
[Version 4.5.4]

Mondele had trouble on 09 Aug 2013
I'll probably try this out on my Lion machine, but FWIW it doesn't launch on 10.6.8 - indicates an architecture incompatibility (icon with circle-bar).
[Version 0.51]

Mondele had trouble on 05 Jul 2011
Has anyone succeeded in downloading this recently? My download times out each time...
[Version 4.1a]

mondele had trouble on 11 Sep 2009
I really liked MaNGOsX, and have yet to see how well I will like Arcemu as an engine, but I thought I would put together some thoughts as to how to get things working.

First, if you want to use the default MySQL installation, just move (or link, or copy) the database folders to /usr/local/mysql/data/ and set the ownership and permissions to match the other folders there. Alternatively, you could do a SQL dump of the databases from MAMP and then import them into MySQL's default using the tools of your choice.

Secondly, since I don't want something like this using root access to my database (and since I don't want root access to have the password "root") I suggest editing the configuration files in /server/etc/. This is where you can change the settings of the arcemu engine to look for the database where you specify and with the user you specify.

Finally, I found that the program wouldn't run because it was linking to a library that wasn't present on my system: libpcre.0.dylib. It was looking in /usr/lib/. I found the necessary library in a Plex distribution and copied it from the internal Frameworks folder there to my /usr/lib folder. It works.

I'm currently troubleshooting some issues with the DBC files - it claims an inconsistency with the Spells.dbc - but I ran out of drive space during the initial install and hope that reinstalling the affected files now, having cleared up some space, will help.

Finally, make sure your client is patched to the same level as the server you install. It's nice that the ArceMux program not only tells you this, now, but also gives you a choice of two alternatives: 3.1.3 and 3.2.0.

Thanks, Jeremy Meile! (Though your site could be a little less frustrating :P ) The only other thing I could ask for at this point would be the ability to download the files implicated in 2.4.3 again, if I decide I want the Kirin Tor back in Dalaran...
[Version 1.0b]

mondele had trouble on 19 Jul 2006
The actual download link doesn't work. There are a couple of places that still host this: Fileplanet, though I often have trouble getting stuff from them. points to a .Mac page that has the file.
[Version 1.0b1]

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