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marzipan reviewed on 25 Dec 2010
do people realize that at least two of MondoMouse's functions have been present in the OS for years? you can move and resize background windows without bringing them to the foreground by Command-dragging their title bars and resize corners, respectively - no additional software required. so you need to use the title bar or the resize corner - so what?

you can ignore my star rating because i've never used MondoMouse - because i've never needed it!
[Version 1.4.4b4]


marzipan reviewed on 12 Dec 2010
the app crashed a lot (about four times) during my initial setup (while i was adjusting the prefs). i'd like to be able to change the font displayed in the menu bar; MenuWeather's font seems less bold than the clock's, and i'd like to be able to thicken it up without making it bigger. these things aside, i like it so far. i'm wondering what MW's source is, as WeatherDock and some other apps that draw their weather from broke today while MW hasn't.
[Version 3.1.2]


marzipan reviewed on 12 Dec 2010
i've only used LicenseKeeper to grab the information for one piece of software so far (TotalFinder), and i like the concept a lot. LicenseKeeper got the licensed name wrong - it appears to have drawn my name from the To: field of the email rather than actually scanning the body of the email for the name associated with the license, which was not my name, but "MacUpdatePromo Somethingorother," so i was confused for a while as to why TotalFinder wasn't accepting my new license information, and i had to go look at the email in order to enter the license information that TotalFinder in this case LicenseKeeper saved me less time and effort than it should have. but in the end i got the information entered into TotalFinder correctly, and corrected it in LicenseKeeper, and the whole process was still pretty quick. when the LicenseKeeper people get the quirks worked out this will be an extremely handy piece of software.
[Version 1.6.2]

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marzipan replied on 12 Dec 2010
hmm. well, actually, i'm starting to think LicenseKeeper is kinda weak now. it doesn't do nearly as much as i thought. i thought i could select a product in LicenseKeeper and click "Attach Email" and LK would scan all my emails and find any related to that product and suck the license information into itself...but it doesn't. i have to do a search for the email message myself, and then drag and drop that email into LicenseKeeper, which saves me considerably less time and effort than i thought LicenseKeeper was supposed to. between the mistakes it makes and the work i'm required to do to get information into LicenseKeeper, i'm beginning to wonder whether this app really makes anything that much easier.
marzipan commented on 23 Nov 2010
it could be that BwanaDik's been updated since the previous posters reviewed it, but for whatever reason, and speaking only of BwanaDik 3.3, i don't have any of the problems they describe. i've watched BD for a while in Activity Monitor and haven't seen it taking more than 1.0% of my CPU nor more than 18.3 MB of RAM. i'll keep an eye on it and see if it uses up more of anything than it should, but i run it constantly - and i don't shut my Macs down, either, so it frequently runs for weeks or months on end - and haven't yet traced any problems back to it.

i don't remember that my experience was so problem-free with earlier versions (but neither do i remember that it wasn't), so i'm not going to say anything about that. but i do heartily recommend giving BwanaDik 3.3 a try. i think it's indispensable.
[Version 3.3]

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