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Mischivo reviewed on 29 Feb 2012
This software is great, but it's missing one feature that I believe is crucial: disabling outer border while maintaining the borders between images.

This is important for those of us creating slideshows that mix individual photographs with multi-frame photo collages. At present, I either have to draw a border around the individual non-collaged images (and hope I get the dimensions right, as Collage does not allow you to enter a precise figure for border width) to match the border found on in the collage slides, or have slides that are incongruous, going between full-bleed slide to bordered collage slide.
[Version 1.4.2]

Mischivo commented on 14 Jul 2011
Will Mac OS 10.7 compatibility be ready by the time the OS is released? There are currently some moderate problems.
[Version 1.2.2]

Mischivo commented on 28 Apr 2011
There must be something wrong here...

I can't access "sync". I can't access "clear browsing data". I can't access "preferences". Every time I click on these options from the Chromium menu, the browser opens a new "about:blank" tab. However, I can go visit any website I wish.

This has got to be a bug. Or is it because I have Google's Chrome installed on the same drive... or open? (Although I tried quitting it, to no avail). Does anyone have a suggestions?
[Version 11.0.696.57]

Mischivo commented on 28 Apr 2011
Feature request:
Currently, to label any message in the inbox, you have to right click, scroll down, select label, pick the label, and then you're done.

This works well if you intend on using ONE label per message. This system breaks all the way down in terms of efficiency if you need to apply multiple labels to a message, as you have to repeat the action for every single message.

Gmail resolves the problem by allowing you to checkmark every applicable label before applying them. Sparrow needs to implement a similar feature. As it stands, it's very inefficient. This inefficiency applies both to inbox labelling and in-message labelling.
[Version 1.1.2]


Mischivo reviewed on 22 Mar 2011
This is a very fine program and the best Gmail client that I could find. It is the only one, aside from Mailplane, that plays well with Gmail without forcing me to figure out the correct setup procedure so as to avoid duplication, or incorrect creation, of labels. The problem with Mailplane is that it's too expensive for being a dedicated Gmail browser with hotkey-wired buttons.

I was worried when features for other IMAP compatible services was announced, and I don't plan on using them, but as long as they maintain dedication to Gmail compatibility, I'll remain pleased. The added services only serve to make this a much better value.

I only wish the developers would their non-App Store version more obvious, and possibly accessible through this. That's the version I purchased, even though I could've had it through Apple's store.

There are some features I wish the developer works towards implementing, such as some of the more popular Lab items [super stars!].

Lastly, I wish it were obviously requested that you turn off the Lab's Advanced IMAP controls. For a while, I thought the program was bug ridden and couldn't send messages.
[Version 1.0.1]

Mischivo commented on 19 Mar 2011
I just tried using this beta, and it either takes an extremely long time analyzing very few cookies, or the program is buggy. The problem is this: it starts scanning as soon as I open it, the progress pie gets to slightly passed halfway (35 minutes on a clock face) immediately, and then it sits there, spinning it's analysis gears, but never finishing. I gave up... I don't have THAT many cookies.
[Version 0.91b]

Mischivo commented on 27 Jan 2011
What's with the huge contact list? Do I really need THAT much space devoted to determining whether to chat, video, or call? In the space of three Skype contacts, Adium manages to fit eight. Adium's contact list is also less than half as wide and doesn't have an unnecessary side folder. It doesn't appear like people put much effort into designing this user interface.

Mischivo commented on 13 Oct 2009
This is a question to the developer. I have Mac OS 10.6 and RPP, for which I haven't yet donated-will Snow Leopard override your multiprocessor utilization limit? From what I'm noticing, the program seems to be using all four of my Mac Pro's cores to make adjustments.
[Version 3.9.8]


mischivo reviewed on 22 Feb 2008
The game is ridiculously slow. I've got a Mac Pro with a Quad Xeon and an Nvidia Geforce 8800GT, and the game runs like molasses at 1920by1200 resolutionw ith full settings on.

Now, if you think the high settings are to blame, think again: the computer is more than capable of handling it. When I boot into Windows XP Pro and play the same game with the same settings and screen resolution, the game is has smooth frame rates and responds quickly.

