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Mkay reviewed on 24 Oct 2013
I've been using it for years now and never had any issues with it.

A great little quick-action tool and very configurable.
Plus the author is very quick releasing updates every time there's a new version.

Oh - and it's free.
[Version 4.0]


Mkay reviewed on 24 Oct 2013
This app definitly deserves more attention.
It's great way to keep your bookmarks in (cross-browser) sync. Combined with iClouds Safari sync it even keeps your bookmarks in sync with your iOS devices.

Only downside (and probably what others meant by 'learning curve'): it's kind of un-macish.
Far too many options, menus and nested selects might give you MS Windows flashbacks. Keep it simple.

Setup is simple and straight forward though.
( ...unless you mess things up by getting curious and clicking all those checkboxes... ;)

[Version 1.19.1]

Mkay commented on 21 Jun 2012
How is this a major upgrade I'm supposed to pay 15,- for?

pretty bad move for an otherwise decent app.
[Version 4.0]

Mkay rated on 16 Apr 2012
[Version 2.1.5]


Mkay reviewed on 11 Mar 2012
thanks for bringing back "quit on last window closed".
[Version 1.4.1]

Mkay rated on 08 Jan 2012
[Version 1.1.5]

Mkay commented on 04 Oct 2011
Very bad idea.
Charging for extras like the message history is fine,
but simply flipping the switch is a very a short-sighted move.

Growl serves as an addon and relys on apps using it. There should remain a lite version for basic notifications.
How many app developers will add Growl support to their apps when it requires the customer to purchase a 3rd party app?

[Version 1.3]


Mkay reviewed on 02 Oct 2011
indispensable app when you need to rely on sshfs connections.
I love it.
[Version 2.3.1]


Mkay reviewed on 02 Oct 2011
all the negative comments almost made me rethink getting the "expert" version. Please add a trial for expert mode. Not being able to test the additional options is bit buying a pig in a poke.

Overall a very well done app that does what it promises. Know of any other app that lets you sync contacts, calendars, bookmarks, files etc across so many devices? I don't.

Only bad thing I can say is that it sometimes shows my time capsule share as offline while it's not. So I have to re-add the device and the next sync takes ages again. (on a 26Gb share) So I wouldn't really recommend it as a folder sync tool. (for now)

- please add an option to close the main window without quitting the app.
- don't make the progress window freeze the main window. I'd like to see a progress window but I'd like to hide/close the main window. Especially annoying when doing huge file syncs

keep up the good work.
[Version 3.1.1681]


Mkay reviewed on 02 Oct 2011
if you want an archiving tool with a slick UI, look no further.
One of the few apps I knew I'd get it as soon as I saw it.
And seems to be more stable that other contentders in that genre too.

Please add a "clean" button to the toolbar. :)
[Version 1.3.8]

Mkay had trouble on 09 Feb 2012
umm... what happened to the "quit on last window closed" in 1.4?
After closing the last archive window I now have to quit Entropy manually.
I hope this isn't a newly introduced 'feature'?
[Version 1.4.0]

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Mkay replied on 10 Feb 2012
disappointing really.
I don't know about the 'significant number of users' but this is my typical use of Entropy (or any other unarchiver):
- I open an archive
- extract/drag and drop the files I need
- close the window

Why would I want to keep an idle app running in the background?
Looks like I have to roll back to 1.3.9
Mkay had trouble on 22 Sep 2009
After the installation I have 0 days of evaluation remaining. All site manager buttons except "buy it..." are greyed out.
This is a 4 week old iMac (running SL) and I'm positive that this app has never been installed on this machine before.

it's hard to evaluate something that doesn't let you use it.
Am I missing something?
[Version 2.0]

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