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mcguffin reviewed on 07 Oct 2006
The best app ever if you have more than one mac.

Simply genius
[Version 0.10pr4]


mcguffin reviewed on 02 Oct 2006
I'm glad the developer appreciates the value of minimalism and didn't try and shoehorn a bunch of unnecessary features onto it. And fading the track details when the track isn't playing looks great.

I would like the option of removing 'not playing' to make it look even cleaner though :)

[Version 1.0]


mcguffin reviewed on 31 Jul 2006
Amazingly, fantastically useful.

But why does this not work with dvd player?
[Version 1.0b2]


mcguffin reviewed on 19 Jul 2006
An incredible app, saved me hours trying to set up everything on a server just for testing purposes.

[Version 1.2.1]


mcguffin reviewed on 13 Jul 2006
A fantastic, fascinating centrepiece for a room. Never thought i could leave a computer on screensaver mode and stare at it for ages. Plus it saved me a bundled on a real pongclock :)

[Version 1.1]

mcguffin commented on 30 Apr 2006
is there any app that will make the menubar transparent?
[Version 0.7]

mcguffin commented on 06 Feb 2006
monolingual 1.3.2 trips up when it tries to remove architecture from gaslight (the itunes visualiser) and ogrekit framework (part of safaristand?). it doesn't appear to matter what architecture it tries to remove as it always just sits there for hours.

also, i have a g4 powerbook. is it safe to remove the g3 code or is there some kind of backwards compatibility problem?
[Version 1.3.2]

mcguffin commented on 28 Jan 2006
great app, saved some space but unfotunatly it killed speed download 3. all i get is a corrupt exectutable warning when i try and run it.

sseeing as this isnt a 1.0 release yet its not too bad but has anyone else had problems?
[Version 0.4]


mcguffin reviewed on 25 Jan 2006
just phenominal how much more advnaced this is for msn then microsofts own client.

i miss video chat on msn but then if microsoft messenger doesn't have it then i can't really complain.

spot on perfect
[Version 0.88]

mcguffin commented on 11 Jan 2006
seems stable enough but i have a problem with the widgets.

if you delete an apple widget in 10.4.3 (eg, stickies) instead of upgrading the widget in 10.4.4, im left with an icon for it that refuses to do anything. sort of like a shell of a widget. anyone else get this?
[Version 10.4.4]

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mcguffin replied on 11 Jan 2006
I undertstand that updating has its advantages but i dont understand the point in updating a widget when a replacement can be included in the package for very little extra space. The address book widget is 340k and the google widget is only 40k. In fact all the apple widgets together are only 2.5 megs so why not just do a complete replace rather than an upgrade?

i deleted the calender widget because i didnt look too good but the new calender widget looks great. Problem is i have no way of getting at the new widget without jumping through hoops, just seems a lot of effort just for a widget!

good advice though, appreciate it!

mcguffin replied on 11 Jan 2006
there was no widget manager in 10.4, that's when i deleted the widgets. and i dont see why widgets are classed as system files.

widgets dont affect the os or other apps, so why should they have a higher status then anything else at user level?

its just a completely stupid system. If you delete an app like safari or quicktime, you can re-download the latest version from apple. If you delete an apple widget you have to reinstall from a backup, or go digging around in the dvd, and then re-update to 10.4.4. Someone point out to me how this is a sensible system?
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