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mday commented on 12 Jul 2013
Not 3.1.2...
it's 3.1.0
[Version 3.1.2]

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mday replied on 12 Jul 2013
it must have been uploaded in the interim. I had downloaded it 2x and got 3.1.0 each time but just now...
I tried again and got a 3.1.2 copy.

mday rated on 07 Nov 2011
[Version 2.7b33]

mday rated on 18 May 2011
[Version 3.4.6]

mday rated on 09 Apr 2011
[Version 1.1]


mday reviewed on 15 Mar 2011
This is an invaluable little app and... I wish one thing could be added: I wish that starting up iwork would cause autosave4iwork to start up and then when I quit iwork, autosave4iwork would quit. It would be nice to not always have the menulet running especially those of us without large monitors. Besides this? Fantastic and thank you.
[Version 1.11]


mday reviewed on 16 Oct 2010
I am very GTD (getting things done/david allen) oriented.
is like having a bit of AI (artificial intelligence)
automation on your Mac.
MailHub installs already smart
and continues to get smarter the longer you have it
as it learns your email filing habits.
Even though my commitment to "InBox Zero" is strong...
I still find at times that my inbox gets up to 100, 200, 400 emails
before I take the time to clean house again.
But now with MailHub, this dilemma is quickly fading
and for the first time, filing emails is!
Plus...for those of you who have never been satisfied with Mail's ToDos...
the calendar function in MailHub makes turning emails
into tasks/events/reminders really easy.
Great software...excellent support...really worth checking out!

mday commented on 23 Jun 2010

I own a half dozen Optical Orbit Trackballs because this hardware gem cured me and my family of repetitive stress injury in the wrist and elbow areas. Mouseworks was hands down some of the best mouse/trackball software I have used...ever. I am sure there are MILLIONS of people around the globe who would agree. For this reason their lack of support for the last 4 years is absolutely inexcusable.

Today my wife noticed that Kensington had released their new software for the Orbit.

This software is one tenth of what mouseworks was and...
it took me almost an hour to get all of it off my computer
and my old mouseworks software reinstalled.
LOTS of invisible files that their uninstaller leaves behind.

The worst aspect of this software is you can no longer assign settings
for each application making a fantastic piece of hardware now
not much more useful than a regular apple mouse.

Incidentally, I have never seen any third party company install any of their software into the APPLE UTILITIES folder. This is where they installed their uninstaller. I hope Apple busts them hard for that.
[Version 3.0r1]

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mday replied on 07 Feb 2011
Use EasyFind or FindAnyFile
and make sure it's set to find invisibles.
If they don't delete easily from these two search apps...
when you find the rogue parts...
select reveal in finder and manually delete from there.
Or...use appdelete.

BTW...I am on 10.6.6 and using MSWKS 3 with no problems. cursor flies off the page occasionally
but I think that's a small price to pay.

I think it's the epitome of corporate policy abuse when a company refuses to continue developing one of the best pieces of mouse/trackball software ever writen and then...puts out its replacement which has 30 per cent the capacity that the legacy version had. There are countless people out here whose hand, or arm, or shoulder is really helped by using one of their devices. Personally, it would be hard to work on my mac without my Optical Orbit. It's criminal that they basically ignore us plus try to appease us with totally inferior software.

mday replied on 10 Feb 2011
Sorry statement about an hour expressed more the emotion than the actual work...It took me a long time because I had never had to remove so many residual pieces of code. Hmmm...if I were you...believe it or not...I would reinstall the app and the start fresh with easyfind...or I would start over from scratch and use appdelete which I find perfectly effective 98 per cent of the time. If I remember's been awhile...I found in pieces in BOTH Library folders. If you get into a real jam let me know and I'll help if I can.
mday tipped on 11 Jun 2010
For those of you who love to tweak things like the finder,
the latest version of TotalFinder, (0.9.3)
now seems to work perfectly with FinderPop.
[Version 2.3.0]


mday reviewed on 18 May 2010
I have been using DVDRemaster since version 4 and I have been consistently satisfied since the beginning. Originally, it was my inability to be able to figure out Handbrake that caused me to find this gem. DVDRemaster is easier to configure, plus it does so much more AND...the developer has made it really easy to understand what to do and how to do it.

My work often requires my going out into rural areas and sharing A/V information with people. There's a tremendous lack of security in the areas where I go and so it's not safe to take a laptop. DVDRemaster effectively and painlessly enables me to convert certain DVD material so that I can take it with me on my iPod Touch which enables me to get my work done without inviting assault or robbery.

This application may be simple to use but it's really comprehensive in terms of all that it can do. In light of this, even though certain functions in DVDRemaster are invaluable for my work right now...I don't yet use all that it can help me with and so I look forward to using many other parts of it as my life changes over the next few years.

Customer Service/ Tech Support is also excellent and genuine.
[Version 6.3.1]

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