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micksmac reviewed on 20 Jun 2009
As the developer says, "one-stop geo-coding".

It does what it says, and does it well. Supports the 3 main image cataloguing/editing programs (iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom).

This program has been an excellent addition to my photography workflow. Recommended.
[Version 2.2.6]


micksmac reviewed on 20 Jun 2009
I paid for this, only to discover it has a huge drawback: unlike Nambu, it doesn't substitute shortened URLs, it simply truncates your whole tweet (adding a short new URL), effectively losing all text after the URL.

I have no idea why people rave about this client.

It is unusable for me. Do yourself a favor, go get Nambu for free.
[Version 1.2.2]

micksmac commented on 19 Jun 2009
Does anyone know if this developer has folded or not?? I paid for a license 3 days ago and received an auto-mail saying my license would be sent "soon".

In 3 days I HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY LICENSE or any acknowledgement to the 3 support emails I have sent.

Has anyone out there had any recent dealings with this developer? Please comment.

If the developer is reading: please send my license to me!
[Version 2.2.6]

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micksmac replied on 20 Jun 2009
UPDATE: the developer is fine. He has been trying to send my license email, but it is being dropped somewhere between Switzerland and Australia!

Please don't let these issues affect your evaluation.

micksmac replied on 20 Jun 2009
Matter has been completely resolved by the vendor. For some reason the license could not be delivered to my primary email; use of a second email service fixed this.

Thanks to the vendor for working on this over the weekend!

BTW, this is an excellent piece of software which I am delighted to own.
micksmac commented on 25 May 2009
My evaluation of this app was very, very negative.

The developer states that it supports RAW - it *DOESN'T*. There is some talk of a separate RAW plugin, but no way to download it for evaluation.

Drag and drop from Aperture 2.1 DOESN'T work (the application states that it does, but the manual make no mention of Aperture, only iPhoto).

The developer expects a "value-added" donation in order to get the ability to read PSD files - this should be a standard feature and factored into the price.

In summary: if you use iPhoto or keep all your images in folders then this may work well for you. If you have a pro workflow involving RAW then it won't (as evaluated).
[Version 4.0]

micksmac commented on 24 Jan 2009
Oh! Looks like v2.0.2 deletes your previous config of servers (it certainly lost all of mine). Take a note of the mount points before upgrading.
[Version 2.0.2]

micksmac tipped on 17 Dec 2008
Here's how to set up mounting of a hard disk attached to an Airport Extreme base station.

"Show mount window", and set up the fields as follows:

Type = afp
Server = (as shown in finder "Shared" section)
Sharepoint = / (substitute %20 for any spaces. Eg., my
disk is "My Book", so I put "My%20Disk/"
user = (eg. "Fred Bloggs")
password =
[Version 1.7]

micksmac commented on 29 Nov 2008
A warning on Koingo's "Utility Pack" (of which Alarm Clock Pro is a component), since Koingo do not warn you of the following on their web site:

Koingo states that if you buy their $100 bundle you get lifetime upgrades. What they don't tell you is that if they add to/change the bundle contents then your "lifetime" status doesn't apply.

To the developer: you really should change/clarify the wording around this bundling. IMO it is deceptive and you should do better by your customers.
[Version 8.5.6]

micksmac commented on 31 Oct 2008
I just tried a demo license with the latest version. This is a fairly highly rated, and very expensive, piece of software. Imagine my surprise then when the software wouldn't even run on my MacBook pro 15" (latest Leopard patches).

At first startup, it asked for an output device, but would not let me either choose one or close the dialog box. Upon application close/restart, followed by "file->new" it crashed.

SUGGESTION: don't purchase without trying the demo first. Good luck.

To the developer: I have sent the above in a crash report.
[Version 2.6.1]

micksmac commented on 20 Sep 2008
Update on the issue I reported a few minutes ago (update via "Sparkle"). The developers responded promptly. It seems to be a known but intermittent issue. And there *is* an alternative download access for registered users. Once I used my private link to re-download 1.0.8, completely removed the last installation, then re-installed, all works well.
[Version 1.0.8]

micksmac commented on 20 Sep 2008
To the developers: You appear to have broken the "Check for update" feature in 1.0.8. It never accesses the network at all, instead returning either an eror, hanging forever in a progress window, or simply not doing anything at all.

Deleting prefs has no effect on this. Since you don't make the full version available by direct download to registered users, we now have no way to download any more versions!!

Please consider providing a download of the full version, not just the trial (and please v1.0.8).
[Version 1.0.8]

Micksmac had trouble on 30 Oct 2009
Be sure to trial before upgrading.

I upgraded to Yep 2.01 and now it won't find *anything*. Tried all the authors' suggested fixes (delete all prefs, re-index Spotlight) with no result.

Yep 1.x works fine so I'll have to drop back to that.
[Version 2.0.1]

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Micksmac replied on 06 Nov 2009
As soon as I installed version 2.0.2 everything started working. Version 2.0.3 is also fine.

If you'd had issues then try the updated version.
Micksmac had trouble on 28 Oct 2009
I've been unable to get an XP VM migrated from Parallels 4 to work.

The migration itself completes with no errors. When booting the XP VM, Fusion 3.0 gets to the point where XP switches from 640x480 to full-res login graphics. At that stage the VM screen goes black, although the VM appears to be running. Fusion logfile appears to show nothing of relevance.

Uninstalling the Parallels Tools, and/or Parallels itself, makes no difference.

One side irritation - Fusion insists on splitting the new VM into 2GB chunks! You can choose to rebuild later, but that takes another 40 minutes.

Wondering if anyone has successfully migrated from Parallels 4.
[Version 3.0]

micksmac had trouble on 30 Apr 2009
2.0.5 worked perfectly mounting my AFP disk until a few days ago - now it hangs forever saying "mounting". If I kill it and try to restart, it gives an error of "-600" for a minute or so.

Note that everything else (Finder, ChronoSync) continues to mount my AFP disk OK.

Any helpful suggestions would be welcome. I loved the ability of BM to auto-mount my AFP disk.
[Version 2.0.5]

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micksmac commented on 08 May 2009
It's reporting (after some minutes) "path not found", then "see console log", but there are no entries that I can find in the logs.

micksmac commented on 08 May 2009
Thanks Sandro. Just found something else interesting...

I had been trying to manually mount the AFP disk, with:

mkdir /Volumes/RAID
mount_afp afp://xxx:pass@Snowflake/RAID /Volumes/RAID

and it timed out with error 1069 (no server). Yet the finder mounts OK!!! So I tried...

mount_afp afp://xxx:pass@Snowflake.local/RAID ...

And it works! *BUT* I tried setting server to "Snowflake.local" in BonjourMounter but no fix :-(

Any ideas??

micksmac commented on 08 May 2009
Here's the problem:

Bonjour sees the AirportExtreme as "Snowflake" (and so does BJMounter).

TCP/IP sees the Airport as "Snowflake.local" (not Snowflake). This is some strangeness of Leopard that I can't work out. My only thought is to add an alias into /etc/hosts.

And I have no idea why Leopard suddenly started doing this :-(
micksmac had trouble on 05 Jan 2009
WARNING: I bought this (standard, not Pro) yesterday as an upgrade from version 9. The site and the promos say that you get a FREE Blu-Ray plugin with your purchase. You DON'T (at least, there's no obvious way of getting it without paying the extra $20), and Roxio doesn't respond to my support questions regarding this matter.

As for the standard version: it acts and performs exactly like v9 - only the icon and some colors are different.

Save your $$$.
[Version 10]

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