Aspyr: please wake up on this. We want to seriously enjoy this amazing game without being hampered by performance bugs, and without having to rely on Windows. :(
[Version 1.1revA]

mischivo commented on 19 Aug 2007
I'm liking where the new user interface is going. This program seems like it's really matured.
[Version 0.9]

Mischivo had trouble on 26 Apr 2011
The auto-update feature has stopped working...
[Version 11.0.696.57]

Mischivo had trouble on 15 Jan 2011
Something is wrong here. Here's the situation:
I click on an email from my inbox and open the message. After reading it, I either want to reply, forward, or delete it. However, neither of the toolbar buttons for these actions works. They're clickable but the click results in absolutely no action. Funny enough, the "New" button works well and according to the parameters I've outlined in the preferences.

[Version 2.2.1]

Mischivo had trouble on 09 Jan 2011
Current version does not send messages.

"Connection to Gmail could not be established. Either your connection is not available or Gmail is unavailable. Please, retry later."

The message is a lie. It makes no sense, because it can quite easily receive mail and it also saves as drafts the messages it supposedly can't send because of a connection issue with Gmail.
[Version 1.0beta7]

Mischivo had trouble on 04 Dec 2010
Currently using the trial and noticed the following,

one bug:
In the Template tab of the Preferences window, and also in the Contacts view the arrows immediately adjacent to the scrollbar (the down arrow for the top, the up arrow at the bottom) are blank.

calendar concern:
Multi-day all-day events are not shown to span the entire period for which they are designated. They are only shown as events for the first day in the period. This should be amended to behave similarly to iCal.
[Version 2.1.1]

Mischivo had trouble on 07 Sep 2010
This version has stopped detecting my Kobo Reader. I've unplugged and replugged numerous times. I've also run the setup wizard many times. Kobo no longer shows up as a device under Calibre.
[Version 0.7.17]

mischivo had trouble on 30 Jun 2009
Horrible port. The screenshot above is not from the Mac version, and should be removed until the following bugs are fixed:
-no dynamic shadows as the game has on Windows (and in the screenshot)
-no anti-aliasing option

What's the deal? When is this going to be fixed? Why was it left out? It's a fairly evident feature and I noticed its absence as soon as I fired up the game. Someone was either incompetent or the game was rushed to market with the flaws (despite numerous delays in delivery).
[Version 1.0]

mischivo had trouble on 11 Mar 2009
This update has bugs in it. Whereas my network was A-Okay with the previous version, it now has a major issue: it periodically loses connection every dozen minutes or so. It does this by either disconnecting me from my network (even though my network remains in the pull down list) or by simply losing connection to the Internet even if the network connection remains strong. In each case, turning off airport and turning it back on fixes the problem.
[Version 5.4.1]

mischivo had trouble on 25 Feb 2009
Causes Mail.app to crash whenever it checks for new mail. Uninstalled.

Aside from that, tabs don't belong at the topmost part of the window. This is weird and not worth the extra few pixels it saves for viewing the web. Honestly, it's less than 20 pixels; who really cares about that? It looks awful and doesn't seem to follow any of Apple's own guidelines for user interfacing.
[Version 4.0b1]

mischivo had trouble on 23 Nov 2008
MSN errors galore.

I don't know about anyone else, but ever since version 1.3, MSN has been causing me miniature headaches every time I login/start up the program. It keeps telling me

Unable to add user
Unknown error (205)

I also receive "Buddy list synchronization" issues. I tried to add someone I deleted a few months back, and the contact exists on the local list but not on the MSN server list. Whether I click "no" or "yes" for the sync option, the program seems lack a reaction. Selecting yes doesn't actually synchronize the contact to the server.

Does the Adium team plan on addressing this at all, or is this an error with MSN's servers?
[Version 1.3.2]

mischivo had trouble on 08 Jan 2007
Seems like this latest Beta screw up the non-foldered bookmarks that exist in the bookmark menu of such browsers as Safari and Camino.
[Version 3.7.2b1]

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