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Mitch_de reviewed on 08 Apr 2013
Great that the dev works further on his freeware software. New version works very good and this is , together with the 10 € Easycap (& clones) USB Stick the cheapest way of video digitizing / videorecording for Videotapes and also XBOX, PS. To get significant better solutions you need to buy at least HW for 150 €+. Other "Mac" Video USB Sticks around 50 € giving NOT better results!
[Version 0.6.2]

Mitch_de commented on 12 Mar 2013
Since last update i have sometimes (1:5 runs) major problem after starting GB:
1. GB starts up and shows "No Online Connection" uper rigth corner. No searches are shown on the left side.
2. After that GB hangs
3. Even more problem - after that i cant start any other app they all stall. THat happenes to all Apps whoch needs internet. But i am sure that my internet connection is 100% available in this time.
I have to reboot in this case to get other apps working again.
Hope that is fixed in that version.
[Version 3.1]

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Mitch_de replied on 16 Mar 2013
Happens again, but without blocking the whole mac. I got lots of errors in the console after try to run GB.

16.03.13 07:03:51,095 GarageBuy[14042]: -[IHEFConnector sendRequestString:verb:] sendSynchronousRequest returned error: Zeitüberschreitung bei der Anforderung. (data length: 0)

Happens before the window to connect / disable some iOS device comes up.
Q: Why always that window comes up and asks to connect to such in device - i dont have such iOS device.

Mitch_de reviewed on 27 Sep 2012
No fear ;) I use Clusters (Squeeze) since the beginning and only removed last version before updating to ML. All compressed files stay compressed and stay usabele without clusters. Only if you would boot with old 10.5 DVD/extternal HD you will get problems because compressed HFS* isnst supported by < 10.6.
I saved over 15 GB space selecting some Apps and some Folders.
Great! Only at first install the first check/compress background process takes some time / slows down system minimal, but less than spotlight first run. Later the system will not get any slowdowns - it only works
[Version 1.6.2]

Mitch_de commented on 18 Aug 2012
Can it be that new 10.8.1 B17 dev build makes problems to handoff.
Got an handsoff init failure message window after install 10.8.1 B17 build. handsoff app itself can be started but i am unsure if the background .kext / processes work or not.
[Version 2.0.2]

Mitch_de commented on 15 Aug 2012
Thanks for hint to DL and install the SDK for JAVA 1.70. Now it is listed in the Apple JAVA Preferences.
Problem: if i run JBidwatcher or TVBrowser it doesnt work. if only 1.70 is active. Both complaining no JAVA 1.6 (1.5) is found.
If i also active the 1.6.0 JAVA they work but 1.6.0 is used.
Is this an prob of that apps (in JAVA checks) or in general?
What JAVA App (simple which shows in Log / About what JAVA is used) runs in your system with 1.7.0 ?
[Version 1.7.0_06-b24]

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Mitch_de replied on 15 Aug 2012
java -version
java version "1.7.0_06"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_06-b24)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 23.2-b09, mixed mode)
So i am sure JAVA 1.7.0 is active but cant be found by TVBrowser / JBidwatcher. Rebooted + repaired permissions already.

Mitch_de replied on 16 Aug 2012
Screenshoot showing that problem:
About... TVBrowser (JAVA App) shows using JAVA 1.6.0 (Apple) even the new 1.7.0 is in the list on the top. If i disable Apple no JAVA apps runs anymore.
Mitch_de commented on 06 Aug 2012
Thanks fixing the check/uncheck item problem!
cleaned 2.1 GB languages with 10.8 / some apps.
@ developer : Nice to have would be an files removed count beside already available removed MB/GB count at the end of the cleaning.
Because most of the language files are small the removement % belong to used HD space isnt so much (mostly < 3%) . But in filecount it can be >> 20%. And much less files means faster volumecheck, backups ...
[Version 1.5.1]

Mitch_de commented on 05 Aug 2012
Great tool in general/past.
New 1.5 version has some major problems, like if i want to check/unckeck any of the languages in the preferences nothing happes. checked stay checked - unchecked unchecked.
[Version 1.5.0]

Mitch_de commented on 26 Jan 2012
I dont understand why V4 doesnt support all IP Cams which were supported in Version 3!
I understand thats impossible to support all , but why lost support of IP cams which are already implemented in V3.
My EDIMAX 1500GW works with 3.0 but is not listed in 4.0. So i will not buy V 4.0.
[Version 4.0.4]

