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Mike666 reviewed on 11 Dec 2013
I, too have had a little bit of trouble with 5.26: System Preferences seems to crash whenever the Screen Saver Options button for any XSS is pressed - but only if another XSS is first previewed or it's options inspected. So basically, if I launch System Prefs, go to ScreenSavers and then select an XSS, I can access its options, but if I then select a different XSS and try to access the options, System Prefs crashes. Still trying to track down the cause but may end up contacting the dev.

Overall however, the screensavers are fantastic like they've always been. For those having problems with the screensavers themselves crashing System Prefs when previewed, bear in mind that many of the savers allow you to set option ranges that your machine can't handle, no matter how fast it is. In that case, you'll probably have to trash the individual prefs file - located in ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/ as org.jwz.xscreensaver.*.plist.
[Version 5.26]

Mike666 commented on 03 Sep 2012
FYI, this is only an update for Mountain Lion installation - the code base is the same as 74.1.0 otherwise. If you don't have Mountain Lion, you don't need to install this.
[Version 74.2.0]

Mike666 commented on 05 May 2012
So far so good - hasn't tanked my system yet like the last update...
[Version 3.22]

Mike666 commented on 24 Dec 2011
I would love to see something like this that can do pi and other constants in different bases to as many places as one has time for. Since Carl Sagan wrote Contact I think looking for possible meaningful info in the data streams of these numbers could be the next frontier.
[Version 1.0]


Mike666 reviewed on 06 Aug 2010
iStat Menus is actually pretty great in concept and for most part, in execution. Except for a little problem I kept having whereby the WindowServer process would eventually start chewing up my CPU cycles; uninstalled iStat and the issue went away.

Submitted two feedback messages to the developer about the issue but not a peep back - no requests for logs, system profiler reports, nothing.

Doesn't look like the developer ever checks the MU reviews either but just in case, I'd like my 16 bucks back...
[Version 3.04]

Mike666 commented on 24 Jun 2010
Interesting: this has been out for almost a month and they're only posting it now...
[Version 2.2.4]


mike666 reviewed on 03 Jun 2009
This an awesome and essential tool for anyone running mail service on OS X Server. Apple's mail maintenance and repair tools just don't cut it and this fills that gap perfectly.

Really nice to see this on MacUpdate - was previously a little tough to track down the latest version on the internets.
[Version 1.0.3]


mike666 reviewed on 22 May 2009
I like it. Seems to resonate with something in my subconscious so as simple as it is, I find it intriguing. It would be even trippier if the view moved slowly through the tunnel in either direction.

The only negative comment I have is that the lighting is such that the yellow and green sections bordering the upper right corner of the tunnel look very flat in comparison with the rest. Some other color variations would be nice too - as it is, one could view it as a subtle Windows advertisement...
[Version 1.0]

mike666 commented on 19 Sep 2008
Seems to have some potential but a few comments to the developer:

If you're going to have a package installer for a small app like this, at least give it the ability to install the app where the user wants - some of us only like to keep Apple apps in /Applications. A better solution would be to roll all resources into the app itself and just distribute it in a zip or dmg.

Some explanation of the FreeType framework would be appreciated, either within the installer or at the very least, on the app's web page.

A postflight script which launches the app without warning is very disconcerting and smacks of malware. Most of us don't mind double-clicking when WE'RE ready to run an app.
[Version 1.0]


mike666 reviewed on 16 Jul 2007
Kewl, but I thought the clocks were going to actually show the correct time... Neat effect though and a good start! Not sure the installer pkg is necessary though - a lot of folks complain about them for simple installs.
[Version 1.0]

Mike666 had trouble on 08 Jun 2010
If you use PDANet and it stops working after you upgrade Safari - just reinstall PDANet and it should start working again.
[Version 5.0]

Mike666 had trouble on 20 Apr 2010
Anyone had an issue with auto-updating SAB whereby Safari gloms onto all the CPU cycles until the Installer actually launches and then again after the installer is finished? It's happened during the last two updates so I'm going back to the manual download and update.
[Version 1.9.3]

mike666 had trouble on 09 Dec 2007
Ya gotta copy the tubes folder along with the qtz file to your screensaver folder. Didn't glean this myself until I viewed the dmg directory in icon view - the background image explains. Developer should have a readme or make it an actual screensaver bundle... On the whole very nice once it's working.
[Version 1.0]

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