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Mitch_de replied on 27 Jan 2012
I get it managed (my EDIMAX) by using the configure IP Cam (universal) entry. Worked. Should be no problem for the devs to add some of the working V3 devices as entry profiles into V4, i think.
I understand that first they work on main development tasks before adding the known older IP cams.
Mitch_de commented on 08 Nov 2011
It works and its not an fake / not useless for OS X.
The only problem is that such a tool (running in background all time) takes itself some cpu % to manage the cpu load savings.
Would be nice if the dev tries to optimize the app step by step in the future - lot of work but makes the tool more recommendable.
The tool has less cpu usage, no prob but it would be better to get it even more less and use 64 Bit.
[Version 1.1.1]


Mitch_de reviewed on 20 Oct 2011
I upgraded today from long + problemless used iDefag 1.x to 2.11.
Upgrade price is OK also the upgrade process was very easy.
HINT: You dont need to defrag all files every time - iDefrag, thats unique to all other defrag tools, let you defrag single files from the fragment list shown after the analyse process. Mostly only some but always same files (aperture files, some db files) are high fragmented and gets defraged by an simple click on defrag file within seconds - minute.
iDefrag is great - even for non highend users.
Last but not least: Nerver run such tools without an Volume check (and repair if needed) on your mac.
[Version 2.1.1]

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Mitch_de replied on 20 Oct 2011
EDIT: Beside aperture files all very big files get great help by idefrag (OS X defrags only files < 20 MB automaticly and good).
These are: VMWARE + PARALLELS hd image files, big caches which getting worse after high fragmentation and all other big files with often added / changed content = fragmentation.
Mitch_de had trouble on 15 Aug 2012
Hi, i dont understand how make JAVA 7 default.
It is set (and the only listed) in the JAVA pref pane.
It is not listed in the (old) Apple Java settings.
If i run JAVA Apps, like jbidder i can see it used VAJA 6 (Apple) and not new JAVA 7.
[Version 1.7.0_06-b24]

Mitch_de had trouble on 12 Nov 2010
Great App!
But i have an problem to get any export (PDF, others):
If i select some Videos or an set of some, i get an blank (zero items) PDF preview (or other export).
The items look normal / as other videos in the list and detail info.
[Version 1.0.7]

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Mitch_de commented on 13 Nov 2010
FIXED: I investigated that some of my DVD entries (4 of 400) were somehow "bad".
I deleted them and added them again by autocomplete. Now export works again (all ).
Each of the 4 "bad" entries looked OK in the views - dont know why they blocked all exports.
Mitch_de had trouble on 17 Aug 2010
At least the pre Final Snow Leo Graphics update make Vmware Fusion stall (Vmware Panic in Log) be warned. I dont know if they or Fusion fixed that problem already. At least Nvidia GPUs had/have that problem!
[Version 1.0]

Mitch_de had trouble on 12 Feb 2010
Can ist be that after slimming (removing PPC Code) Aperture run ony in 32 Bit Mode ?
After reinstalling (from Timemachine) the again, it run in 64 Bit Mode again.
Aperture shows the 32Bit Mode in the Headline of the window.
[Version 3.3.2]

Mitch_de had trouble on 24 Oct 2009
Problem: 24.10.09 23:02:41 Safari[839] Error ... AdBlocker: mach-o, but wrong architecture
So AdBlocker Plugin is not loaded.
I have an 64 Bit Intel C2D CPU and running 10.5.8.
i beleive that something with that build (Xcode options) was going wrong.
Cookies from same dev runs perfect.
[Version 1.0]

Mitch_de had trouble on 27 Sep 2009
Bug ?:
If i want to erase not wanted cookies by erase non favorites or by delete (marked) cookie it didnt work. Nothing happens.
It only works if inside the host cookie folder is not more than one cookie listed.
But most not wanted add cookies have > 1 cookie entry.
I must show whole folder content of that main cookie folder and earse them there.
Would be fine to also can erase unwanted cookies (having >1 entries inside) with one click.
[Version 1.0]

mitch_de had trouble on 23 Aug 2009
PROBLEM at updating:
Error at end of the update process
"The update is improperly signed."
[Version 11.0.3]

mitch_de had trouble on 29 Jul 2009
Thanks !

Problem: I only have that "itunes" devices Presets available , all others (DVD, MPEG2,...) - i need - are greyed out and cant be selcted.

Any fix ?
[Version 1.2]

mitch_de had trouble on 19 Jul 2009
???? Since this version WinClone wants an NTFS download or didnt start at all.
Bur iu have already full NTFS support by PARAGON NTFS (very fast+very stable).
I dont want to install an second NFTS driver (open source).
Any solution for that little problem ?
Thanks for that great Tool !!
[Version 2.1.1]

mitch_de had trouble on 09 Nov 2008
"Camouflage opens a Finder window whenever you double-click on the Desktop"

Did not work for me, OSX 10.5.5, Intel. Nothing happens if i DC on the desktop!
[Version 1.22]

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